Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands. We have the full list of Dragonlands Augments, Traits, and brand new champions.

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Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed
AstralEvery 5th Shop has increased odds to show Astral champions, and also grants an Astral orb.

Your team gains bonus Ability Power. Ability Power and Orb value increases at trait breakpoints.
1g Nidalee, 1g Skarner, 1g Vladimir, 2g Nami, 3g Illaoi, 3g Varus, 10g Aurelion Sol
RagewingConverts Mana to Rage; attacks generate 15 Rage. After casting an Ability, enrage for 4 seconds, gaining Attack Speed and Omnivamp increasing at trait breakpoints. Rage cannot be gained during the enrage buff.1g Senna, 1g Sett, 2g Kayn, 2g Shen, 3g Swain, 4g Hecarim, 4g Xayah, 10g Shyvana
WhispersWhispers damage shrinks enemies, reducing their Armor and Magic Resist by 40% for 6 seconds.

When they damage a shrunken enemy, Whispers gain stacking Attack Damage and Ability Power increasing at trait breakpoints.
2g Thresh, 3g Elise, 3g Sylas, 5g Pyke, 8g Sy’fen
JadeSummon movable Jade Statues that grow in power. The number of statues increases at trait breakpoints.

Each combat, allies adjacent to a statue gain Attack Speed and maximum Health healing increasing at trait breakpoints. When a statue is destroyed, it deals 50% of its Health as magic damage to nearby enemies.
1g Karma, 1g Taric, 2g Ashe, 2g Gnar, 3g Anivia, 4g Neeko, 5g Soraka, 8g Shi Oh Yu
ShimmerscaleGrant exclusive random Shimmerscale items that scale with gold. Number of unique items increases at trait breakpoints.

Draven’s Axe: Gain 1 Attack Damage per gold in your bank (up to 80).
Every attack, this item gains 1 stack. At 100 stacks, gain 10 gold and 1 item component.

Goldmancer’s Staff: Gain 1 Ability Power per gold in your bank (up to 80) and a 40% chance to drop 2 gold on enemy kill.

Gambler’s Blade: Gain 1% bonus Attack Speed per gold in your bank (up to 80). Each attack has a 4% chance to drop 1 gold.

Mogul’s Mail: Gain 1 Armor, 1 Magic Resist, and 10 Health when taking damage.
After stacking 50 times, gain 2 gold.

Determined Investor: After the holder dies 8 times, This item returns to your item tray and transforms into Diamond Hands. Then you will gain 1 Champion Duplicator and 15 gold.

Diamond Hands: Once per combat at 66% and 33% Health, gain 1 gold and immunity for 2 seconds.

Needlessly Big Gem: If the holder is alive after 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 1% more damage (maximum 1 gold) per gold you have. For every 2 units alive when this happens, gain 1 gold.

Philosopher’s Stone: Refreshing your Shop adds a stack to Philosopher’s Stone. Each Shop refresh has a chance to copy the holder and consume all stacks. More expensive champions are harder to copy.

Crown of Champions: Every 5 seconds, the next attack deals 9001x the amount of gold in your bank in true damage.
1g Aatrox, 2g Kayn, 3g Volibear, 5g Zoe, 8g Idas
MirageMirage units gain a different Trait bonus from game to game.

Electric Overload (Deal damage upon being hit or attacking)
Warlord’s Honor (After winning combat, gain bonus health and ability power. Increases 10% per win)
Pirate (After each player combat, gain a chest containing gold)
Dawnbringer (Gain a shield upon reaching 50% health)
Executioner (Always critically strike low health targets and gain bonus critical strike damage
Spellsword (Gain Ability Power per attack)
Duelist (Mirage units move faster. Attacks grant bonus stacking attack speed)
1g Leona, 2g Yone, 3g Nunu, 5g Yasuo, 8g Daeja
TrainerEvery round, each Trainers feeds 1 Snax to Nomsy, adding Health and Ability Power. Nomsy’s star level increases every 25 Snax!
At Trainer (3) Nomsy’s ability deals double the damage!
1g Heimerdinger, 2g Tristana, 3g Lulu
ScalescornIf you don’t have a Dragon on your team, Scalescorn champions deal bonus magic damage increasing at trait breakpoints and take 25% reduced damage from enemies with more than 1700 Health.2g Braum, 2g Lillia, 3g Diana, 3g Olaf
RevelAfter dealing damage with an Ability, launch a firecracker that deals magic damage increasing at trait breakpoints to a random enemy.1g Tahm Kench, 2g Jinx, 4g Corki, 4g Sona
GuildGrant a unique bonus to your team; Guild allies gain double the amount. Bonuses increases at trait breakpoints.
Sejuani:  Health
Twitch:  Attack Speed
Ryze:  Ability Power
Talon:  Attack Damage
Bard: Mana per attack
Emblem: Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of damage dealt)
1g Sejuani, 2g Twitch, 3g Ryze, 4g Talon, 5g Bard
TempestAfter 9 seconds, lightning strikes the battlefield. Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds and take a percent of their maximum Health as true damage increasing at trait breakpoints. Tempest champions gain Attack Speed increasing at trait breakpoints.1g Ezreal, 2g Qiyana, 3g Lee Sin, 4g Ornn, 10g Ao Shin,
DragonDragons provide +3 to the marked trait, but require 2 team slots. They also gain bonus Health.

This trait is active with exactly 1 Dragon champion.
8g Daeja, 8g Sy’fen, 8g Idas, 8g Shi Oh Yu, 10g Ao Shin, 10g Aurelion Sol, 10g Shyvana
Spell-Thief(1) Nab a new Ability after each cast and at the start of every round.5g Zoe
StarcallerThe first Starcaller to cast their ability each combat heals you for (2/4/100), depending on their star level.5g Soraka
SwiftshotInnate: gain 2 hex Attack Range.
Swiftshots gain Attack Speed increasing at trait breakpoints for each hex between themselves and their target.
1g Ezreal, 2g Ashe, 2g Twitch, 3g Varus, 4g Xayah
AssassinInnate: Leap to the enemy backline when combat starts.
Assassins’ Abilities can critically strike and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and bonus Critical Strike Damage increasing at trait breakpoints.
2g Kayn, 2g Qiyana, 3g Diana, 4g Talon, 5g Pyke
BruiserYour team gains bonus maximum Health increasing at trait breakpoints. Bruisers gain double this bonus.1g Skarner, 1g Tahm Kench, 2g Shen, 3g Illaoi, 3g Olaf, 3g Sylas, 4g Ornn, 8g Sy’fen
CannoneerEvery 5th attack fires a cannon shot that explodes for physical damage increasing at trait breakpoints around the target.1g Senna, 2g Tristana, 2g Jinx, 4g Corki
GuardianOnce per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally. Shields stack and increase at trait breakpoints!1g Leona, 1g Taric, 2g Braum, 2g Thresh, 8g Idas
MageMages cast twice and have modified total Ability Power that increases at trait breakpoints.1g Heimerdinger, 1g Vladimir, 2g Lillia, 2g Nami, 3g Ryze, 3g Sylas, 5g Zoe
MysticYour team gains Magic Resist that increases at trait breakpoints.2g Nami, 3g Lulu, 5g Bard, 8g Shi Oh Yu
EvokerGain Mana that increases at trait breakpoints whenever an ally or enemy casts an Ability.3g Anivia, 3g Lulu, 4g Sona, 10g Aurelion Sol
ShapeshifterTransforming grants bonus maximum Health increasing at trait breakpoints, and heals for that amount.1g Nidalee, 2g Gnar, 3g Elise, 3g Swain, 4g Neeko, 10g Shyvana
WarriorWarrior attacks have a 25% chance to increase the damage of their next attack. The extra damage increases at trait breakpoints.1g Aatrox, 2g Shen, 2g Yone, 3g Olaf, 5g Yasuo
CavalierInnate: Charge quickly towards their target whenever they move.
Cavaliers gain Armor and Magic Resist that increases at trait breakpoints. At the start of combat and after each charge, gain double the amount for 4 seconds.
1g Sejuani, 2g Lillia, 3g Nunu, 4g Hecarim
DragonmancerUse the Dragonmancer Blessing to choose a Hero. The Hero gains massively increased Health and Ability Power, which increases at trait breakpoints and additionally by 5% per star level of your Dragonmancers.1g Karma, 1g Sett, 2g Ashe, 3g Lee Sin, 3g Swain, 3g Volibear, 5g Yasuo
LegendEach combat: An adjacent ally bestows their spirit to the Legend, which gains 100% of their Health, Armor, and Magic Resistance, plus 40% of their Ability Power.3g Anivia, 3g Volibear, 4g Ornn
BardAllies that survive player combat have a 20% chance to create a Doot. Bard always creates a Doot when dancing.

Each Doot you collect increases your Shop odds by 1% for tiers 3, 4, and 5.
10g Bard


Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed

UnitTierTraitsAbility NameManaDescription
Aatrox1gShimmerscale WarriorDeathbringer Strike50/100Aatrox strikes his target for X physical damage (260/280/360% Attack Damage) and heals himself for 200/300/400.
Anivia3gJade Evoker LegendPrismatic Storm20/70Anivia summons a prismatic storm around her target, dealing 450/550/750 magic damage over 3 seconds. Enemies in the storm have their Magic Resist reduced by 40%.
Ao Shin10gTempest DragonLightning Rain40/160Ao Shin fires a barrage of 14 lightning strikes at random enemies. Each strike deals 250/400/10000 magic damage and drains Mana from his target.
Ashe2gJade Dragonmancer SwiftshotVolley50/100Ashe fires a volley of 5/7/9 arrows, dealing 90/120/250 magic damage to each enemy hit and slowing their Attack Speed by 25% for seconds.
Aurelion Sol10gAstral Evoker DRAGONBlack Hole60/100Aurelion Sol summons an unstable black hole forunderneath a random enemy. After 2 seconds it implodes, dealing 200/350/5000 magic damage to all enemies in the area and reducing their Attack Damage by 40% for 3 seconds. Each cast the area increases by 50% and damage by increases by 200/350/5000.
Bard5gGuild Mystic BardUnstable Portal140/200Bard sends magical energy toward the largest group of enemies, stunning them for 475/700/3333 seconds and causing them to take 1.5% increased damage while stunned. If he hits at least 1 enemy, Bard dances in celebration.
Braum2gScalescorn GuardianUnbreakable30/60Braum puts up his shield for 4 seconds, reducing damage taken from that direction by 75%/80%/90%.
Corki4gRevel CannoneerMissile Barrage0/70Corki launches a barrage of 125/150/175% missiles towards his target, striking the first enemy hit for X physical damage (50%% Attack Damage). The final missile is The Big One, and also deals 50% + X physical damage (500/600/800%% Attack Damage) in an area.
Daeja8gMirage DragonEcho Wind40/100Passive: Daeja’s attacks deal 100/180/500 bonus magic damage and reduce the target’s Magic Resist by 3.

Active: Daeja sends a wind blast toward the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1000 magic damage. For the next 5 seconds Daeja’s attacks launch three barrages.
Diana3gScalescorn AssassinPale Cascade0/70Diana shields herself for 350/500/700 for @ShieldDuration@ seconds and summons 4/5/7 orbs around her. These orbs burst for 110/120/130 magic damage when they hit an enemy. When the final orb bursts, her shield refreshes.
Elise3gWhispers ShapeshifterSpider Form0/50Elise transforms into Spider Form for the rest of combat, losing 1 Attack Range and replacing her ability with Venomous Bite, which she immediate casts.

Venemous Bite: Elise’s next attack deals 350/550/1200 bonus magic damage. If this kills her target she ascends, becoming untargetable before dropping near the lowest Health enemy and immediately casting Venomous Bite again.
Sy’fen8gWhispers Bruiser DRAGONRampage120/200Sy’fen charges toward the farthest enemy within 3 hexes, dealing X physical damage (400/500/1000% of Attack Damage) and knocking up enemies they pass through. If no enemies are nearby, he charges again.

After charging, Sy’fen bits an enemy, dealing X physical damage (450% of Attack Damage) and ignoring 50% of the target’s Armor.
Ezreal1gTempest SwiftshotMystic Shot0/40Ezreal fires an energy bolt towards his target. The first enemy hit takes 70 magic damage and grants Ezreal 20% bonus Attack Speed, stacking up to 5 times.
Gnar2gJade ShapeshifterMega Gnar0/70Gnar transforms into Mega Form, jumping to his target and knocking up nearby enemies for 1 second. Gnar also gains 40/50/75 Attack Damage and 60/80/120 Armor.
Hecarim4gRagewing CavalierOnslaught of Shadows75/120Hecarim summons spectral riders that charge through his target, dealing 100/200/1600 magic damage and stunning enemies hit for 2.5/2.5/8 seconds.
Heimerdinger1gTrainer MageEgg Toss40/80Heimerdinger lobs an egg at the highest health enemy, dealing 300/375/500 magic damage and stunning them for 2/2.25/2.5 seconds.
Idas8gShimmerscale Guardian DragonGolden Scales80/150Idas hardens her scales for 2 seconds, reducing incoming damage by 50/75/300. She then roars, healing herself for 400/700/1500 Health and shielding other allies for 50 for 200/300/600 seconds. The shield grants [v6]% attack speed while it holds.
Illaoi3gAstral BruiserCosmic Lash40/80Illaoi slams her idol into the ground, summoning 3 lashing tentacles and dealing 175/250/375 magic damage to enemies in a cone. Illaoi steals 10/15/20% Armor and Magic Resist from each enemy hit for 6 seconds.
Jinx2gRevel CannoneerFlame Chompers60/120Jinx summons a line of traps centered on her target. Traps detonate after a brief delay, dealing 325/450/675 magic damage and stunning enemies hit for 1/1.5/2 second(s). Jinx gains 0 mana for each empty trap.
Karma1gJade DragonmancerInner Flame0/50Karma fires a burst of energy towards her target, dealing 150/225/325 magic damage in a small area around the first enemy hit.
Kayn2gRagewing Shimmerscale AssassinBlade’s Reach0/60Kayn sweeps his scythein a line through his target, dealing X physical damage (120% Attack Damage) enemies and an additional 90/120/150 magic damage to the first enemy hit.
Lee Sin3gTempest DragonmancerDragon’s Rage0/80Lee Sin kicks his target, stunning them for 2/2.5/4 seconds and knocking them back. The target and all enemies they hit take 250/350/650 magic damage.
Leona1gMirage GuardianSolar Barrier40/80Leona creates a barrier around herself, reducing all incoming damage by 30/40/120 for 4 seconds.
Lillia2gScalescorn Cavalier MageWatch Out!0/60Lillia strikes a small area around her target’s current location, dealing 225/375/600 magic damage spread amongst all enemies hit and 100/200/300 bonus magic damage to the enemy at the center of the blast.
Lulu3gTrainer Mystic EvokerWhimsy60/120Lulu enchants the nearest 3/4/5. Enchanted allies gain 70/80/120% Attack Speed for 1.5 seconds. Enchanted enemies are stunned and transformed into harmless dragonlings for 20% seconds, taking % increased damage while stunned. If there are fewer than 3 units nearby, Lulu will enchant herself.
Nami2gAstral Mage MysticEbb and Flow40/80Nami launches a wave at her target that bounces to 2/3/4 additional targets, prioritizing low Health targets. Enemies hit take 125/150/175 magic damage and allies hit heal for 125/150/175.
Neeko4gJade ShapeshifterInherent Glamour0/0Each Combat: Neeko disguises herself as the nearest allied champion, adding their bonus Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Ability Power to her own and copying all other stats except Health. She then gains a shield for 15 plus 10%% of her ally’s Health.

When the shield breaks she transforms into Neeko Form and casts Pop Blossom, dealing 200/300/400 magic damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for @StunDuration@ seconds. Neeko then casts Pop Blossom every 100 Mana.
Nidalee1gAstral ShapeshifterPrimal Surge0/45Nidalee transforms into Cougar Form for the rest of combat, reducing her Attack Range to 1 and gaining bonus movement speed and 30/50/70 Attack Speed. While in cougar form, every 3rd attack swipes her target for X physical damage (210% Attack Damage).
Nunu3gMirage CavalierConsume40/100Nunu encourages Willump to bite his target, dealing 450/700/1600 magic damage. If Willump’s target has less Health than he does before the bite, it deals an additional 50%% damage and becomes true damage.
Olaf3gScalescorn Bruiser WarriorReckless Swing0/60Passive: Olaf seeks glorious death, permanently gaining 200/210/220% Attack Damage (10 in Hyper Roll) whenever he dies.

Active: Olaf strikes his target, dealing X physical damage (35%% of Attack Damage %i:scaleAD%) and gaining 4 Attack Speed for 350/450/550. seconds. If he’s below % Health, the Attack Speed is doubled.
Ornn4gTempest Bruiser LegendLightning Charge80/160Ornn summons an elemental that charges towards Ornn through the farthest enemy, dealing 350/550/900 magic damage to enemies hit and slowing their Attack Speed by 50% for 2 seconds. When the elemental reaches Ornn he redirects it towards another distant enemy, dealing 350/550/900 magic damage to enemies hit and stunning them for seconds.
Pyke5gWhispers AssassinAllure0/50Pyke dives toward the lowest Health enemy and slashes in an X, dealing 2 magic damage to his target and 30/50/200 to other enemies struck. Enemies hit suffer 5% reduced healing for 500/700/10000 seconds.

If Pyke hits an enemy below % Health he executes them and immediately recasts Death From Below.
Qiyana2gTempest AssassinElemental Blade40/80Qiyana dashes to the best position to strike enemies with her blade, dealing 2.5/3.5/4.5 magic damage and disarming enemies hit for 300/500/900 seconds.
Ryze3gGuild MageOverload0/20Ryze hurls 600/900/2000% arcane orb at his target, dealing 20 magic damage (0% maximum Mana). Each cast increases his maximum Mana by and the number of orbs thrown by .
Sejuani1gGuild CavalierWarrior’s Wrath50/90Sejuani swings her mace wide, hitting all enemies in a cone for X magic damage (15% maximum Health). She quickly strikes again, repeating the damage on her target and the enemy directly behind it and stunning them for 1.5/2/3 seconds.
Senna1gRagewing CannoneerLast Embrace30/90Senna launches black mist toward the farthest enemy, striking the first enemy hit and dealing 210/220/230 physical damage (100/175/250% Attack Damage) on a small area. The first enemy hit is dealt an additional bonus magic damage.
Sett1gRagewing DragonmancerKnuckle Down30/60For the next 30/50/80 seconds Sett gains 70/80/90 Armor and Magic Resist, and every other punch deals X bonus physical damage (4% Attack Damage).
Shen2gRagewing Warrior BruiserFlame’s Refuge45/75Shen creates a zone around himself for 3/4/5 seconds, in which all nearby allies dodge Basic Attacks. While it’s active, Shen gains 15/30/45 Magic Resist.
Shi Oh Yu8gJade Mystic DragonJade Rush0/70Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining 35% damage reduction, immunity to crowd control, and empowering her next 3 attacks with special effects that deal X damage (200/225/250% Attack Damage).

Attack 1: Deals X physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second.
Attack 2: Deals X true damage.
Attack 3: Ends the stance, dealing X physical damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for 1 second.
Shyvana10gRagewing Shapeshifter DragonDragon’s Descent0/30Shyvana transforms into Dragon Form for the rest of combat, replacing her ability with Flame Breath. She then becomes untargetable before dive-bombing the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1000 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Flame Breath: Shyvana breathes fire in a cone, dealing 35/50/200% of the enemy’s maximum Health as magic damage.
Skarner1gAstral BruiserCrystalline Exoskeleton40/90Skarner shields himself for 150/450/750 for 8 seconds, and gains 30/50/80%% Attack Speed while it holds.
Sona4gRevel EvokerCrescendo80/160Sona plays her ultimate chord, dealing 350/500/1300 magic damage to enemies in a line in front of her, stunning them for 2/3/2005 seconds.
Soraka5gJade StarcallerWish50/150Passive: While any ally is below 300/700/2000% Health, Soraka gains an additional 200/300/600 mana per attack.

Active: Soraka calls down a shower of stars over the next 40% seconds. Allies are healed for each time a star hits them.
Swain3gRagewing Dragonmancer ShapeshifterDraconic Ascension0/45Swain transforms into Dragon Form, replacing his attacks with fireballs that deal 200/300/450 magic damage and replacing his Ability with Greater Fireball.

Greater Fireball: Swain’s next fireball deals 50%% more damage and explodes in an area around his target.
Sylas3gWhispers Mage BruiserPetricite Burst75/120Sylas whirls his chains, dealing 250/400/700 magic damage to enemies hit and applying Mana-Reave, increasing the cost of their next ability by 35%. If this hits at least 1 Mana-Reaved enemy Sylas shields himself for 35% for 400/600/1000 seconds.
Talon4gGuild AssassinTruestrike60/120Talon stealths for 120/240/1200 seconds and flings out a ring of blades, dealing X physical damage (480% Attack Damage) to enemies hit. He then leaps to an enemy and recalls the blades, dealing that damage again and dealing 10 + X physical damage (1.5% Attack Damage) to his target.
Taric1gJade GuardianBastion50/100Taric grants himself and his closest ally a protective rune that increases Armor by 60/80/150 for 4 seconds.
Thresh2gWhispers GuardianDeath Sentence150/150Thresh hooks the farthest enemy, dealing 175/350/800 magic damage and pulling them toward himself for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.
Tristana2gTrainer CannoneerExplosive Charge0/60Tristana fires up to 3 explosive charges, prioritizing the closest targets without a charge. Charges detonate after 3 seconds, dealing X physical damage (150/160/160% Attack Damage) to nearby enemies and 80/120/160 bonus magic damage to the target.
Twitch2gGuild SwiftshotBlast Potion40/80Twitch hurls an exploding flask at his target, dealing X physical damage (50/75/100% Attack Damage + 125%/130%/135%) and reducing the Armor of enemies hit by % for seconds.
Varus3gAstral SwiftshotChain of Consellations60/120Varus sends out a cosmic tendril towards his target that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing X physical damage (1.5/2/3% Attack Damage) and stunning them for 210/220/230% seconds. Tendrils then spread to 3 nearby enemies, dealing 120/180/280 magic damage and stunning them for the remainder of the duration.
Vladimir1gAstral MageTransfusion0/80Vladimir deals 300/420/540 magic damage to the target and heals himself for 200/280/360 Health.
Volibear3gShimmerscale Dragonmancer LegendRelentless Storm0/60Volibear rages, gaining 300/450/800 bonus Health. For the rest of combat, every 3rd attack deals 180/270/360 magic bonus magic damage to the target, and 180/270/360 magic damage to up to 3/4/5 additional enemies.
Xayah4gRagewing SwiftshotFeathers FLY!0/90For 4 seconds Xayah’s attacks also fire a feather for X physical damage (15% Attack Damage %i:scaleAD%), and extra feathers at up to 2/2/3 enemies near her target. Feathers are left behind her targets.

At the end of this duration Xayah recalls her feathers. Each one deals X physical damage (35% Attack Damage + 10/15/30) to enemies hit.
Tahm Kench1gRevel BruiserThick Skin60/120Tahm Kench shields himself for 150/300/450 + 15% maximum Health for 5 seconds. While the shield holds enemioes that damage him take 25/35/45 magic damage, up to once every 3 seconds.
Yasuo5gMirage Dragonmancer WarriorSweeping Blade0/25Yasuo shields himself for 175/250/2000 for 125/150/200% second and dashes through his target, slashing nearby enemies for X physical damage (0% Attack Damage).

Every third cast his slash deals triple damage, hits a larger area, and knocks up enemies for seconds. If Yasuo hits only the last enemy left alive, he repeatedly slashes them until they die.
Yone2gMirage WarriorWay of the Hunter0/0Passive: Yone’s basic attacks alternate between dealing 30/60/90 bonus magic damage and dealing X bonus physical damage (30%/35%/40%% of his Attack Damage).
Zoe5gShimmerscale Spell-Thief MageNothing!0/80Zoe doesn’t have her own spell. As a Spell Thief, she will borrow spells from other dimensions during combat and cast them as if they were her own.

System Changes

Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed

Augments now appear at 2-1, 3-2, 4-2.

You may now reroll your current selection of Augments ONCE per game

New Augment ‘baseline’ is Tier 2 (Gold) Augments. This means most games you will get Tier 2 Augments, and sometimes you get stronger ones (Tier 3 Prismatic) or weaker ones (Tier 1 Silver)

4-7 Minion Round now replaced with Dragon’s Treasure.

Contains a set of loot (often 5 options), and you must either refresh the options for 1 gold, or Take All.

First two slots are typically item components, 3rd slot a complete item, 4th and 5th slot item component, Gold, or Reforgers, Magnetic Removers, Champion Duplicators, etc.

Neeko’s Help renamed to Champion Duplicator

Dragonlands Augments

Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed

Tier 1

Augment nameDescription
Band of Thieves IGain 1 Thief’s Gloves.
Lategame SpecialistGain 40 gold when you reach Level 9.
Pandora’s BenchGain 5 gold. At the start of every turn, Champions in your 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random Champions of the same cost.
AFKYou cannot perform actions for the next 3 rounds. Afterwards, gain 20 gold.
Combat Training IYour Champions permanently gain 1 Attack Damage every time they kill an enemy unit. Champions start with 2 Attack Damage.
Best Friends IYour units that start combat only adjacent to each other gain 15% Attack Speed and 15 Armor.
Axiom Arc IWhen your units kill an enemy they gain 20 Mana.
PreparationUnits on your bench gain 10 Attack Damage and Ability Damage every round, up to 30.
Big FriendYour units that start combat next to a unit with over 2000 Health take 10% less damage for the rest of combat.
Assassin HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Assassin. Gain a Kayn.
Astral HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Astral. Gain a Nami.
Bruiser HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Bruiser. Gain a Braum.
Cannoneer HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Cannoneer. Gain a Tristana
Cavalier HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Cavalier. Gain a Lillia.
Dragonmancer HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Dragonmancer. Gain an Ashe.
Evoker HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Evoker. Gain a Lulu.
Guardian HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Guardian. Gain a Thresh.
Guild HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Guild. Gain a Twitch.
Jade HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Jade. Gain a Gnar.
Mage HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Mage. Gain a Nami.
Mirage HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Mirage. Gain a Yone.
Mystic HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Mystic. Gain a Nami.
Ragewing HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Ragewing. Gain a Shen.
Revel HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Revel. Gain a Jinx.
Scalescorn HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Scalescorn. Gain a Braum.
Shapeshifter HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Shapeshifter. Gain a Gnar.
Shimmerscale HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Shimmerscale. Gain a Kayn.
Swiftshot HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Swiftshot. Gain a Twitch.
Tempest HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Tempest. Gain a Qiyana.
Warrior HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Warrior. Gain a Yone.
Whispers HeartYour team counts as having 1 additional Whispers. Gain a Thresh.

Tier 2

Augment nameDescription
Rich Get Richer+Gain 15 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7.
Urf’s Grab Bag IGain 1 Spatula and 1 random item component.
Gadget ExpertDirect Damage items deal 40% more damage as true damage. Gain a Statikk Shiv.
Cluttered MindIf your bench is full at the end of a round, gain 5 experience points.
Last StandThe first time you would die, instead drop to 1 Health. After this effect triggers, your units gain 200 Health, 20 Armor and Magic Resist, and 20% Omnivamp.
Better TogetherAura items that buff your team have their effects increased by 33%. Gain a Locket of the Iron Solari.
Combat Training IIYour Champions permanently gain 2 Attack Damage every time they kill an enemy unit. Champions start with 4 Attack Damage.
Best Friends IIYour units that start combat only adjacent to each other gain 25% Attack Speed and 25 Armor.
Axiom Arc IIWhen your units kill an enemy they gain 30 Mana.
Assassin CrestGain an Assassin Emblem and a Kayn.
CutthroatAssassins Mana-Reave the first unit they attack, increasing their maximum Mana by 35% until they cast. Assassins deal 20% more damage against Mana-Reaved targets. Gain a Qiyana.
Astral CrestGain a Astral Emblem and a Nami.
Intercosmic GiftsAstral Orbs have a 50% chance to spawn a smaller orb that contains bonus loot. Gain a Nami.
Bruiser CrestGain a Bruiser Emblem and a Taric.
Personal TrainingAt the end of combat, Champions that started combat adjacent to Bruiser permanently gain 30 Health, increased by 20 if they survived. Gain a Shen.
Titanic StrengthBruisers gain 2% of their Health as Attack Damage. Gain a Tahm Kench.
Cannoneer CrestGain a Cannoneer Emblem and a Jinx.
RicochetCannoneer’s cannon shots bounce once, dealing 50% less damage. Gain a Tristana.
Hot ShotCannoneer’s cannon shots burn their targets, dealing 8% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage over 4 seconds, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration of the burn. Gain a Tristana.
Cavalier CrestGain a Cavalier Emblem and a Sejuani.
Devastating ChargeCavalier’s first attack after charging deals 90 magic damage, increased by 1% for each Armor and Magic Resist they have. Gain a Lillia.
Dragon AllianceThe Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 30 Armor and Magic Resist. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.
Dragon HordeThe Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 15 Attack Damage and Ability Power. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.
InspireWhen the Dragonmancer Hero gets a takedown, champions that share a trait with the Dragonmancer Hero gain 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Gain a Ashe.
Dragonmancer CrestGain a Dragonmancer Emblem and an Ashe.
Evoker CrestGain an Evoker Emblem and a Lulu.
Essence TheftEvoker’s attacks steal 5 Mana from their target. Gain a Lulu.
Guardian CrestGain a Guardian Emblem and a Braum.
Heroic PresenceGuardians taunt all enemies every 2 seconds. Enemies that attack a Guardian’s shield take magic damage equal to 8% of the shielded unit’s max Health (up to once per second). Gain a Thresh.
Guild CrestGain a Guild Emblem and a Twitch.
Loot MasterGain a random component every 4 combat rounds when you have at least Guild (2) active. Gain a Twitch.
Gear UpgradesGuild champions holding an item gain 25 Armor and another 200% of their Guild bonus. Gain a Twitch.
Jade CrestGain a Jade Emblem and a Ashe.
Eternal ProtectionWhen one of your Jade champions would die, the nearest Jade Statue protects them, losing 70% of its max Health and transferring 200% of that amount to the champion.. Gain an Ashe.
PenitenceEnemies are disarmed for 2.5 seconds the first time they attack a Jade Statue or are damaged by a Jade Statue’s explosion. Gain a Gnar.
Mage CrestGain a Mage Emblem and a Vladimir.
Mage ConferenceWhile the Mage trait is active, a random Mage portals onto your bench after combat with a player. Gain a Lillia.
Mirage CrestGain a Mirage Emblem and a Nunu.
HallucinateMirage champions take 90% less damage for the first 5 seconds of combat. Gain a Yone.
Ragewing CrestGain a Ragewing Emblem and a Shen.
ScorchEvery 5th instance of Ragewing champion’s damage deals 25% more damage and is converted to true damage. Gain a Kayn.
TantrumAfter casting their first Ability, Ragewings restore 100% of their maximum Rage.
Revel CrestGain a Revel Emblem and a Jinx.
Party FavorsGain 1 gold for every 6 firecrackers launched by Revel champions each combat. Additionally, gain a special prize the first time 100 total firecrackers are launched. Gain a Jinx.
Party Time!After Revels score a takedown, they gain 60% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Gain a Jinx.
Scalescorn CrestGain a Scalescorn Emblem and a Braum.
NomadsScalescorns gain 10% damage every time they start combat in a new hex, up to 30%. Gain a Lillia.
Beast’s DenUnits that start combat next to at least 2 Shapeshifters gain 35% Attack Speed and Move Speed. Shapeshifters always gain this bonus. Gain a Gnar.
Shimmerscale CrestGain a Shimmerscale Emblem and a Kayn.
Reckless SpendingIf you purchase both XP and a Shop Refresh during the Planning Phase, Shimmerscale champions gain 30% damage for the next combat phase. Gain a Kayn.
Swiftshot CrestGain a Swiftshot Emblem and a Ashe.
Press the AttackYour Swiftshots’ attacks apply a stack on their target for 5 seconds. Every third stack consumes all stacks to deal true damage equal to 5% of the target’s maximum Health. Gain a Twitch.
Tempest CrestGain a Tempest Emblem and a Qiyana.
Eye of the StormAt the start of combat, the unit in the center of the board gains 50 Ability Power, increased to 150 after Tempest lightning strikes. Gain a Qiyana.
Secret SnaxTrainers have a 33% chance to secretly feed their dragonling bonus Snax. Gain a Tristana.
Warrior CrestGain a Warrior Emblem and a Shen.
TiamatWarrior’s additional attacks deal 50% of their damage to enemies in a 1-hex area around their target. Gain a Yone.
Whispers CrestGain a Whispers Emblem and a Thresh.
Twilight UmbrageUnits that start combat next to Whispers are stealthed for 5 seconds.

Tier 3

Urf’s Grab Bag IIGain 1 Spatula and 3 random item components.
Living ForgeGain a random Ornn item now and after every 10 player combats.
Ancient Archives IIGain 2 Tome of Traits.
Cruel PactBuying XP costs 3 Health instead of gold.
Think FastShop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain 8 gold.
Cursed CrownGain +2 maximum team size, but take 100% increased player damage.
Combat Training IIIYour Champions permanently gain 3 Attack Damage every time they kill an enemy unit. Champions start with 6 Attack Damage.
Best Friends IIIYour units that start combat only adjacent to each other gain 35% Attack Speed and 35 Armor.
Assassin CrownGain an Assassin Emblem, an Infinity Edge, and a Diana.
Astral CrownYour team counts as having 1 additional Astral. Gain a Redemption and a Varus.
Bruiser CrownGain a Bruiser Emblem, a Redemption, and an Illaoi.
Cannoneer CrownGain a Cannoneer Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Tristana.
Cavalier UnityThe Cavalier trait grants its bonuses to all of your Champions. This does not increase your number of Cavaliers. Gain a Sejuani.
Cavalier CrownGain a Cavalier Emblem, a Redemption, and a Nunu.
Dragonmancer SoulGain a Dragonmancer Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Lee Sin.
Evoker CrownGain an Evoker Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and an Anivia.
Guardian CrownGain a Guardian Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and a Braum.
Guild CrownGain a Guild Emblem, a Giant Slayer and a Ryze.
Jade CrownYour team counts as having 1 additional Jade. Gain an Ionic Spark and a Gnar.
Mage CrownGain a Mage Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and a Ryze.
Mirage CrownGain a Mirage Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Nunu.
Mystic SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Mystic. Gain a Spear of Shojin and a Lulu.
Ragewing CrownGain a Ragewing Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Swain.
Revel CrownGain a Revel Emblem, a Statikk Shiv, and a Jinx.
Scalescorn CrownGain a Scalescorn Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Diana.
Shapeshifter SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Shapeshifter. Gain a Hand of Justice and an Elise.
Shimmerscale SoulYour team counts as having 1 additional Shimmerscale. Gain a Titan’s Resolve and a Kayn.
Swiftshot CrownGain a Swiftshot Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Varus.
Tempest CrownGain a Tempest Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Lee Sin.
Warrior CrownGain a Warrior Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and an Olaf.
Whispers CrownGain a Whispers Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and an Elise.

Set 7 Cheat Sheet

Set 7 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed