Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5

Hi, I’m DQA_TFT, a 17 Y.O. TFT Player who has been a challenger every set and peaked Rank 1 in set 4 and 4.5 at over 1900 LP. Additionally, I placed third at the North American Teamfight Tactics Regional Qualifier. Then, I continued on to place 9th overall at the world championship. I also stream daily at and offer coaching through my discord at

Sett Comp Guide

Reroll is currently dominating the meta, and this comp is one of the ones which can quickly change the pace of the lobby. By hitting Sett 3 star and maintaining strong econ through playing draconic, you can often take over a lobby as your Sett obliterates backline and then pivoting into an HIV (Heimer, Ivern, Volibear) DPS source late game.  Right now they are S Tier on the Tier List.

Leveling Pattern:

A typical game would look something like:

  • Level 4: 2-1
  • Level 5: 2-5 (latest you should be making the first 10g)
  • Level 6: 3-2 (roll for 4 brawler 3 draconic here, if not already acquired)
  • Level 7-9: Slow level to 9 as soon as you have Sett 3 (roll down as necessary on level 7 or 8 depending on how healthy you are/how much econ you have)


  • You can roll on 6
  • Very easy to get online
  • Straightforward and easy to play (always brawlers and draconic)
  • Strong burst
  • Does well into all squishy comps other than assassins with proper positioning


  • Weak when contested (cannot support more than 2 people per lobby)
  • Almost always requires perfect or near perfect items
  • Not many outs if you miss. 

Item Guide

Notes on Shadow Items

In this set, shadow items are here, and with them, the amount of items we can potentially make have now doubled. I will denote shadow items with a [S] in front for clarity in this guide.

Sett Items

Best in Slot Items:

Ideally, you make shadow Infinity Edge, Titans Resolve, and Bloodthirster for this comp to function. However, you can get away with replacing some of them with items like Deathblade, Shadow Hand of Justice, and Giantslayer.

Other Items:

Additionally, redemption on Nunu is a big priority because the damage reduction and healing are amplified on brawlers due to their effective HP. Other items that can be made include [S] Locket and other support and utility for your Sett. Additionally, you can make AP items in hopes of transferring to Teemo or Heimerdinger as a backline unit late game if you are highrolling. 

Carousel Priority

Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5

Sword > Glove > Chain. However, all of these openers are very flexible, and you can easily pivot into other comps with these openers. 

Early Game (Stage 1 and 2)

I like to play the strongest board, oftentimes picking up a Dawnbringer, Brawler, or Draconic opener. Pushing leveling helps you hit Draconic as both Ashe and Zyra are higher cost. The earlier you can get Draconic the better. Even if items are very bad from the opener, still try to win streak if you think you can play Sett because Sett is simply a venue to get to level 9 and will likely not be your only carry for the duration of the entire game. From a low roll opener, I will oftentimes roll down on 3-2 for 4 Brawler 3 Draconic with a few 2-star units until I am stable. This is to try to preserve as much HP as possible because you want to have some HP to sack to level 9 later in the game and buy Teemo. 

Sample Highroll Early Game boards:

Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5
Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5

Mid Game (Stage 3 and 4)

Roll down on 3-2 for 4 Brawler 3 Draconic if you do not already have it. Alternatively, if you think you are already stable, simply econ above 50 gold. Once above 50 gold, slow roll until you have Sett 3. I do not always go for Ashe and Zyra and oftentimes think that they are a bait and will sell them for economy to try to push levels quicker. However, if I hit a lot of Nunus or the other Brawlers, I think they are very strong units and would like to get them to 3 stars as often as I can. 

Sample 3-2 Board:

Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5

Late Game (Stage 5 and beyond)

After hitting Sett 3, start slow leveling to level 9. Oftentimes, I like to aim for level 9 on 5-5 or 6-1 or 6-2. I like playing Mystics or other strong units on the way there. Verdant is often a fake trait but playing it in Sett actually has value sometimes. I often keep Ashe and Zyra as a venue for econ until I actually make it to level 9 or if I think that I have to roll on 8, then I sell them. If I do not think I can make it to level 9 without dying, I will simply roll on 8 for Mystics, strong units like Volibear and Ivern, Teemo, and Heimerdinger.

Sample Late Game Boards:

Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5
Reroll Sett Draconic Guide for Set 5

Positioning Considerations

Backline is very fake in this comp, and the only thing you should be really looking out for is your Sett positioning. You always want Sett in the top left or the top right, on the same side as the opponents backline carries, with all of the brawlers adjacent to Sett, and Nunu right next to him due to often having support/Redemption on him. 


Sett is countered by Cavaliers because they are often too tanky for him to shred through at 3 star with Bramblevest. Additionally, he can be countered by assassins because they will approach him from behind, and he will not get good angles to ult from. 


  • Positioning is key, so scout to get Sett the best angle possible
  • Going fast 9 is crucial for winning games with this comp, so try to hit Sett 3 as early as possible with as much econ as you can, thus enabling yourself to get to level 9 as fast as possible.