Twin Terror

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S: Heartsteel Ezreal, Katarina Reroll, Lulu Reroll, Seraphine Reroll, Kayle Reroll, Riven Reroll, Senna Reroll,
A: Pentakill, Executioner Reroll, Annie Reroll, Twin Terror, Ahri Warriors, Punk Reroll, Miss Fortune Reroll, Yasuo Reroll, True Damage, Twisted Fate Disco, Country Reroll, Yone Reroll,
B: Ahri Sentinel, Olaf Reroll, Rapidfire Caitlyn Bruisers,
C: Corki Reroll, Jax Reroll, Heartsteel Reroll,

Twin Terror

Twin Terror

Leveling Pattern: 2-Cost Reroll


  • Twin Terror augment

Headliner: Vex, Samira
Item Holder: Vex, Samira, Amumu
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder: None

How to Play: Try to econ and save as much HP as possible. Ideally fit in punk on stage 3 and use punk rolls to upgrade your board with little investment. 4-1 roll for Executioner Vex or Samira. This board stabilizes very well in stage 4. Wincons are Amumu 3, Vex 3, and Samira 3. Throw any leftover items on Vex. Once you hit everything, go level 8 for amumu 2 and replace pantheon 2 with thresh 2.


  • Vex items: Blue Buff/Adaptive Helm, Deathcap, Morello
  • Samira Items: Deathblade, Hextech Gunblade, Last Whisperer, Infinity Edge
  • Amumu items: Gargoyle x2, Warmogs/Redemption/Bramble/Dragons Claw


  • Amumu Vex Twitch Pantheon Samira


Twin terror, Lucky Gloves, Expose Weakness, Martyr, Buried Treasures, Unified Resitance