TFT Patch 10.1 Top Korean Comps in Challenger

What’s up it’s BunnyMuffins! It is the Friday after the patch, so I have prepared a brand new meta report for the top Korean players. This patch is quite similar to the last one, with the exception of adding Karma and Leona, along with Nocturne nerfs. I’ll let you guys decide for yourself on what you’d like to play, so let’s just start with our first composition.

Check out the video guide here:


As of writing this, the rank 1 Korean player has not played on the new patch on his main account, so we start off with Korea’s #2 player, who is a huge fan of Blademaster compositions. In NA and EU, we are seeing Blademaster Azir. This player, however, often goes Blademasters and wins without getting the Blademaster item, as he prioritizes on-hit and early game items instead.

Transition Units & Itemization

Early game, he goes for a Warden start into Lunar and Blademasters. In the middle game, units such as Nautilus and Thresh provide great front line for your Blademasters–especially when combined with the Lunar bonus. After he gets Master Yi, he will have Mystic as well. Build items such as Red Buff, Hush, Runaan’s, and Giantslayer on Sivir, and then put some early game defensive items on your front line such as Locket or Frozen Heart. At the end of the game, you throw any leftover items onto Master Yi. If you manage to make Azir a Blademaster, feel free to replace Aatrox for a Warden or Mystic.


There are many substitutions for this composition, including adding Janna, Nami, or Soraka for 4 Mystics in AP heavy lobbies. Malphite can be replaced as well if you have sufficient front line with items, such as multiple Lockets. This composition tops out at 8 units, and he almost never reaches level 9.

Carry Yorick

The Rank 3 in Korea has done something pretty interesting… He forces Yorick every… single… game… He plays him in 6 lights and also in summoners. Sometimes he just plays him with a lot of tanks. I am going to list out what I think are the easiest and strongest builds, since he has so many variations with him that he adjusts depending on his lobby.

Transition Units & Itemization

This strategy is quite easy in the early game because all you need is a good light start with the proper items (GA/Morello for Senna). First, you will start with wardens with Nasus. Vayne can be an item holder for Lucian (Giantslayer). After that, you will transition into 3 lights with wardens as your front line. Once you get Yorick at level 7, you will want to switch into 6 Lights + Senna as your team. Next, you will want to add a Hush on Lucian. The core Yorick item is Guardian Angel. After that, any damage or offensive item will do, but I have seen him favor Hat and Seraphs.


Again, there are many different compositions you can go with Yorick. His base items remain the same. The most interesting version I have seen is one with Kindred, Summoners, and Shadow. This revolves around level 3 Kindred, and is also useful if you do not get Lucian items. This is a 6 person composition with level 3 Kindred and Malzahar. The 7th and 8th slot can be used for whatever front line you need. This could be 2 strong Wardens, 2 Mystics, or Lux. This is entirely dependent on your lobby or rolls. Sion can also be used in place of Yi if you cannot find him.


Most of the other top 10 are not playing the game quite yet, and are probably taking time to learn the patch on a smurf account. The rank 10 in Korea is finding success with Berserkers. The carry is of course Olaf, and he likes using the poison variant to complement it.

Transition Units & Itemization

This is another easy to play composition, as many of the Berserkers are low cost units. You will want to start with Volibear and Ornn + a Warden for a strong start. If not, grab as many Berserkers as you can and any 2* units. From there, you will slowly add Berserkers to your team until you can run 3 of them, which is a big early game power spike. The transition is pretty straightforward, as you will level up to 7 to find Olaf and Twitch, and then level 8 to find Singed. One thing to note is that you do not want to play Twitch until you add Singed, so have a strong midgame unit hold Twitch’s items. For Olaf, your main carry, Guardian Angel and Hush are the two most important items. After that, you can complement it with almost any item, but ones I like are Bloodthirster, a 2nd Hush, or Rageblade. Lastly, you will 100% want Morello on Singed, as that is the best item for him. You can fill the rest of his slots with defensive items such as Dragonclaw, Guardian Angel, or Warmogs. If you are having trouble in the early game, Locket is a very strong item for Berserkers since they make the best use of its shield later in the game.


The other Berserker variants revolve around Electric by removing Poison and adding Zed and Ornn. You will want to make Zed your carry with items such as Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge, and maybe another defensive item. There isn’t too much flexibility with 6 Berserkers since there are not many additions, so that is the only substitution I would recommend if you cannot find Twitch/Singed or if you find Zed quite easily.


That is all for today. This meta is quite similar to the last one, but the strongest composition is probably the 6 Light composition with Yorick and Lucian carry. However, this is highly contested, so be sure to scout when going for this comp. In North America, I have seen so many Blademaster Azirs, and that is the prioritized item, but it is very interesting to see the Korean player ignore that item in many of his Blademaster games. Another difference I noticed is that Zephyr is super popular in NA, but almost nonexistent in Korea. This is odd since Zephyr is probably my favorite item right now.

Next week, I will post a guide on my favorite comp of this patch, so stay tuned for that! I am also starting an unranked to challenger stream on so feel free to tune in if you are interested into seeing how I play. Thanks so much for checking this out, and I will see you guys next time!