How to Play on Chinese TFT Server for Set 1, Duo Mode, and Puzzle Mode

Here is how you play Battle of the Golden Spatula, the Chinese TFT spinoff. This includes a remastered Set 1, a duo team mode where it is 2v2v2v2 and a TFT Puzzle mode.

What you will need:

  • WeChat or QQ account (I used a WeChat account)
  • A computer
  • An internet connection

There are other ways to do this such as using a phone with access to the Chinese app store, but this works for those who do not have that.

Step 1: Download an Emulator

Get an Android or iOS emulator or have the Chinese app store on your phone. In this tutorial, we are going to use BlueStacks which allows you to play on your PC through an Android emulator

Click “Download BlueStacks 5

Run the downloaded file

Click “Install now

This screen will show up once you are done installing

Step 2: Download Chinese TFT Client aka Battle of the Golden Spatula

Go to

Download the Android version

Open the file you just downloaded

The menu in BlueStacks should now have the TFT Icon

Click Settings icon

Optional: Change CPU allocation and Memory allocation so that it looks like above

Click Save Changes

Step 3: Open Chinese TFT Client

Click the TFT Icon in the main menu

Click all the Blue Bubbles that pop up

Click “Allow” for Photo/Media access and Phone calls. You are on an emulator, so I wouldn’t be concerned about this.

Game should start loading after clicking all the Blue Bubbles. Now I want you to click the Gold Bubbles

Game should be downloading. Wait until it is completed

Check the Diamond and then click the WeChat icon. You can also do it through a qq account, but I signed up through WeChat

Step 4: Use your phone to scan the QR Code

Use your phone and then open WeChat

Click the “Discover” tab at the bottom and then click “Scan

Scan your QR code.

Go back to your computer

Step 5: Create your Chinese TFT account

Click the Gold Button

Type in your desired username (don’t use BunnyMuffins)

This screen will pop up. It will force you to do a tutorial.

Google translate says that left is beginner, right is for more experienced players. Pick either and complete the tutorial.

You are now able to play TFT

Step 6: How to play Battle for the Golden Spatula Duo mode, Set 1, and TFT Puzzles (Translations)

Left menu is Events, Shop, Collection, Inventory, and Summons. Right side is Choose Game Mode and Play Button

Here is the first part of the game mode menu. We have Set 1 ranked and normals and current set ranked and normals

This is the second part of the Game Mode menu where we have Hyperroll, TFT Puzzles, Duo mode (2v2v2v2) and the tutorial.

TFT Puzzle Mode

Here you try to figure out the best way to defeat the enemy by using items and your team. (Hint: the carry is not your first instinct)

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