Set 8 Monsters Attack! Revealed

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Set 8 for Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! We have the full list of Traits, Mechanics, and brand new Champions.


Video Overview


Numbers subject to change!
A.D.M.I.N.A.D.M.I.N. configuration varies for each player each game.

(2) Configure the cause and the effect for your A.D.M.I.N. program
(4) Configure an additional effect for your A.D.M.I.N. program
(6) Outputs of the above tiers are increased by 160%
Blitzcrank – 1
Camille – 2
LeBlanc – 3
Soraka – 4
Anima SquadWhen an Anima Squad champion kills another champion, they pause to celebrate and your team builds fame.

Anima Squad champions gain Attack Damage and Ability Power, plus 4 additional maximum Health according to their shared fame.

(3) 20% Attack Damage and 20 Ability Power
(5) 40% Attack Damage and 40 Ability Power
(7) 99% Attack Damage and 99 Ability Power
Nasus – 1
Sylas – 1
Jinx – 2
Vayne – 3
Riven – 3
Miss Fortune – 4
ArsenalArsenal units pick the weapons they equip when placed on the board, changing their spell’s effects.Aphelios – 5
CivilianIf there is a Civilian alive, all allies are inspired to fight harder to protect them, gaining mana every 2 seconds

(1) +2 mana
(2) +5 mana
(3) +10 mana
Galio – 1
Sivir – 2
Janna – 5
CorruptedFiddlesticks starts combat dormant. When ally champions die during this time, Fiddlesticks absorbs their soul granting him 15 Ability Power.

After falling below 40% Health or when all allies have died, Fiddlesticks comes alive.
Fiddlesticks – 5
GadgeteenEvery round, Gadgeteens generate a random modified weapon that can be equipped by any unit. These weapons are powerful, but not durable, and fall apart after 2 rounds of use.

Gadgeteens will not make new items to replace items left on the bench.

(3) Create 1 item every round
(5) Create 2 item every round
Lulu – 1
Poppy – 1
Annie – 2
Zoe – 3
Nunu – 5
LaserCorpsAll LaserCorps agents are assigned a combat drone. When attacking or being hit by an attack, the drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent’s target (0.5 second cooldown).

When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is re-assigned to the nearest living LaserCorps agent.

(3) Drone lasers deal 50 magic damage.
(6) Drone lasers deal 130 magic damage.
(9) Drone lasers deal 210 magic damage. Each LaserCorps agent gets another drone.
Ashe – 1
Renekton – 1
Yasuo – 2
Senna – 3
Sejuani – 4
Zed – 4
Mordekaiser – 5
Mecha: PRIMEUse the PRIME selector to designate a PRIME.

At the start of combat, the PRIME combines with the two closest other Mecha units, taking a portion of their base Health and Attack Damage.

(3) 75% Health, 75% Attack Damage
(5) 100% Health, 100% Attack Damage
Wukong – 1
Draven – 2
Jax – 3
Sett – 4
Leona – 5
Ox ForceOx Force units gain Attack Speed that increases with their missing percent health.

Ox Force units will fight to their dying breath to defend their city, becoming invulnerable for 1.5 seconds the first time they would die in combat.

(2) 5% – 15% Attack Speed.
(4) 30% – 60% Attack Speed.
(6) 60% – 120% Attack Speed.
(1) 5% – 10% Attack Speed.
(3) 30% – 60% Attack Speed.
(5) 60% – 120% Attack Speed.
Talon – 1
Annie – 2
Fiora – 2
Alistar – 3
Viego – 4
Aphelios – 5
Star GuardianWhen Star Guardians gain mana, they gain more.

(3) 35% additional mana
(5) 60% additional mana
(7) 100% additional mana
(9) 150% additional mana
Lux – 1
Rell – 2
Yuumi – 2
Kai’sa – 3
Nilah – 3
Ekko – 4
Taliyah – 4
Syndra – 5
Supers(3) Supers strike a pose at the start of combat, granting allies 30% bonus damage. For every three-star unit on your team, the bonus damage % is increased by 5%.Gangplank – 1
Lee Sin – 2
Malphite – 2
ThreatThreats are more powerful than other units. You may field any number of Threats, but they do not gain bonuses for being fielded with other Threats.Cho’Gath – 3
Rammus – 3
Vel’Koz – 3
Aurelion Sol – 4
Bel’Veth – 4
Zac – 4
Fiddlesticks – 5
Urgot – 5
UndergroundThe Underground periodically checks in with the loot from their current heist. You may choose to cut and run and take the current loot, or continue the heist to get even better rewards. After completing a heist, a new one begins. It takes 9 total progress for a heist to complete.

(3) The Underground makes 1 progress after each Player Combat Round. After a loss, they make 3 progress.
(5) The Underground makes 2 progress after each Player Combat Round. After a loss, they make 5 progress.
Kayle – 1
Ezreal – 2
Vi – 2
Sona – 3
Samira – 4
AceThis trait is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.

(1) Execute enemies under 15% health
(4) Execute enemies under 30% health
Draven – 2
Miss Fortune – 4
Samira – 4
Mordekaiser – 5
AegisAll allies gain bonus Magic Resist. Aegis units gain more.

(2) +25 Magic Resist, +50 for Aegis Units
(3) +40 Magic Resist, +80 for Aegis Units
(4) +60 Magic Resist, +120 for Aegis Units
(5) +85 Magic Resist, +170 for Aegis Units
Vi – 2
Alistar – 3
Ekko – 4
Leona – 5
ArsenalArsenal units pick the weapons they equip when placed on the board, changing their spell’s effects.Aphelios – 5
BrawlerBrawlers gain additional maximum Health.

(2) +20% Max Health
(4) +30% Max Health
(6) +50% Max Health
(8) +89% Max Health
Blitzcrank – 1
Renekton – 2
Lee Sin – 2
Vi – 2
Jax – 3
Riven – 3
Sejuani – 4
DefenderInnate: Shortly after the start of combat, Defenders taunt nearby enemies.

All allies gain bonus Armor. Defenders gain more.

(2) +30 Armor, +60 for Defenders
(4) +60 Armor, +120 for Defenders
(6) +100 Armor, +200 for Defenders
Poppy – 1
Wukong – 1
Rell – 2
Riven – 3
Sett – 4
DuelistDuelists’ basic attacks grant them bonus attack speed, up to 10 stacks.

(2) +6% AS per stack
(4) +12% AS per stack
(6) +20% AS per stack
(8) +35% AS per stack
Gangplank – 1
Kayle – 1
Fiora – 2
Yasuo – 2
Nilah – 3
Vayne – 3
Zed – 4
ForecasterJanna grants a different buff to all adjacent allies depending on the current weather, which changes every game.Janna – 5
HackerHackers gain omnivamp.

Hackers summon a H4ckerr!m that takes the unit in the Rider Hex into the enemy backline. The Rider is untargetable for the first X seconds of combat.

(2) 20% Omnivamp
LeBlanc – 2
Zoe – 3
Zed – 4
HeartWhen Heart units cast their spell, all allies gain stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

(2) +5 Ability Power
(4) +10 Ability Power
(6) +15 Ability Power
Lulu – 1
Lee Sin – 2
Yuumi – 2
Sona – 3
Soraka – 4
Syndra – 5
MascotWhen Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on their team. Allies regenerate a percentage of their maximum health every 3 seconds, increased by 1% for each cheering Mascot. Mascots regenerate double this amount.

(2) Regain 1.5% Health
(4) Regain 2.5% Health
(6) Regain 4.5% Health
(8) Regain 7% Health
Galio – 1
Nasus – 1
Malphite – 2
Yuumi – 2
Alistar – 3
Nunu – 5
Prankster(2) When they would first fall below 50% health, Pranksters spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 500 health.
(3) The enemy who kills a target dummy is stunned for 1.5 seconds
Jinx – 2
Zoe – 3
Ekko – 4
ReconInnate: Recon Units gain attack range.

Before casting, if there is a nearby enemy, Recon units will dash to safety. They also gain bonus Critical Strike Chance.

(2) +10% Crit Chance
(3) +35% Crit Chance
(4) +60% Crit Chance. Recon spells can crit.
Ashe – 1
Ezreal – 2
Kai’sa – 3
Vayne – 3
RenegadeRenegade units deal bonus damage. The last Renegade standing deals more.

(3) 30%, 10% Bonus Damage
(6) 60%, 20% Bonus Damage
Sylas – 1
Talon – 1
Camille – 2
Viego – 4
Leona – 5
SpellslingerEvery 6 seconds, Spellslingers replace their next attack with an orb of magic flung at a random target, dealing 75% of their Ability Power as magic damage.

Spellslingers have increased Ability Power.

(2) +30 AP
(4) +60 AP
(6) +100 AP
Lux – 1
Annie – 2
LeBlanc – 3
Sona – 3
Taliyah – 4
SureshotEvery 5 seconds, Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage for the rest of combat

(2) +25% Attack Damage
(4) +50% Attack Damage
Sivir – 2
Senna – 3
Samira – 4
Aphelios – 5


UnitTierTraitsAbility NameDescriptionThoughts
Alistar3Ox Force
PulverizeAlistar slams the ground underneath his target, dealing magic damage and knocking them up for 1.5 seconds. He then roars, healing himself and the lowest health ally champion for 15% of his maximum health.Good tank/cc unit
Ox Force
Burst ShieldAnnie blasts a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to enemies in front of her, then creates a health shield on herself for 4 seconds.The new ‘mage tank’
Ox Force
Weapons of the FaithfulPlace Aphelios on the board to choose his spell.
Ranger’s FocusAshe increases her focus for the next 4 seconds, gaining Attack Damage (40/44/50% Attack Damage [v2]).AD/AS item holder
Aurelion Sol4ThreatMeteor ShowerAurelion Sol calls down 3/3/6 meteors on random enemies that explode on impact. Each meteor deals [v1] magic damage and applies a burn for 10 seconds, dealing 10% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage and reducing incoming healing by 25%.AP Carry
Bel’Veth4ThreatEndless BanquetBel’Veth dashes around her target and unleashes a flurry of [v1] attacks (250% of her Attacks per second), each dealing [v2] physical damage (35/35/90% Attack Damage [v3]).

Each time this is cast, Bel’Veth gains 20% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat.
AD Carry
Static DefensesBlitzcrank creates an empowered field around himself, reducing all damage taken by [v1] for 4 seconds.Tank item holder
Tactical SweepCamille sweeps with her leg, dealing [v1] physical damage (201/222/251% Attack Damage [v2]) and disarming enemies hit for 1.5/1.8/2 seconds.Decent Trait bot b/c of disarm
Cho’Gath3ThreatCosmic BellowPassive: Cho’gath has 75/100/150 increased Magic Resist.

Spell: Cho’Gath breathes a cosmic beam in a forward arc that deals [v1] magic damage (150/200/250% Magic Resist [v2]) and increasing their maximum Mana by 35/50/65% until they cast.
Good mid-game splash unit
Draven2Mecha: PRIME
Whirling DeathDraven hurls two massive axes at his target’s direction that deal [v1] physical damage (100% Attack Damage [v2]) to all enemies in its path, reduced by 25% for each enemy they pass through. The axes reverse direction at the end of their path, dealing damage to enemies hit along the way back.Maybe rerollable
Ekko4Star Guardian
Star DiverEkko dives in, granting himself a [v1] shield for 5 seconds and taunts nearby enemies. When the shield breaks, he emits a time field, dealing [v2] to nearby enemies and slowing their attack speed by 50% for 2 seconds.Good utility 4 cost
SabotageEzreal fires an orb of physical sabotage at his target, reducing their Attack Speed by 30/40/50% for 4 seconds. Afterwards, he fires a shot at them dealing [v1] magic damage to them and nearby enemies.Counters melee carries
Dark HarvestFiddlesticks teleports into the largest cluster of enemies and fears them for 1/1/3 seconds. For the next 5/5/30 seconds, Fiddle drains the life from nearby enemies dealing [v1] magic damage per second and healing himself for 20% of the damage dealt.Good generic late game AP carry
Fiora2Ox Force
En Garde!Fiora lunges at her enemy, dealing [v1] physical damage (225/225/250% Attack Damage ) to all enemies hit and activates her Duelist’s Soul for 8 seconds. While her Duelist’s Soul is active, she takes 20% less damage and her attacks restore [v2] Health.Slightly tanky trait bot
Outta My Way!Galio steps back and dashes towards the nearest enemy, dealing [v1] magic damage. He then grants himself and the closest ally a [v2] health shield for 4 seconds.Tank item holder or trait bot
Trial by FireGangplank removes all crowd control from himself and fires a flaming bullet at his target, dealing [v1] magic damage and reducing healing by 30% for 8 seconds.Rerollable
Twister!Janna sends a twister towards the largest group of units. Enemy units caught by the twister are knocked up for 0.5 seconds. When the twister stops, it expands and all nearby enemies are knocked up for 1.5/2/3 seconds and take [v1] damage over 3 seconds.Late game utility splash unit
Jax3Mecha: PRIME
Adaptive StrikePassive: Every third attack, Jax leaps to his target and deals 110/170/300 bonus magic damage. The bonus damage increases by [v1] every third attack up to 10 times.

Bonus Damage on hit: [v2]
Maybe rerollable
Jinx2Anima Squad
FishbonesJinx fires a rocket at her target that explodes on impact, damaging all nearby enemies for [v1] magic damage and stunning them for 1/1.2/1.5 seconds.Trait bot
Kai’Sa3Star Guardian
StarchargedPassive: Kai’Sa’s attacks apply Plasma. Her next attack against a target with 2 stacks of Plasma deal [v1] magic damage.

Active: Kai’Sa gains 40/50/64% Attack Speed for 6 seconds. This Attack Speed bonus can stack.
Maybe rerollable, if not mid game item holder
Starfire SpellbladeKayle’s next 3 attacks smite her target, dealing [v1] (175% Attack Damage ) physical damage to them and [v2] magic damage to enemies within one hex of them.Item holder or Underground cashout
Sigil of MaliceLeblanc fires 5/6/8 sigils at her target each dealing [v1] magic damage. If the target dies, she continues casting at the nearest target and casts 1 more sigil.Rerollable
Lee Sin2Supers
SafeguardIf there is a nearby ally, Lee Sin dashes towards them, shielding both them and himself for [v1] health for 4 seconds. If there are no nearby allies, Lee Sin gains a [v2] health shield instead. Afterwards, he dashes back and deals [v3] physical damage (250/250/275% Attack Damage ) to his target.Utility or rerollable
Leona5Mecha: PRIME
Deus Ex MachinaLeona locks onto and calls an orbital laser strike onto her target.

After a short delay a laser fires on the locked on target dealing [v1] true damage per second to the target and dealing [v2] magic damage to nearby enemies.
For some reason Leona does damage, but she’s a late game melee AP carry
GlitterlanceLulu fires a bolt of magic energy at her target, dealing [v1] magic damage to the first enemy and [v2] to subsequent enemies.AP item holder
Lux1Star Guardian
Lucent SingularityLux sends a lucent singularity at a random enemy’s location that detonates after arrival, dealing [v1] to nearby enemies and reducing the Attack Damage of the enemy in the center by 40% for 4 seconds.AP item holder
Ground SlamMalphite slams the ground beneath him, dealing [v1] magic damage to nearby enemies and granting himself 80/100/125 Armor for 4 seconds.Rerollable
Miss Fortune4Anima Squad
Bullet TimeMiss Fortune channels for 2 seconds, firing 8 waves of bullets in a cone in her target’s direction, with each wave dealing [v1] magic damage to the first target hit. Enemies hit by bullets in short succession take [v2] magic damage for each bullet instead.4 cost AP carry
SkylinesMordekaiser transports the board into his realm for 4/4/6 seconds, shredding the Magic Resist of all enemies by 50/50/69%, before summoning a building behind him and slamming it onto the board, dealing [v1] magic damage to all enemies hit.Late game AP carry and MR shredder
Nasus1Anima Squad
Bonk!Nasus slams his staff on his target, dealing [v1] physical damage (200% Attack Damage [v2]) and slowing their Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds.Item holder
Nilah3Star Guardian
ApotheosisNilah whirls her whip-blade, dealing [v1] magic damage to nearby enemies while healing herself and allies for [v2] health over 1 seconds. She finishes with a burst that deals [v3] magic damage.Rerollable?
Nunu & Willump5Gadgeteen
Biggest Roboball Ever!Passive: Nunu and Willump slowly roll a ball around the board, dealing [v1] magic damage to all enemies it passes through, and gaining 30/30/120 mana per second.

Nunu and Willump grow the ball, increasing their speed and radius of the ball and its damage dealt by 10%.
Splashable or Carry potential or Morello applier
Buckler TossPoppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing 175/250/375% of her Armor as magic damage. (total: [v1]) The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks [v2] damage.Item holder
Rammus3ThreatSand SlamPassive: Rammus has 50/75/125 increased Armor.

Active: Rammus powers himself up and leaps to the largest group of nearby enemies, dealing [v1] magic damage (150/200/250% Armor [v2]), knocking them up for 1.2 seconds, and reducing their Attack Damage by 40% for 4 seconds.
Mid game splash
Rell2Star Guardian
Iron BondRell forms a tether between herself and her lowest percent health ally, dealing [v1] magic damage to all enemies between herself and her bound ally. She also grants herself and her bound ally 50/60/70% of Rell’s current Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.Trait bot
DominusRenekton empowers himself for 8 seconds, gaining [v1] maximum Health, and causing his attacks to deal 5% of his maximum Health as bonus magic damage.Item holder
Riven3Anima Squad
Bunny BladeRiven gains a [v1] Health Shield for 4 seconds and empowers her next 3 basic attacks with [v2] bonus magic damage. If her attack target currently has less health than her, her bonus magic damage is increased by 100%.Both damage and tanky, hopefully rerollable
FlairSamira knocks up and juggles her target for 1.5 seconds, rapidly firing bullets that deal a total of [v1] physical damage (425/450/665% Attack Damage [v2]). The bullets ricochet to nearby enemies, dealing 50% reduced damage.4 cost AD carry
Cryo GrenadeSejuani throws a cryo grenade at the closest enemy that explodes after a 2-second delay. Enemies within a 3-hex radius are dealt [v1] magic damage and are stunned for 1.5/2/8 seconds.4 cost tank, Morello applier?
Piercing DarknessSenna fires a laser beam in the direction of a nearby enemy, dealing [v1] physical damage (150/160/179% Attack Damage [v2]) to all enemies in a line.Rerollable?
Sett4Mecha: PRIME
Mecha SLAM!Sett begins charging up, becoming immune to crowd control and gaining a [v1] health shield for 2.5 seconds. After the shield breaks or at the end of its duration, he unleashes a blast in a cone at the most enemies in range, dealing [v2] physical damage to all enemies inside. The damage increases up to [v3] depending on how long he charged.Bruiser
Pizza DeliverySivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing [v1] physical damage (350/350/379% Attack Damage ). It then splits into slices and gets delivered to the 3 nearest allies, healing them for [v2] health.Item holder, maybe rerollable
Crescendo SequenceSona cycles between 3 phases, firing 2 beams that:

1: Deals [v1] magic damage to the closest enemies.
2: Heals the lowest health allies for [v2] health.
3: Deals [v3] magic damage and stuns the closest enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Utility trait bot
StarcallSoraka launches a star at her target. Each star deals [v1] magic damage and heals Soraka for 10% of her max health. Every 3 casts, she launches 3/3/6 stars at the nearest enemies instead.AP carry potential (built in heal, so you can just full 3 damage item her)
Sylas1Anima Squad
Battle BlastSylas whirls his chains around him, healing himself for 150/200/250 health and dealing [v1] magic damage to nearby enemies.Item holder
Syndra5Star Guardian
Force of WillSyndra enshrouds a random unit on your bench in an orb, granting them a [v1] health shield and flinging them onto the board towards the closest enemy, knocking up and dealing [v2] magic damage to any enemies hit. Traits are unaffected except Corrupted.Late game splash
Taliyah4Star Guardian
Weaver’s WallTaliyah summons torrents of spiraling rocks at a line of enemy units, dealing [v1] magic damage to all enemies it hits. After a brief delay, the wall explodes, dealing [v2] additional magic damage to nearby enemies.4 cost AP carry
Talon1Ox Force
OX-ian DiplomacyTalon jumps to the furthest unit from the center of the board and stabs them for [v1] magic damage. If this kills them, Talon heals for 150/200/250 health.Item holder
Urgot5ThreatUndertowUrgot summons a gigantic wave behind his enemies that moves towards him, dealing 20/30/80% of their maximum Health as magic damage . The wave’s force knocks enemies forward 1 hex and stuns them for 1.2/1.5/5 seconds. For each champion hit, he has a [v1] chance to dredge up treasure.Late game ‘win more’ unit
Vayne3Anima Squad
Silver BoltVayne fires a heavy bolt at her target, dealing [v1] true damage (110/110/129% Attack Damage [v2]).Rerollable
Vel’Koz3ThreatFrozen TombVel’koz freezes the enemy champion that has dealt the most damage this round for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds, dealing [v1] magic damage.Mid game utility splash
Blast ShieldVi slams the ground in front of her and releases her stored energy, granting herself a [v1] health shield for 4 seconds, reducing the Armor of nearby enemies by 40/50/69% for 4 seconds and dealing [v2] physical damage (200% Attack Damage ).Item holder or trait bot or armor shredder
Viego4Ox Force
HeartbreakerViego becomes unstoppable, leaping to the largest cluster of nearby enemies and slamming his sword down on the enemy with the lowest health, dealing [v1] magic damage to the primary target and [v2] magic damage to enemies nearby. If Viego kills an enemy, he casts again with 25/20/0% reduced damage.AD melee carry
Wukong1Mecha: PRIME
Stone SkinWukong spins his staff around him, dealing [v1] magic damage to nearby enemies and gaining 50/75/100 Armor and Magic Resist for each enemy hit for 3 seconds.Item holder
Steel TempestYasuo dashes to the best position to strike the most enemies and fires a whirlwind at his target dealing [v1] magic damage and knocking up units hit for 1.2/1.5/1.8 seconds.Utility trait bot
Yuumi2Star Guardian
Prowling ProjectileYuumi fires a curved missile at the furthest target in her attack range, dealing [v1] magic damage to the first unit hit.Trait bot, maybe rerollable
Zac4ThreatSymbiotic SplitPassive: Upon dying, split into 2/2/4 smaller Zac Blobs with 40/40/50% of Zac’s maximum Health that taunt nearby enemies.

Spell: Zac bounces into the air and slams back down, dealing [v1] + 11% of his current Health as magic damage to nearby enemies and healing himself for 20% of his missing Health.
Splashable tank
Empowered Kill ModeZed teleports behind his target and marks them for death, shredding 20/30/60 armor for 6 seconds. He then enters an Empowered Kill Mode for 6/6/15 seconds. While active, Zed’s attacks deal an additional [v1] bonus physical damage and every third attack damages all adjacent enemies, dealing [v2] physical damage (100% Attack Damage ) + [v1] physical damage to adjacent enemies.AD carry with armor shred
Trouble BubbleZoe launches a bubble at the nearest non-infected enemy’s location, infecting all enemies hit with a virus that deals [v1] magic damage over 10 seconds. Infected enemies take 10/10/20% more damage.Utility unit, Morello applier?

Monsters Attack! Augments

Hero Augments

Hero Augments can come at any time, but they are all offered to every player at the same time and they affect the same cost unit (if you get a 3 cost Augment, so will everyone else that game)

Justice PunchGalioCarryGain a Galio. His Ability deals 50% more damage and knocks up its target for 1.5 seconds.
Safety FirstGalioSupportGain a Galio. When you field him, your team gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist, doubled for 4 seconds after being shielded.
Illuminating SingularityLuxCarryGain a Lux. Every 2nd cast, her Ability deals 100% increased damage.
Lucent BarrierLuxSupportGain a Lux. Combat Start: She grants her 2 nearest allies a 400 Health Shield and 20 Ability Power.
Dynamic DefensesBlitzcrankCarryGain a Gargoyle Stoneplate and a Blitzcrank. When he casts his Ability, its duration increases by 1 second per enemy targeting him.
Rocket GrabBlitzcrankSupportGain a Blitzcrank. Combat Start: He pulls the farthest enemy and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.
Reign of AngerRenektonCarryGain a Renekton. He gains 30% Attack Speed and an additional 2% per 100 missing Health.
Cull the MeekRenektonSupportGain a Renekton. When you field him, your team deals 10% bonus damage, tripled against enemies below 50% Health.
Divine AscentKayleCarryGain a Kayle. She gains bonuses per star level.
1: 30% Attack Speed
2: +2 Attack Range
3: Attacks fire 2 additional bolts dealing 50% damage.
Righteous RangeKayleSupportGain a Kayle. Combat Start: She and her 2 nearest allies gain +2 Attack Range and 15% Attack Speed.
Stacks on StacksNasusCarryGain a Nasus. He gains 20% Attack Damage, increased by 3% permanently each time he casts his Ability.
Soul EaterNasusSupportGain a Nasus. When you field him, he and his allies heal 150 Health on takedowns.
KingslayerSylasCarryGain a Sylas. His Ability deals 50% more damage and restores 15% of his missing Health.
Petricite ChainsSylasSupportGain a Sylas. When you field him, your team gains 15 starting Mana and his Ability increases enemies’ maximum Mana by 35%.
Laser FocusAsheCarryGain an Ashe. She gains 30% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.
Corps FocusAsheSupportGain an Ashe. When you field her, your team gains 15% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.
Bigger, Better BucklerPoppyCarryGain a Poppy. She gains 150 Armor.
Steadfast PresencePoppySupportGain a Poppy. Combat Start: Your strongest Poppy grants all allies a 275 Health shield.
Flaming RicochetGangplankCarryGain a Gangplank. His Ability bounces to a second target dealing 80% damage.
Get PaidGangplankSupportGain a Gangplank. When you field him, your team has a 25% chance to gain 2 gold on kill.
EdgelordTalonCarryGain a Talon. He gains 40 Ability Power. After killing an enemy, he restores 40 Mana.
OX-ian RageTalonSupportGain a Talon. When you field him, your team gains 10% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power, tripled when they are below 50% Health.
CycloneWukongCarryGain a Wukong. He gains 40 Ability Power and increases his Ability’s range by 1 hex.
Re-EnergizeWukongSupportGain a Wukong. When you field him, your team restores 50% of their Mana after their first cast each combat.
Growth SpurtLuluCarryGain a Lulu. When she casts her Ability, she gains 100 bonus Health and 20 Ability Power (this can stack).
Foster GrowthLuluSupportGain a Lulu. When you field her, she and her allies gain 35 Ability Power when equipped with an item.
Adaptive DefensivesCamilleCarryGain a Camille. She gains 20% Attack Damage. When she casts her Ability, she gains a shield equal to 500% of her Attack Damage for 3 seconds.
Hextech RetributionCamilleSupportGain a Camille. When you field her, your team deals 15% bonus damage, increasing by an additional 5% whenever an ally dies.
FlurryLee SinCarryGain a Lee Sin. He gains 30% Attack Speed, tripled for 3 seconds after casting his Ability.
InvigorateLee SinSupportGain a Lee Sin. When your field him, your team gains 15% Attack Speed, doubled for 4 seconds after being shielded.
Delivery TipsSivirCarryGain a Sivir. Every 2nd Ability cast, she gains 1 gold with a 20% chance to gain 3 additional gold.
Endless PizzaSivirSupportGain a Sivir. When you field her, your team heals 15% of their missing Health every 5 seconds.
Rising Spell ForceEzrealCarryGain an Ezreal. When he casts his Ability, he gains 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power for the rest of combat (this can stack).
Raider’s SpoilsEzrealSupportGain an Ezreal. Combat Start: Your strongest Ezreal grants his nearest ally a temporary Artifact for the rest of combat and gains 1 gold.
Predatory PrecisionYuumiCarryGain a Yuumi. She gains 25% Critical Strike Chance and her Ability can critically strike.
Zoomies!YuumiSupportGain a Yuumi. She grants your team 18% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
Unrelenting ForceViCarryGain a Vi. When she takes damage, she gains 2% Attack Damage, 2 Armor, and 2 Magic Resist, stacking up to 25 times.
Boxing LessonsViSupportGain a Vi. When you field her, your team gains 250 bonus Health.
Hold the LineRellCarryGain a Rell. She gains 50 Ability Power and 20% damage reduction.
Channelled FerromancyRellSupportGain a Rell. When you field her, your team gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist. Each ally gains an additional 5 when they cast (this can stack).
Frontline FencingFioraCarryGain a Fiora. While her Ability is active, she gains 60 Armor and Magic Resist.
Vitality of the OxFioraSupportGain a Fiora. When you field her, your team heals 2% of their maximum Health when they attack.
League of DravenDravenCarryGain a Draven. He gains 25% Attack Damage. When he kills an enemy, there is a 40% chance to gain 1 gold.
Ruthless BladesDravenFlexGain a Draven. When you field him, your team gains 25% Critical Strike Chance.
Get Excited!JinxCarryGain a Jinx. When she scores a takedown, she gains 100% Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
Everyone Goes BOOM!JinxSupportGain a Jinx. When you field her, your team gains 10% Attack Speed, tripled after the first enemy dies each combat.
Rock SolidMalphiteCarryGain a Malphite. He gains Ability Power equal to 50% of his Armor and his Ability’s Armor duration is increased by 4 seconds.
Guardian SpiritMalphiteSupportGain a Malphite. When you field him, your team restores 15% of their missing Health on cast.
Reflector ShieldAnnieCarryGain an Annie. While her Ability’s shield is active, enemies that attack her take 150 magic damage (once every 0.5 seconds).
Burning SpiritAnnieSupportGain an Annie. When you field her, your team gains 20 Ability Power, tripled while they are below 50% Health.
Siphoning WindsYasuoCarryGain a Yasuo. He gains 40% Omnivamp.
Spirit of the ExileYasuoSupportGain a Yasuo. When you field him, allies who start combat with no adjacent allies gain 25% Attack Speed.
Double BubbleZoeCarryGain a Zoe. Her Ability launches a second bubble at a different target, dealing 100% damage.
Sleepy TimeZoeSupportGain a Zoe. Combat Start: She puts to sleep the 3 lowest Health enemies stunning them for 4 seconds.
Aim AssistLeBlancCarryGain a LeBlanc. For every 2 sigils fired by her Ability, she fires an additional sigil at the lowest Health enemy.
Mirror ImageLeBlancSupportGain a LeBlanc. Combat Start: Your strongest LeBlanc creates a 60% Health, itemless clone of her nearest ally.
Power GridSonaCarryGain a Sona. She gains 20 Ability Power and her Ability fires 1 additional beam.
UndercurrentSonaSupportGain a Sona. Combat Start: Your strongest Sona grants her 2 nearest allies 50 Mana.
Star-CrossedKai’SaSupportGain a Kai’Sa. She grants 100% of her Ability’s Attack Speed bonus to her nearest ally.
Multi-ShotKai’SaCarryGain a Kai’Sa. Every 2 attacks, she fires a bonus attack at a nearby enemy.
GiftedNilahCarryGain a Nilah. She gains 50 Ability Power. Combat Start: Your strongest Nilah grants her nearest ally a temporary copy of one of her normal items.
Jubilant VeilNilahSupportGain a Nilah. Combat Start: She and her 2 nearest allies gain immunity to crowd control for 20 seconds.
Smash!AlistarFlexGain an Alistar. He restores 5 Mana per second and his Ability hits all enemies within 1 hex.
BehemothAlistarCarryGain an Alistar. He gains 450 bonus Health and his Ability deals bonus damage equal to 12% of his maximum Health.
ReverberationRivenCarryGain a Riven. She gains 40 Ability Power and her Ability is additionally cast on her lowest Health ally.
Triumphant ReturnRivenSupportGain a Riven. Combat Start: She grants herself and adjacent allies a shield for 10 seconds equal to 35% of their maximum Health.
Relentless AssaultJaxCarryGain a Jax. After every 3rd attack, he gains 20% Attack Speed for the rest of combat (this can stack).
EvasionJaxSupportGain a Jax. When you field him, your team gains 100% Dodge Chance for 2.5 seconds the first time they fall below 50% Health each combat.
AbsolutionSennaCarryGain a Senna. She gains 30% Attack Speed and an additional 10% every 5 seconds.
Corps FormationSennaFlexGain a Senna. Combat Start: She grants herself and adjacent allies 30% Attack Damage.
Spread ShotVayneCarryGain a Vayne. Her Ability additionally fires at 2 other nearby enemies dealing 50% damage.
Into the NightVayneSupportGain an Edge of Night and a Vayne. When you field her, allies equipped with Edge of Night gain 40% Attack Speed.
FrostburnVelkozCarryGain a Vel’Koz. His Ability deals an additional 200% of its damage over the next 30 seconds (this can stack).
Frozen TundraVelkozSupportGain a Vel’Koz. Combat Start: He slows the Attack Speed of all enemies by 30% for 6 seconds.
Cosmic BarrierCho’GathFlexGain a Cho’Gath. When you field Cho’Gath, your team gains 50 Magic Resist, doubled for Cho’Gath.
Energy VoidCho’GathCarryGain a Cho’Gath. Each time his Ability hits an enemy, he steals 20% of their Magic Resist.
Armored-dilloRammusFlexGain a Rammus. When you field him, your team gains 40 Armor, doubled for himself.
Spiked ShellRammusCarryGain a Rammus. When struck by an attack, he deals magic damage equal to 100% of his Armor to all nearby enemies (once every 2.5 seconds).
ResonanceEkkoCarryGain an Ekko. He gains 30% Attack Speed and his attacks deal 50 bonus magic damage.
ChronobreakEkkoSupportGain an Ekko. When you field him, he stuns all enemies for 3 seconds after 10 seconds of combat.
StoneweaverTaliyahCarryGain a Taliyah. She gains 30 Ability Power and her Ability deals 40% more damage to enemies above 1800 maximum Health.
Be the StoneTaliyahSupportGain a Taliyah. Combat Start: She shields the 3 highest Health allies for 50% of their maximum Health.
Glacial PrisonSejuaniCarryGain a Sejuani. She gains 25 Armor and Magic Resist and her Ability hits the entire board.
ShatterSejuaniSupportGain a Sejuani. Her Ability stuns for 0.5 seconds longer and enemies take 20% more damage while stunned.
Shadow JutsuZedCarryGain a Zed. He gains 10% Attack Damage. When he kills an enemy, he gains 10% of their Attack Damage for the rest of combat.
Contempt for the WeakZedSupportGain a Zed. When you field him, your team gains 12% Attack Speed. Upon scoring a taking down their target, they dash to a new one and triple this bonus for 2.5 seconds.
InfuseSorakaSupportGain a Soraka. Every 5 seconds, Soraka grants your team 20 Mana.
Upgrade: BerserkSorakaCarryGain a Soraka. After 15 seconds of combat, all of her Ability casts are empowered.
Bunny MercenaryMiss FortuneCarryGain a Miss Fortune. Her Ability covers a wider cone and she gains a 300 Health shield while channeling.
Make It RainMiss FortuneSupportGain a Miss Fortune. After every 3 player combats fielded, she grants 15 gold.
Style and FlairSamiraCarryGain a Samira. She gains 30% Attack Damage. When she scores a takedown, she restores 35% of her maximum Mana.
DaredevilSamiraSupportGain a Samira. For every 10 Tactician Health missing, she grants your team 5% Attack Speed.
HeartstopperViegoCarryGain a Viego. He gains 10 Ability Power and his Ability deals up to 50% increased damage based on the enemy’s missing Health.
Partners in CrimeViegoSupportGain a Viego. When you field him, your team gains 20% Omnivamp, tripled when 2 or less allies remain.
Punch ProtocolSettCarryGain a Sett. He gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist. His Ability knocks back the first enemy struck, destroying them if knocked off the battlefield.
Regenerative ShieldsSettSupportGain a Locket of the Iron Solari and a Sett. Briefly after the shields of his team break, he recharges them at 40% strength for 3 seconds.
Back for BloodBel’VethCarryGain a Bel’Veth. She gains 20% Omnivamp, tripled while under 50% Health.
VoidmotherBel’VethSupportGain a Bel’Veth. Combat Start: Your strongest Bel’Veth creates 2 Voidspawns with 75% of their normal Health in front of her.
Extinction EventAurelion SolCarryGain an Aurelion Sol. He gains 40 Ability Power and his Ability’s meteors are larger.
Velocity ImpactAurelion SolSupportGain an Aurelion Sol. His Ability stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.
SupersizeZacCarryGain a Zac. He gains 1000 bonus Health and is immune to crowd control.
Elastic SlingshotZacSupportGain a Zac. Combat Start: He flings his 2 nearest allies to the enemy backline, knocking up enemies upon impact for 3 seconds.
Armor Piercing RoundsApheliosCarryGain an Aphelios. His attacks reduce the target’s Armor by 10% for the rest of combat (this can stack).
Locked and LoadedApheliosSupportGain an Aphelios. When you field him, your team gains 15% Attack Damage and an additional 5% every 5 seconds.
Rapid ReportingJannaCarryGain a Janna. Her Ability restores 5 Mana per enemy hit.
Exaggerated ReportingJannaSupportGain a Janna. Forecaster’s effects are increased by 100%.
Not So Heavy MetalMordekaiserCarryGain a Mordekaiser. He gains 20 Ability Power every 5 seconds.
ObliterateMordekaiserSupportGain a Mordekaiser. Combat Start: He reduces enemy Armor and Magic Resist by 20%.
Power OverwhelmingSyndraCarryGain a Syndra. Allies summoned by her Ability gain 30% Attack Damage and 30 Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist.
Empowered ReservesSyndraSupportGain a Syndra. When you field her, your team gains 5 Ability Power per unit on your bench.
Perfected Solar FlareLeonaCarryGain a Leona. She gains 30 Ability Power and her maximum Mana is reduced by 20.
Eclipse PrimeLeonaSupportGain a Leona. When you field her, your team reduces all incoming damage by 30.
They See Me RollingNunuCarryGain a Nunu. When you field him, your team gains 20 Ability Power and an additional 5 every 5 seconds.
Contagious LaughterNunuSupportGain a Nunu. He gains 30 Ability Power and restores 10 Mana per second.
Traumatic MemoriesFiddlesticksCarryGain a Fiddlesticks. When an ally dies, it gains 200 bonus Health for the rest of combat.
Absolute CorruptionFiddlesticksSupportGain a Fiddlesticks. Combat Start: Fiddlesticks grants its nearest ally 30 Ability Power and allows them to share its Corrupted souls.
ShinyUrgotCarryGain an Urgot. His Ability has an additional 25% chance to dredge up treasure.
Rising TideUrgotSupportGain an Urgot. Combat Start: He grants himself and adjacent allies 25 Ability Power and 15% Attack Speed.

Regular Augments

Apart from the trait specific augments, there are no new augments.

Ace CrestGain an Ace Emblem and a 2 gold.
Ace CrownGain an Ace Emblem, a Runaan’s Hurricane, and 2 gold.
A.D.M.I.N EmblemGain an A.D.M.I.N. Emblem and a Blitzcrank.
A.D.M.I.N CrownGain an A.D.M.I.N. Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Camille.
Aegis CrestGain an Aegis Emblem and a Vi.
Aegis CrownGain an Aegis Emblem, a Redemption, and an Alistar.
Anima Squad CrestGain an Anima Squad Emblem and a Sylas.
Anima Squad CrownGain an Anima Squad Emblem, an Ionic Spark, and a Riven.
Brawler CrestGain a Brawler Emblem and a Lee Sin.
Brawler CrownGain a Brawler Emblem, a Redemption, and a Riven.
Spellslinger CrestGain a Spellslinger Emblem and an Annie.
Spellslinger CrownGain a Spellslinger Emblem, a Jewled Gauntlet, and a Sona.
Civilian CrestGain a Civilian Emblem and a Galio.
Civilian CrownGain a Civilian Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Sivir.
Sureshot CrestGain a Sureshot Emblem and a Sivir.
Sureshot CrownGain a Sureshot Emblem, an Infinity Edge, and a Senna.
Defender CrestGain a Defender Emblem and a Poppy.
Defender CrownGain a Defender Emblem, a Protector’s Vow, and a Riven.
Duelist CrestGain a Duelist Emblem and a Yasuo.
Duelist CrownGain a Duelist Emblem, an Edge of Night, and a Nilah.
Mecha: PRIME CrestGain a Mecha: PRIME Emblem and a Draven.
Mecha: PRIME CrownGain a Mecha: PRIME Emblem, a Titan’s Resolve , and a Jax.
Hacker CrestGain a Hacker Emblem and 2 gold.
Hacker CrownGain a Hacker Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Leblanc.
Heart CrestGain a Heart Emblem and a Yuumi.
Heart CrownGain a Heart Emblem, a ZZ’rot Portal, and a Sona.
LaserCorps CrestGain an LaserCorps Emblem and a Yasuo.
LaserCorps CrownGain a LaserCorps Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Senna.
Mascot CrestGain a Mascot Emblem and a Yuumi.
Mascot CrownGain a Mascot Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and an Malphite.
Ox Force CrestGain an Ox Force Emblem and an Annie.
Ox Force CrownGain an Ox Force Emblem, a Titan’s Resolve, and an Alistar.
Prankster CrestGain a Prankster Emblem and a Jinx.
Prankster CrownGain a Prankster Emblem, an Edge of Night, and a Zoe.
Recon CrestGain a Recon Emblem.
Recon CrownGain a Recon Emblem, a Zeke’s Herald, and a Ezreal.
Renegade CrestGain a Renegade Emblem and a Talon.
Renegade CrownGain a Renegade Crown, a Bloodthirster, and a Camille.
Star Guardian CrestGain a Star Guardian Emblem and a Rell.
Star Guardian CrownGain a Star Guardian Emblem, a Chalice of Power and a Nilah.
Underground CrestGain an Underground Emblem and a Vi.
Underground CrownGain an Underground Emblem, a Hextech Gunblade, and a Sona.
A.D.M.I.N. HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional A.D.M.I.N. Gain a Camille.
Anima Squad HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Anima Squad. Gain a Jinx.
Brawler HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Brawler. Gain a Vi.
Spellslinger HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Spellslinger. Gain an Annie.
Sureshot HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Sureshot. Gain a Sivir.
Defender HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Defender. Gain a Rell.
Duelist HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Duelist. Gain a Fiora.
Gadgeteen HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Gadgeteen. Gain an Annie.
Gadgeteen SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Gadgeteen. Gain an Ionic Spark and an Annie.
Hacker HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Hacker. Gain 2 gold.
Heart HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Heart. Gain a Lee Sin.
Lasercorps HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional LaserCorps. Gain a Yasuo.
Mascot HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Mascot. Gain a Yuumi.
Ox Force HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Ox Force. Gain a Fiora.
Recon HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Recon. Gain an Ezreal.
Renegade HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Renegade. Gain a Camille.
Star Guardian HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Star Guardian. Gain a Yuumi.
Supers HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Super. Gain a Malphite.
Supers SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Super. Gain a Titan’s Resolve and a Lee Sin.
Underground HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Underground. Gain a Vi.
Underground SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Underground. Gain a Hextech Gunblade and an Ezreal.
New Recruit
First Aid Kit I
Level Up!
Item Grab Bag I
Item Grab Bag II
High Roller
Pandora’s Items
Calculated Loss
Salvage Bin
March of Progress
Portable Forge
High End Shopping
Stand United I
Stand United II
Stand United III
Band of Thieves II
Featherweights I
Featherweights II
Featherweights III
Metabolic Accelerator
Makeshift Armor I
Makeshift Armor II
Makeshift Armor III
Binary Airdrop
Clear Mind
Wise Spending
Radiant Relics
Jeweled Lotus
Verdant Veil
Tiny Titans
Component Grab Bag
Double Trouble I
Double Trouble II
Double Trouble III
Future Sight II
True Twos
Tri Force I
Tri Force II
Tri Force III
The Golden Egg
Think Fast
Better Together
Combat Training
Gadget Expert
Cruel Pact
Pandora’s Bench
Axiom Arc I
Axiom Arc II
Cluttered Mind
Trade Sector
Trade Sector+
Exiles I
Exiles II
Exiles III
Three’s Company
Urf’s Grab Bag II
Living Forge
Band of Thieves I
Lategame Specialist
Preparation I
Big Friend I
Last Stand
Phony Frontline
Cursed Crown
Cybernetic Implants I
Celestial Blessing I
Second Wind I
Cybernetic Shell I
Cybernetic Uplink I
Cybernetic Implants III
Cybernetic Shell III
Cybernetic Uplink III
Rich Get Richer
Rich Get Richer+
Electrocharge I
Luden’s Echo I
Celestial Blessing II
Celestial Blessing III
Second Wind II
Thrill of the Hunt I
Thrill of the Hunt II
Luden’s Echo II
Luden’s Echo III
Electrocharge II
Electrocharge III
Cybernetic Implants II
Cybernetic Shell II
Cybernetic Uplink II
Sunfire Board
First Aid Kit II
Big Friend II
Preparation II
Preparation III
Threat Level: Maximum
Woodland Charm
Lucky Gloves
Scoped Weapons I
Scoped Weapons II
Battlemage I
Battlemage II
Battlemage III
Knife’s Edge I
Knife’s Edge II
Knife’s Edge III
Disintegrator I
Disintegrator II
Disintegrator III
Birthday Present
Blue Battery I
Ancient Archives I
Ancient Archives II
Built Different I
Built Different II
Built Different III
Future Sight I
Golden Ticket


Dodge is getting removed from Glove components
Attack Damage is no longer flat, it is instead a percentage increase

The following items have been changed:

Blue BuffGrant 20 bonus starting Mana and 25 bonus Ability Power. After casting an Ability, gain 10.

[Unique – only 1 per champion]
Spear of ShojinGrant 20 bonus Ability Power. Every 3rd attack restores 10 additional Mana.
Infinity EdgeGrants 15% bonus Attack Damage and 15% bonus Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.
Jeweled GauntletGrants 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.
Protector’s VowGrant 15 bonus starting Mana.

Once per combat: At 40% Health, gain a 25% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 5 seconds and 25 Armor and 25 Magic Resist for the rest of combat.
GuardbreakerGrants bonus 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power. Abilities and Attacks deal 25% more damage to shielded enemies