Yasuo Reroll

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Yasuo Reroll

Yasuo Reroll

Leveling Pattern: 1-Cost Reroll


  • Yasuo True Damage Headliner

Headliner: Yasuo True Damage
Item Holder: Yasuo
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder: Yone, Riven

How to Play:
I would only play this comp if I have at least 5 Yasuos by 2-1 and relevant components (At least 1 Sword, Bow, Glove, etc). True Damage Yasuo is a bit better than Edgelord for rerolling. Roll at 3-1 at level 4 until 30g for as many Yasuos as possible. Finish looking for Yasuo 3 at level 5. You eventually want to play 6 True damage 3 Edgelord with Akali duo carry, so look to find some Akali items later on.


  • Yasuo items: Edge of Night, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice, Hextech Gunblade
  • Akali items: Edge of Night, Blue Buff, Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice, Giant Slayer, Titan’s Resolve
  • Qiyana items: Blue Buff, Edge of Night, Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice


  • 6 True Damage 3 Edgelord


Not Today, Idealism, Blinged Out, Jeweled Lotus