10.6 Meta Snapshot Mid Week Update

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Meta Snapshot Summary

Tons of updates this week.  Added 5 new compositions for you all to try.  Either level to fast 8 or slow roll for 3 star units.  Rebels are by far the best, but there are PLENTY of playable compositions in Tier A and B.  I recommend going for uncontested compositions.

S: Rebels
A: Cybernetic, Protector + Mystic, Mech + Friends, Vanguard + Sniper
B: Vanguard Mystic, Protector + Infiltrators, Blaster + Brawler, Mech Pilot Infiltrator, Dark Star + Sniper
C: Sorcerers

TFT Compositions Tier List


I scout the Top 10 players in all major regions and analyze what they play and how they play each composition.  Tiers are determined by what I think will get you the highest average rank.  This means that while one composition might be super strong late game, it may be difficult to acquire, so it may not be S-Tier.  For example, it is difficult to win with certain compositions, but extremely easy to Top 4.  Rankings within a tier are very close together.  Always try to play with what makes sense for every game, and adapt to your lobbies with proper tech choices.

DifficultyItem Dependency, and Variance are listed.  Difficulty is how hard the composition is to play.  Difficulty does not factor into the strength or viability of the composition but serves as a factor for new players.  Item dependency is how important specific items are to the composition.  Variance is the approximate placement range of the composition.  For example, a consistent Top 4 composition has low variance.  A composition that either places 1st or 8th has a high variance. If I mention that a composition is Forcible, it means that you can play this comp every game.

Tier placement assumes strong play.  Refer to Difficulty metric before attempting to play.

S-Tier: Highly Flexible or Very Strong


6 Rebel TFT Tier List Set 3 Patch 10.6
This is by far the strongest and most popular composition right now.
Rebels are very consistent and strong. Aurelion Sol with Morello is very strong. Aurelion with Demolitionist is also very good when combined with Ziggs.

Item Dependency: High
Variance: High

Rebels utilize their shield and damage buff to strengthen each other.  It is reliant on having Aurelion Sol and strong items.  Add in Mystics if you are against magic damage.

A-Tier: Solid Team Comps. Weaker, less flexible, requires more luck than S-Tier


Cybernetic Meta Snapshot Teamfight Tactics 10.6
Interesting composition. Makes great use of leftover items for Fiora, Leona, and Vi. Irelia is the main carry and then Ekko can use leftover items as well. Lucian is great for early game carrying.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: Low

Cybernetics benefit from having at least 1 item, so it’s great to diversify your team with this build.  Lucian is a great early game carry and then you can transition into Irelia and Ekko.

Protector Mystic

Hyper Roll Protectors Set 3
Insanely strong composition with correct items in current meta.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High


  • 3 items for Xin and Rakan
  • 3 Star Xin and Rakan
  • Level 8 for Lulu for 4 Mystic

Xin and Rakan 2 vs 9 every game.  You really need dragon claw on at least one of them with 1 damage item (Morello, Ionic Spark, or Titan’s Resolve).

Shojin is incredibly good for multiple Rakan ultimates.  Bramble Vest counters every attack damage dealer without Last Whisper.

Sona uses Seraph’s Embrace very well.  Sona is critical because she removes anti healing debuffs.

Mech and Friends

Mech Infiltrators Sorcerer 10.6
Consistent Mech composition. Can go for 3 stars or level 8. Popular with Rank 1 NA

Difficulty: Low
Item Dependency: Medium
Variance: Low

This is a great top 4 build.  You can either go for 3 stars on Mechs, Kaisa, and Shaco OR go level 8 to play Gangplank, Lux, and Kayle.  You only need to itemize your Mech and one of the Infiltrators

Vanguard Sniper

Difficulty: High
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High


  • Perfect Item Mordekaiser
  • Level 3 Mordekaiser

Dark Star complements each carry very well in this composition.  Mordekaiser is unkillable and Jhin deals a lot of damage.

B-Tier: Playable, but not Preferred. Comps could also be untested.

Vanguard Mystic

Vanguard Mystic teamfight tactics set 3 meta comps best
Fun composition with unkillable Jayce and Mordekaiser

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High


  • Perfect Item Mordekaiser and Jayce
  • Level 3 Mordekaiser and Jayce


Slow roll at level 5 for Mordekaiser and level 7 for Jayce to get them to level 3.  You still need level 8 for finding 4 Mystic, so this composition can feel inconsistent.  Run space pirates + 4 Vangaurd until you can get to 4 Mystic

Protector Infiltrator

Hyper Roll Protectors Set 3
Not as strong as I initially thought, but still a decent composition

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High


  • 3 Star Kaisa, Shaco, Xin, and Rakan

You do not need level 8, this is fine to run at 6 people to ensure everyone is 3 star.

Base composition is 4 Protectors and Kaisa and Shaco, the rest of the slots are up to you.  You want 3* of all your protectors along with Kaisa and Shaco.

Blaster Brawler

Blaster Brawler TFT 10.6 Set 3 Tier List
Most popular in Korea.
Jinx is your main carry. Get on hit items on her. Lucian can hold Red Buff if you get too many Jinx items. Put tank items on Cho’Gath.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: Medium
Variance: Medium

Keep Blitzcrank next to Jinx to let her get a quick kill.  Rebel spatula is useful to get to 3 Rebel.

Mech Pilot Infiltrator

Mech Infiltrators 10.6

Difficulty: Low
Item Dependency: Medium
Variance: Low

This is a great top 4 build.  Shaco with BT and then any BF item and a defensive item is very strong if no one has Red Buff or Morellos

Dark Star Snipers

Dark Star tft meta snapshot
Decent composition that is rising in popularity

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: Medium
Variance: Medium

Great build if you get early Jhin.  He can use almost any Attack Damage Item.  Last Whisper is pretty strong as well.  You can itemize eitehr Shaco or Lux as your secondary carry with Ashe as a support.

C-Tier and Below: These are compositions that are weak, but if they are given to you, you might be forced to play them. I may also use this section as an archive of out of meta compositions for reference.


Item Dependency:

There has not been success with Sorcerors yet, so I will leave this blank for now.


Carousel Item Priority

Higher Priority Items

Lower Priority Items


Carousel Set 3 Teamfight Tactics
Rod builds key items for the strongest compositions. Negatron builds Dragon Claw which is very strong right now. Sword and Chain build Guardian Angel. All of these build necessary items for specific meta compositions

Item Quadrant

The closer to the Top Right, the better and more versatile the item is. Avoid items on Bottom Left if possible.

Strength (y-axis) is based on how effective an item is in the situations where it is most used.  Items that are strong at all stages of the game are listed higher.

Versatility (x-axis) is based on both the number of Compositions an item fits in and Champions an item is used on.  Versatility is also how often you could build an item.

Red buff and Morello are really strong. Attack Speed items seem very lackluster compared to other options. Defensive items are king in Protector Vanguard and Mystic compositions. Dragon Claw is very strong because it counters Rebels, Miss Fortune, and Gangplank–all of which are the strongest in this meta.

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