Augment Guide for Patch 13.15 Early Game (Stage 2-1)

This is an Augment Guide for the early game. The early game is the most important part of TFT because it sets up your entire game. This does not judge the strength of augments in later stages, only when taken as the first augment choice at Stage 2-1.

General tip: Augments are usually trait related, economy related, or combat related.

You generally take

  • Giga broken augments almost all the time (Denoted by S tier)
  • Economy augments with big gold starts or if you have no upgrades and try to Lose Streak
  • Combat augments if you have upgrades to Win Streak
  • Trait augments if you have a lot of units for that trait (specified in the sheet below)

How to reroll augments:

  1. Identify your ‘best’ augment using tier list.
    • If you can fill condition listed in tier list, bump it up a tier. If you cannot, lower it a tier.
  2. Reroll your augments that are worse than the ‘best’ augment

Keep in mind some of these rankings are subjective because this is for how I approach augments. Other playstyles may vary, though I’ll try to mark down which ones other people may like.

S: Giga broken augments
A: Almost always take
B: Situational, see notes
C: Take in a worst case scenario or reroll
F: Never take

Check the Legends Guide for info on how and when to use the Legend Augments and the Legends Tier List to know which is best for the current patch.

Silver Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
InconsistencyS – AlwaysIncredible value and is very consistent 🙂Silver
Medium End ShoppingS – AlwaysLots of value (REMOVED FOR NOW)Silver
Blood MoneyS – DependsLose streakSilver
Unified Resistance IA – YesDecent combat augment for SilverSilver
Missed ConnectionsA – YesN/ASilver
Young and Wild and FreeA – YesHonestly goodSilver
Cybernetic Bulk IA – YesHPSilver
Small ForgeA – YesN/ASilver
Silver SpoonA – YesPretty decent, just + gold but relative value is highSilver
Healing Orbs IA – YesUseful if no healing itemsSilver
Risky MovesA – YesVery risky but insane valueSilver
Caretaker’s AllyB – Sure2 Cost Reroll or free 2* and levelSilver
AFKB – SureClassicSilver
Buried Treasures IB – SureDelayed winstreakSilver
Pandora’s ItemsB – SureFor perfect itemsSilver
ConsistencyB – SureFull lose streak and open fortSilver
Pumping Up IB – SureGood for attack speed compsSilver
Tiny TitansB – SureGood for lose streakingSilver
Unburdened IB – SureGood for vertical AD compsSilver
Red BuffB – SureGood for win streakingSilver
Social Distancing IB – SureGood for win streakingSilver
Latent ForgeB – SureLose streakSilver
Training RewardB – SureN/ASilver
Lategame SpecialistB – SureN/ASilver
RecombobulatorB – SureN/ASilver
Tiny Grab BagB – SureN/ASilver
Battle ReadyB – SureN/ASilver
Final Grab BagB – SureN/ASilver
It Pays to LearnB – SureN/ASilver
One Twos ThreeB – SureSimilar to Three’s Company, but it can give you good upgrades tooSilver
Jeweled Lotus IB – SureTake for mid gameSilver
Invoker HeartB – SureNo shen midgameSilver
Cybernetic Leech IB – SureTake if no buildable itemSilver
Bastion HeartB – SureUse with 4+ unitsSilver
Bruiser HeartB – SureUse with 4+ unitsSilver
Challenger HeartB – SureUse with 4+ unitsSilver
Gunner HeartB – SureUse with 4+ unitsSilver
Sorcerer HeartB – SureUse with 4+ unitsSilver
Harmacist IB – SureUseful if no healing itemsSilver
Deadeye HeartC – Ehh5+ unitsSilver
Money!C – EhhN/ASilver
Partial AscensionC – EhhN/ASilver
One, Two, Five!C – EhhN/ASilver
Well-Earned Comforts IC – EhhN/ASilver
Tiny Power IC – EhhN/ASilver
Gotta Go Fast!C – EhhN/ASilver
Item Grab Bag IC – EhhN/ASilver
Component BuffetC – EhhSimilar to Pandora’s items but works a bit faster and doesn’t give an immediate componentSilver
Transfusion IC – EhhTake for mid gameSilver
Rogue HeartC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsSilver
Shadow Isles HeartC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsSilver
Juggernaut HeartC – EhhTake if forcing juggernautsSilver
Zaun HeartC – EhhTake if it gets you Warwick 2*Silver
On a RollC – EhhTake if rerollingSilver
Pandora’s BenchC – EhhTake if rerollingSilver
Iron AssetsC – EhhTake if you have no buildable itemsSilver
Spoils of War IC – EhhTake if your board is already upgradedSilver
Cutting CornersC – EhhUse for fast 8Silver
Army BuildingC – EhhUse for reroll comps and lose streakingSilver
Bronze TicketC – EhhUse for rerollingSilver
All Natural IC – EhhUse for win streaking on low item countsSilver
Branching OutC – EhhVery risky but could work outSilver
Balanced BudgetF – NON/ASilver
Knowledge Download IF – NON/ASilver
Rolling For Days IF – NON/ASilver
Teaming Up IF – NON/ASilver
Slayer HeartF – NOTake if 5+ unitsSilver

Gold Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
A Cut AboveS – AlwaysAkshan/ApheliosGold
All That ShimmersS – AlwaysAlways goodGold
Sentinel’s SpiritS – AlwaysGood for earlyGold
Stable EvolutionS – AlwaysTake if 3+ unitsGold
Overcharged ManafontS – AlwaysTaric good = sorc goodGold
Ravenous HunterS – AlwaysWW still brokenGold
Piltover HeartA- YesTake if you can get 3 Piltover right awayGold
Petricite ShacklesA – YesKayle/Garen + LuxGold
Magic WandA – YesAP metaGold
Zaun CrestA- Yes6 Zaun brokenGold
Shurima’s LegacyA – YesAkshan/AzirGold
Stars are BornA – YesCass 2 Galio/Soraka 2Gold
Tons of Stats!A – YesGives statsGold
Gifts from the FallenA – YesGood for comps with weak frontlinesGold
Morning LightA – YesKayle/TristGold
Mana BurnA – YesN/AGold
Capricious ForgeA – YesN/AGold
Job Well DoneA – YesN/AGold
Medium ForgeA – YesN/AGold
Total DominationA – YesNeed strong earlyGold
Void CrestA – YesTake if 3+ unitsGold
Glacial BreezeA – YesTake if freljordGold
Stellacorn’s BlessingA – YesTake if it getse you Soraka 2*Gold
Tactical SuperiorityA – YesTake if using a 3 trait unit as your carryGold
IdealismA – YesTake if you already have HoJGold
Two HealthyA – YesTake if you are fielidng 2 cost units for stage 2Gold
Unified Resistance IIA – YesTake if you are trying to winstreakGold
You Have My BowA – YesTake if you can complete items with all your componentsGold
Combat CasterA – YesTake if you have Bluebuff or Shojin alreadyGold
Long Distance Pals IIA – YesTake if you run a 2 unit compGold
Targon HeartA – YesTaric brokenGold
Shadow Isles CrestA- YesShadow Isle GoodGold
Portable ForgeB – SureClassic flex augmentGold
ContagionB – SureDecent for winstreaking but it’s more for laterGold
Patient StudyB – SureGood for fast 8Gold
Know Your EnemyB – SureGood for fast comps that can focus fireGold
Metabolic AcceleratorB – SureGood for lose streakingGold
MartyrB – SureGood for multiple tank compsGold
Pandora’s Items IIB – SureGood for perfect items if you are forcingGold
Unburdened IIB – SureGood if you are only stacking 1 or 2 unitsGold
Endurance TrainingB – SureGreat for rerolls if you already have the unitsGold
Escort QuestB – SureGreat for winstreaking if you already have strong boardGold
Healing Orbs IIB – SureGreat for winstreaking if you already have strong boardGold
Ionia CrestB – SureIonia playable but not greatGold
Loving InvocationB – SureInvokers brokenGold
Battle Ready IIB – SureN/AGold
AscensionB – SureN/AGold
Salvage Bin+B – SureN/AGold
Library CardB – SureN/AGold
Last StandB – SureN/AGold
Final Grab Bag IIB – SureN/AGold
Big Grab BagB – SureN/AGold
Item Grab Bag IIB – SureN/AGold
Tiny Power IIB – SureN/AGold
ShopliftingB – SureN/AGold
Rich Get Richer+B – SureN/AGold
It Pays to Learn IIB – SureN/AGold
Three’s a CrowdB – SureN/AGold
Noxus CrestB – SureNeed highrollGold
You Have My SwordB – SureOnly take if you can complete all your componentsGold
Dueling GunnersB – SureTake if 3+ unitsGold
Defensive DashB – SureTake if 4+ unitsGold
Bastion CrestB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Bruiser CrestB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Challenger CrestB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Freljord HeartB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Shurima CrestB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Sorcerer CrestB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Suppressing FireB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Titanic StrengthB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Vampiric BladesB – SureTake if 5+ unitsGold
Winds of WarB – SureTake if it gives you Galio 2*Gold
RiftwalkB – SureTake if it gives you Kassadin 2*Gold
Three’s CompanyB – SureTake if lose streaking or forcing 3 cost rerollGold
Cybernetic Bulk IIB – SureTake if spreading out items and nothing buildable or if it’s a 5 component gameGold
Social Distancing IIB – SureTake if winstreakingGold
DemonflareB – SureTake if you already have 1 Swain, but best if it gives you Swain 2*Gold
Pumping Up IIB – SureTake if you are forcing AS compGold
All Natural IIB – SureTake if you aren’t using items on multiple unitsGold
Scrappy InventionsB – SureTake if you can’t build good itemsGold
Shimmering InventorsB – SureTake it 5+ unitsGold
Transfusion IIB – SureWell rounded augmentGold
Unstable Yordle DeliveryB- SureMehGold
Built Different IIB- SureStill midGold
Ancient Archives IC – EhhMust tailor augment for it to be worth itGold
Well-Earned Comforts IIC – EhhN/AGold
Training Reward IIC – EhhN/AGold
Money Money!C – EhhN/AGold
Gotta Go Fast! IIC – EhhN/AGold
Scoped WeaponsC – EhhNot sure who actually uses this this set. Maybe Darius? Belveth can use but she’s 5 costGold
InfusionC – EhhOnly take if forcing AP comp and don’t have mana itemGold
Gargantuan ResolveC – EhhOnly take if you already have a Titan’s Resolve and a holder for itGold
Not TodayC – EhhOnly take if you already have Edge of Night and have 2 holders for itGold
Parting GiftsC – EhhOnly take if you can spread items outGold
Early EducationC – EhhOnly take if your AP units are upgraded and you are keeping themGold
Indomitable WillC – EhhOnly take if your team can focus fireGold
Buried Treasures IIC – EhhTake for delayed winstreakGold
Trade SectorC – EhhTake for delayed winstreakGold
Jeweled Lotus IIC – EhhTake for mid gameGold
Adrenaline RushC – EhhTake if 3+ unitsGold
Chemtech EnhancementsC – EhhTake if 3+ unitsGold
Deadeye CrestC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsGold
Demacia CrestC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsGold
Gunner CrestC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsGold
Haunted ShellC – EhhTake if 6+ unitsGold
Invoker CrestC – EhhTake if 6+ unitsGold
Slayer CrestC – EhhTake if 6+ unitsGold
Double Trouble IIC – EhhTake if forcing rerollGold
Juggernaut CrestC – EhhTake if it gives you 2* SettGold
The BossC – EhhTake if it gives you 2* Sett and you have itemsGold
What Doesn’t Kill YouC – EhhTake if lose streakingGold
Silver TicketC – EhhTake if rerollingGold
Sleight of HandC – EhhTake if you already have a Thief’s GlovesGold
Caretaker’s FavorC – EhhTake if you are lose streaking into power levelingGold
HustlerC – EhhTake if you can winstreakGold
Cybernetic Leech IIC – EhhTake if you can’t build good itemsGold
Perfected RepetitionC – EhhTake if you have 3+ unitsGold
Strategist HeartC – EhhTake if you have 3+ unitsGold
Rich Get RicherC – EhhTake if you have an econ startGold
Spoils of War IIC – EhhTake if you have upgraded boardGold
DedicationC – EhhTake if you know you are forcing a vertical compGold
Harmacist IIC – EhhTake if you want to winstreak and don’t have healingGold
Salvage BinC – EhhTake if your items are trash and can play flexGold
Balanced Budget IIF – NON/AGold
Knowledge Download IIF – NON/AGold
Rolling For Days IIF – NON/AGold
Teaming Up IIF – NON/AGold
Frequent FlierF – NOTake for reroll compsGold
Multicaster HeartF – NOTake if 3+ unitsGold
Rogue CrestF – NOTake if 6+ unitsGold
Slayer’s ResolveF – NOTake if 6+ unitsGold
Return on InvestmentF – NOTake if you have high econ and want to stabalize on 3-2 or 3-5Gold

Prismatic Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
Endless HordeS – AlwaysN/APrismatic
Void CrownS – AlwaysTake if you have 2+ unitsPrismatic
Shadow Isles CrownA – AlwaysTake if you have 2+ unitsPrismatic
Piltover SoulA – YesTake if you can get 3 Piltover right awayPrismatic
Zaun CrownA – Yes6 Zaun brokenPrismatic
Cybernetic Bulk IIIA – YesNot badPrismatic
Final AscensionA – YesN/A Always decentPrismatic
Phreaky Friday +A – YesN/A DecentPrismatic
Transfusion IIIA – YesGood for lose streakPrismatic
Bastion CrownA – YesGives TaricPrismatic
Phreaky FridayA – YesGoodPrismatic
Cruel PactA – YesGreat if you have a 2* alreadyPrismatic
Masterful JobA – YesN/APrismatic
Large ForgeA – YesN/APrismatic
Noxus CrownA – YesNeed winstreakPrismatic
March of ProgressA – YesNerfed but its okPrismatic
Infernal ContractA – YesN/A RerollPrismatic
Roll The DiceA – YesTake for winstreakPrismatic
Tiniest TitanA – YesTake if lose streakingPrismatic
Challenger CrownA – YesTake if you have 3+ unitsPrismatic
Sorcerer CrownA – YesTake if you have 3+ unitsPrismatic
Starter KitA – YesTake if you like fast 7 and rolling down to get the 4 cost to 2*Prismatic
Caretaker’s ChosenB – SureIt okPrismatic
Targon SoulB – SureGives TaricPrismatic
Invoker CrownB – SureInvokerPrismatic
Radiant RelicsB – SureClassic item augment. Make sure you know which Radiant Items are OPPrismatic
Tactician’s ToolsB – SureFree fonPrismatic
Level Up!B – SureGreat for fast 8Prismatic
Shopping SpreeB – SureGreat for fast 8Prismatic
Golden TicketB – SureGreat for rerolling. Prefer 2 cost, but all workPrismatic
Giant Grab BagB – SureN/A It’s okPrismatic
Final ReservesB – SureN/A Its okPrismatic
Rogue CrownB – SureMehPrismatic
Impenetrable BulwarkB – SureN/APrismatic
Unleashed ArcanaB – SureN/APrismatic
Wellness TrustB – SureN/APrismatic
Gifts From AboveB – SureN/APrismatic
Gotta Go Fast!!! IIIB – SureN/APrismatic
It Pays to Learn IIIB – SureN/APrismatic
Item Grab Bag IIIB – SureN/APrismatic
Urf’s Grab BagB – SureN/APrismatic
What The ForgeB – SureN/APrismatic
The Golden EggB – SureN/A Only high HPPrismatic
Bruiser CrownB – SureOnly reksai rerollPrismatic
Social Distancing IIIB – SureTake for winstreakPrismatic
Freljord SoulB – SureTake if 3+ unitsPrismatic
Juggernaut CrownB – SureTake if 3+ unitsPrismatic
Deadeye CrownB – SureTake if 4+ unitsPrismatic
Gunner CrownB – SureTake if 4+ unitsPrismatic
Ionia CrownB – SureTake if 4+ unitsPrismatic
Shurima CrownB – SureTake if 4+ unitsPrismatic
Pumping Up IIIB – SureTake if you are forcing AS compPrismatic
Battle Ready IIIB – SureN/A TakeablePrismatic
Overwhelming ForceC – EhhN/A AkshanPrismatic
Seeing Double IIIC – EhhN/A EhPrismatic
Pandora’s BoxC – EhhGood for perfect items, but it’s risky to pandora your Radiant itemPrismatic
Ancient Archives IIC – EhhMake sure to tailor tomesPrismatic
Hedge Fund++C – EhhN/APrismatic
Hedge Fund+C – EhhN/APrismatic
Well-Earned Comforts IIIC – EhhN/APrismatic
Money Money Money!C – EhhN/APrismatic
Tiny Power IIIC – EhhN/APrismatic
Blinding SpeedC – EhhN/A Only KalistaPrismatic
Binary AirdropC – EhhOnly take if you have a legend that gives you more items laterPrismatic
Buried Treasures IIIC – EhhTake for delayed winstreakPrismatic
Birthday PresentC – EhhTake for fast 9 flexPrismatic
Jeweled Lotus IIIC – EhhTake for mid gamePrismatic
Harmacist IIIC – EhhTake for winstreak but have no healingPrismatic
Strategist SoulC – EhhTake if 4+ unitsPrismatic
Demacia CrownC – EhhTake if 5+ unitsPrismatic
Slayer CrownC – EhhTake if 6+ unitsPrismatic
Double Trouble IIIC – EhhTake if rerollingPrismatic
Lucky GlovesC – EhhTake if you already have a Thief’s Gloves or a glove componentPrismatic
Spoils of War IIIC – EhhTake if you already have an extremely strong boardPrismatic
Wandering TrainerC – EhhTake if you are a flex godPrismatic
Living ForgeC – EhhTake if you don’t know if you can streakPrismatic
Cursed CrownC – EhhTake if you have 2* unitsPrismatic
Cybernetic Leech IIIC – EhhTake if you have no buildable itemsPrismatic
Training Reward IIIF – NON/APrismatic
Rolling For Days IIIF – NON/A Not goodPrismatic
Built Different IIIA – YesPrismatic
Knowledge Download IIIF – NON/APrismatic
Balanced Budget IIIF – NON/A Not goodPrismatic
Hedge FundF – NOOpen fortPrismatic
Multicaster SoulF- NOMULTI SUCKPrismatic