Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]

Hi, I’m DQA_TFT, a 17 Y.O. TFT Player who has been a challenger every set and peaked Rank 1 in Set 4, ended Rank 7, and is currently Rank 1 during Set 4.5. I also stream daily at Twitch.TV/DQA_TFT.

Warlord Comp Guide

Even though reroll is meta, you can very easily get away with playing multiple other comps in the meta such as Olaf and Kayle. In this guide, I will be discussing the Warlord comp. Aside from the Nidalee reroll variant, Warlords Kat Carry is still extremely strong and does very well in the meta against various comps if you get the opener. Only go for the Nidalee Reroll if you have both Nidalee items and lots of Nidalees early game. Right now they are S Tier on the Tier List.

Leveling Pattern:

A typical game would look something like:

  • Level 4: 2-1
  • Level 5: 2-5 (latest you should be making the first 10g)
  • Level 6: 3-2 (30g left – roll down if weak)
  • Level 7: 3-5 (if you stay above 30g) or 4-1 – roll down for upgraded units on 4-1

On level 7, you have 2 options, if you are close to Jarvan/Vi/Katarina 3, I often like to slowroll above 50g at level 7 until I hit 3* units because this is one of the win conditions of the comp. Alternatively, if you can hit 9 Warlords, do not have many extras of Jarvan/Vi/Kat, or believe that your comp can benefit significantly from pushing levels instead, then I would try to push 8 and 9 later in the game.


  • You can roll on 7
  • Very easy to get online
  • Straightforward to play
  • Strong burst


  • Inconsistent against some comps like zed
  • Requires perfect Katarina items
  • Hard to force

Item Guide

Priority is always Gunblade > QSS > Titans (alternatives to Titans can be IE, HOJ)

The rest of the items made should be support items for your Katarina, like aura items (Zekes, Locket, Chalice). Alternatively, you can also duo carry Katarina and Tryndamere if you hit AD items (IE, Deathblade, GA, GS, HOJ).

Carousel Priority

Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]

Sword = Rod, but oftentimes I do not go into a game thinking I am going to play Warlords, and I simply start a flexible item and then pivot to Warlords if I get the opener (hitting correct champions with playable items).

Early Game (Stage 1 and 2)

I often like to play the strongest board with a Warlord/Vanguard/Sharpshooter opener. I like to push levels whenever I can according to the leveling guide provided earlier. From a high gold opener, try to make intervals whenever you can, but try not to make your board too much weaker and hold Warlords. From lower gold, it is more difficult because you may not be able to push levels, but try to preserve hp however you can.

Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]
Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]

Mid Game (Stage 3 and 4)

Roll down on 3-2 or 4-1 for 6 Warlord 2 Assassin with Pyke. During stage 4, slow roll on 7 for Kat/Vi/Jarvan 3*, determining which you can go for and which are impossible. The best Chosens are Vi, Jarvan, and Katarina Warlord, but any Warlord Chosen works. Another Chosen that works is Vanguard from either Sejuani or Aatrox.

Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]

Late Game (Stage 5 and beyond)

At level 8, running 6 Warlord 2 Assassin 3 Slayer with Samira is an extremely strong board, assuming you have upgrades. At 9, often throwing in a strong two star legendary or a 2* Sejuani would be effective. Also, don’t forget to consider the possibility of 9 Warlords because prismatic traits are extremely strong, and 9 Warlords Katarina 3 is often an auto win.

Warlord Guide for Patch 11.3 [Set 4.5]
Super Late Game Warlords

Positioning Considerations

Moving Katarina to one side is risky if you do not know who you are about to play. However, if you are sure you are against a particular player such as Kayle, for example, then it is an option to move Katarina onto the same side as Kayle.


Warlords are countered through positioning carries away from Katarina so that they do not get one shot through the first ult. Assassins also do well into Katarina because Katarina will often miss 90% of the team with her ult due to the Assassins jump.

Fun Facts/Tips

Slow rolling on 7 for Kat 3 is often more consistent than pushing levels, unless you have a fully upgraded board and believe you can make it to 9 successfully.

Vi/Jarvan/Tryndamere are also carries and should not be taken lightly in the comp, especially with items or 3*s.

Thanks so much for checking out the guide on Warlords.

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