Statistics Behind Me Mech Players

There are some compositions that can only support 1 player, but if that player is uncontested, they have a very high chance of getting 1st place. However, if two people go for that composition, the two players will likely bottom 4. One such composition is Mech-Pilot Infiltrators. In this article, we will analyze Challenger Me Mech players to see how often they are contested and how often they get the composition for free. After that, we will check out their performance.

The Meta in Teamfight Tactics has evolved. Every lobby, people ‘claim compositions’ in chat by saying “going xyz comp” or “me mech.” At high elo, the strength of this strategy is only upheld if you actually follow through and force the composition you claimed because everyone faces the same players every game. Therefore, if you are known to pivot after claiming a composition, you might be ‘marked’ as a pivoter. If you are marked, you will no longer get an advantage by saying “me mech” because no one will believe you.

Note: I do not recommend only playing only one composition if you are not in Challenger because you will not face the same players every game, so you will be contested much more often than the players analyzed here.

Regional Differences

I looked at the top 25 players in NA, EUW, and Korea to find the best Mech players. In North America, there are 6 players, but only 1 player who has actually only played Mech in 20 of his past 20 games (Xeno Rank ~16). In Korea, there are 2 players in the top 25 who spam Mechs. In EUW, there are ZERO Me Mech practitioners in the top 25. Are the European Mechs getting contested too often and thus don’t make it into the top 25? Do people not respect Me Mech in Europe? Do EU players adapt more than NA? If someone knows what is causing this Regional Difference, let me know in the comments.

Player Data – North America

Kiyoon, Xeno, Kalsuo, Kled Bundy, and Milk are the only top players who are Mech practitioners. It’s no surprise that the players who are more contested have worse placements. However, the most important thing to note is that the number of games you go Mech does not have a clear correlation with being uncontested.

Statistics Behind Me Mech Players
Player Name, Number of Mech games in past 20 games, Average Placement of Mech Games, Mech players in that game (including the player)

Kled Bundy played Mechs in 19/20 games yet got contested the most. His non-Mech game is recent, so it shouldn’t have affected his strategy since he was 100% Mech in games going further back (49/50 games as Mech). Was Kled marked as a pivoter in the first week of the patch?

In the 89 games analyzed, Mech was uncontested in 30 games, which means that 34% of their games were solo Mech. When uncontested, players averaged 1.8th place. When contested, players averaged 4.25th place. In total, the average placement was 3.43rd place. Keep in mind, these are highly ranked players, so of course they will outplay their competition and have a high average placement compared to an ordinary player. However, when many top players hover around 3.5 to 3.9 average placements, it seems that Me Mech is a viable strategy in high elo.

Further Considerations

Obviously this strategy is working for some. It seems like it is worth it for Challenger players to only play one composition throughout a patch. Sure they may lose LP in the beginning because they will be contested, but over time, they will gain an advantage during the patch. What is the optimal playrate? Kled Bundy seems like he got punished even though he is 49/50 Mech (possibly even more games since I didn’t look through his entire history). Milk seems to have around a 75-80% playrate throughout this patch, and he performs well when he doesn’t go Mech. Is it worth it to pivot every now and then?

In my personal experience, I am contested in more than 30% of my games. Is there a way to make this strategy work in lower elo? Maybe if you go 20/20 games of 1 composition, you can link your profile in game? Let me know your thoughts and ideas on this!


While the sample size is small, this is the only data that exists since we do not have many top players who are Mech only. I do not recommend attempting this if you are not at least Challenger, since people won’t remember your name and remember that you solely go Mech. What we can learn from this is perhaps it is viable to force the same composition every game in order to go uncontested. However, we also learn that people are not afraid to contest these only Mech players, so they must learn and master the matchup of playing contested (66% of games) in order to climb.

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  1. I ain’t top player but i’ve watched a lot of streams of high elo players in EU and I’d say the main difference is due to the overwhelming amount of OTP mech. When every game, you have at least 2 mech players, you’re unable to reach the top, so the top is made of more adaptable players (and they may go mech as well if they have the start for it). OTP mech are also despised and everyone in the lobby will also deny mech as much as they can afford it.

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