Set 7.5 for Teamfight Tactics Revealed

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Set 7.5 for Teamfight Tactics: Uncharted Lands. We have the full list of new Augments, Traits, and brand new champions.

System Changes
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DarkflightThe unit in the Darkflight hex is sacrificed at start of combat, granting a copy of a random item they have to each Darkflight champion, and bonus health to each.
Emblems and non-craftable items are corrupted when they’re copied, instead becoming Darkflight Essence.
2g Aphelios, 2g Rell, 3g Rengar, 7g Swain Dragon Tyrant
LagoonLagoon units gain bonus Ability Power and Attack Speed. A Seastone appears on the board that grants loot as Lagoon units cast Abilities over time.1g Malphite, 1g Taliyah, 2g Kai’sa, 2g Zac, 3g Seraphine, 3g Zeri, 4g Nilah, 7g Sohm
MonolithMonoliths create 3 hexes on the battlefield. Units standing in the hex at the start of combat gain 15% damage reduction.8g Terra
ProdigyNomsy gains a random trait each game. She summons a former Trainer to aid her in battle, who also gains this trait.
Trainers’ Ability Power is always equal to Nomsy’s Ability Power. When Nomsy dies, Trainers gain 100% Attack Speed.
6g Nomsy

Reworked Traits

AstralAfter each player combat, gain an Astral Orb. The combined star level of your Astral champions increases the quality of the orb.

Astral champions gains bonus Ability Power.
1g Nidalee, 1g Skarner, 1g Vladimir, 2g Lux, 3g Varus, 8g Aurelion Sol
DragonInnate: Require 2 team slots.

Dragons provide +3 to the marked trait, and gain additional bonuses based on how many Dragons are on your team.

(1) 500 bonus Health
(2) and 20 Armor and Magic Resist
(3) and 10% bonus damage
(4) and +1 to team size
(5) and 10% Attack Speed
6g Nomsy, 6g Zippy, 7g Daeja, 7g Idas, 7g Shi Oh Yu, 7g Sy’fen, 7g Swain Dragon Tyrant, 7g Sohm, 8g Aurelion Sol, 8g Ao Shin, 8g Shyvana, 8g Terra

Removed: Revel, Legend, Trainer


UnitTierTraitAbility NameDescription
Aphelios2gDarkflight, CannoneerBinding EclipseAphelios uses his Infernum cannon to blast [v1] bolts in a cone towards his target, each dealing [v2] physical damage (259/270/279% Attack Damage ) to the first enemy hit. Enemies can only take damage from one bolt. Then he uses his Gravitum cannon to stun all enemies hit for 1/1.5/2 seconds.
Graves4gTempest, CannoneerQuickdrawPassive: Graves’ attacks spread in a cone of 4 bullets in front of him, each striking the first enemy hit for 80/85/300% of his Attack Damage (damage per bullet: [v1]).

Active: Graves dashes towards his target, quickly fires two attacks, and grants himself [v2] Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.
Jax2gJade, Shimmerscale, BruiserCounter StrikeJax dodges all incoming attacks for 2 seconds, then strikes all nearby enemies, dealing [v1] magic damage and stunning them for 1/1.2/1.5 seconds.
Jayce4gGuild, ShapeshifterMercurial JusticeJayce transforms to his melee form, replacing his Ability with Mercury Judgement. He then slams the ground around his target, dealing [v1] magic damage and knocking up enemies for 1.5 seconds in a large area.

Mercury Judgement: Leaps into the air, gaining 250/350/800 and an additional 100 health shield per nearby enemy for 3 seconds, then smashes the ground, dealing [v2] damage in a large area.
Kai’sa2gLagoon, DragonmancerTidal BurstKai’sa fires 4 missiles split between her target and up to 2 other targets within her attack range that each deal [v1] magic damage. This increases by 2 missiles each cast, up to 12. When at maximum missiles, each missiles deals 10% more damage.
Lux2gAstral, MageCosmic SparkLux fires a star towards the farthest enemy, dealing [v1] magic damage to the first enemy struck, and [v2] magic damage to subsequent enemies.
Malphite1gLagoon, BruiserCoral ShieldMalphite shields himself for [v1] ([v2] + 10% maximum health) for 5 seconds.
Nasus1gShimmerscale, GuardianFury of the DawnNasus surrounds himself in light for 6 seconds, gaining 350/550/750 maximum health and dealing [v1] magic damage to adjacent enemies every second.
Nilah4gLagoon, AssassinSlipstreamNilah cracks her whip-blade at her target, dashing through them and dealing [v1] physical damage (185/225/400% Attack Damage [v2]). If this does damage to a shield, she steals 80/100/300% of the damage she deals to it. If her target is shielded or killed, she instantly recasts.
Nomsy3 (6g)Prodigy, Dragon, MageFireballs!Nomsy bellows, lobbing a massive fireball towards her current target that explodes on impact, dealing [v1] magic damage to enemies within 1 hex, and bouncing additional fireballs outward that deal 50/60/69% of the damage.
Nomsy3 (6g)Prodigy, Dragon, CannoneerFireballs!Nomsy bellows, lobbing a massive fireball towards her current target that explodes on impact, dealing [v1] magic damage to enemies within 1 hex, and bouncing additional fireballs outward that deal 50/60/69% of the damage.
Nomsy3 (6g)Prodigy, Dragon, EvokerFireballs!Nomsy bellows, lobbing a massive fireball towards her current target that explodes on impact, dealing [v1] magic damage to enemies within 1 hex, and bouncing additional fireballs outward that deal 50/60/69% of the damage.
Pantheon4gWhispers, WarriorAegis AssaultPassive: Pantheon takes 20/25/40% less damage.

Active: Pantheon braces his shield for 2 seconds, doubling the effectiveness of his passive and dealing [v1] physical damage (300% Attack Damage [v2]) in the area in front of him over the duration. Enemies hit have their incoming healing reduced by 50% for 3 seconds.
Rakan3gRagewing, Guardian, MysticDisarming DiversionRakan dashes to the furthest enemy within his attack range, disarming all units he passes through for 1.2/1.5/2 seconds, and taunting his target.

Then for 4 seconds, Rakan creates a shield with [v1] health on himself and his attacks grant him an additional [v2] health shield.
Rell2gDarkflight, CavalierIron BondRell forms a tether between herself and her lowest percent health ally, dealing [v1] magic damage to all enemies between herself and her bound ally. She also grants herself and her bound ally 50/70/100% of Rell’s current Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.
Rengar3gDarkflight, AssassinUnseen PredatorRengar leaps to the lowest armor enemy, dealing [v1] physical damage (270/280/290% Attack Damage plus [v2]) and gaining [v3] Attack Speed for 1 seconds.
Seraphine3gLagoon, Evoker, MysticSerenade of the SeasSeraphine sings a serenade of the seas, granting a [v1] shield and [v2] magic damage on attacks to all allies within 2 hexes for 5 seconds.
Sohm4 (7g)Lagoon, Mage, DragonTideblossomSohm sends out a tide to an unmarked target, marking them with a Tideblossom and dealing [v1] magic damage to enemies along the way. Tideblossoms transfer to a nearby target if the enemy dies.

After 3 casts, his next cast instead summons a vortex under each Tideblossom, dealing [v2] magic damage to enemies in the area.
Swain, Dragon Tyrant4 (7g)Darkflight, DragonDragon Master’s DecreeSwain releases his dragonling flock, launching 8 dragonlings toward nearby enemies that each deal [v1] magic damage to their target, then return to Swain and heal him for 9% of his missing Health.
Taliyah1gLagoon, MageFlowing VolleyTaliyah throws 3 seastones at her target, each dealing [v1] to the first enemy hit.
Terra5 (8g)Monolith, DragonEarthquakeTerra stomps three times causing an earthquake around them, dealing [v1] physical damage (150/250/4000% of their combined Armor and Magic Resist plus 200% of their Attack Damage.) At the end of the earthquake Terra’s scales are hardened for 8 seconds, granting [v2] Armor and Magic Resist.
Wukong1gJade, WarriorCrushing BlowWukong slams his target with his staff, dealing [v1] physical damage (160/179/200% Attack Damage plus [v2]) and stunning them for 1/1.2/1.5 seconds.
Zac2gLagoon, GuardianUnstable CurrentZac explodes outward towards enemies within 2 hexes, dealing [v1] of their maximum Health as magic damage and healing himself for [v2].
Zeri3gLagoon, CannoneerWatershock LaserZeri fires a water pulse filled with electricity at the closest enemy within 2 hexes, otherwise at the enemy that is closest to the center of the board. The pulse explodes on contact, dealing [v1] (110/114/120% Attack Damage ) physical damage and creating a laser behind the target that deals [v2] magic damage to all enemies hit.
Zippy3 (6g)Guild, DragonSomersault AssaultZippy shields himself for [v1] for 3 seconds and somersaults toward the highest percent health enemy, dealing [v2] physical damage (350/400/450% Attack Damage ) and knocking them back slightly.
Zyra2gWhispers, EvokerGrasping SpinesZyra summons vines in the row with the most enemies, dealing [v1] magic damage and stunning them for 1/1.2/1.5 seconds.

Removed Champions:

Heimerdinger, Tristana, Lulu –> Now part of Prodigy
Swain –> New 7g Swain
Tahm Kench, Jinx, Corki, Sona
Anivia, Ornn
Aatrox, Taric, Ashe, Thresh, Shen, Kayn, Nami, Elise, Illaoi, Ryze, Neeko, Talon, Pyke

System Changes

2 New Treasure Dragons!

There is now a Chaos Dragon Treasure and a Radiant Dragon Treasure

Chaos can give all sorts of rewards–big or small!

Radiant gives a Radiant item along with random loot like the normal one

Normal Dragon Treasures still appear around 40% of the time

Item Changes

Frozen Heart = Removed and now builds Fimbulwinter


Grant 15 bonus starting Mana.

Once per combat: At 50% Health, allies within 3 hexes gain a 20% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 3 seconds. Shielded allies gain 30 Armor and 30 Magic Resist for the rest of combat.

​​[Aura item]

Spear of Shojin:

Grant 30 bonus Ability Power. Attacks restore 5 additional Mana.

New Uncharted Realms Augments

Augment nameTierDescription
Lagoon HeartT1Your team counts as having 1 additional Lagoon. Gain a Kai’Sa.
Darkflight HeartT1Your team counts as having 1 additional Darkflight. Gain an Aphelios.
Soul SiphonT1Darkflights benefit from the top-most trait of the sacrificed unit. This does not increase the trait count for that trait.
ConsistencyT2Gain double streak gold.
Birthday PresentT2Gain a 2-star champion every time you level up. The champion’s tier is your level minus 4 (min: Tier 1).
Scoped Weapons IT2Your units that start combat in the back 2 rows gain +2 Attack Range and 15% Attack Speed.
Protectors of the CosmosT2Combat start: Your team gains a 30 Health shield for every item component equipped on an Astral Champion, including those that are part of a full item. Gain a Lux.
Darkflight CrestT2Gain a Darkflight Emblem and a Rell.
Dragon ImperialistT2If you only have 1 Dragon, Dragons execute enemies they damage who are below 25% Health. Gain a Nomsy.
Dragonmancer ConferenceT2After combat with a player, a random Dragonmancer appears on your bench. Gain a Kai’sa.
Hero-In-TrainingT2The Dragonmancer nearest to the Dragonmancer Hero gains 50% of the Dragonmancer trait’s bonuses. Gain a Sett.
Lagoon CrestT2Gain a Lagoon Emblem and a Zac.
High TideT2Until they cast 2 times, Lagoon champions have 30% reduced Attack Speed but gain 12 Mana per second. Gain a Kai’sa.
OasisT2When Lagoon champions gain a shield, they remove all negative effects on themselves and heal for 20% of their missing Health.
Essence TheftT2Mages’ attacks drain 8 Mana from their target and gain half of the drained Mana. Gain a Lux.
Base CampT2Scalescorns gain 8% damage each time they start combat in the same hex, stacking up to 4 times. Gain a Lillia.
TerrifyT2Your units take 15% less damage from enemies shrunken by Whispers champions. Gain a Sylas.
Lucky GlovesT3Thief’s Gloves will always give your champions items that they can use well. Gain a Thief’s Gloves.
Woodland CharmT3Your highest Health champion is cloned. Clones cannot hold items.
Scoped Weapons IIT3Your units that start combat in the back 2 rows gain infinite Attack Range and 25% Attack Speed.
Part-Time AssassinsT3The Assassin trait grants its bonuses to your champions that start combat in the back 2 rows. This does not increase your number of Assassins. Gain a Kayn.
Darkflight CrownT3Gain a Darkflight Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and an Rengar.
Age of DragonsT3If you only have Dragons, every 5th attack from a Dragon fires a Dragonsoul blast that deals magic damage equal to 15% of their target’s max Health. Gain a Nomsy, Zippy, and a random Tier 4 Dragon.
Dragon SoulT3Your team counts as having 1 additional Dragon. Gain a Zippy.
Lagoon CrownT3Gain a Lagoon Emblem, a Spear of Shojin and a Zeri.
Ragewing SoulT3Your team counts as having 1 additional Ragewing. Gain a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and a Rakan.

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