Patch 11.5 Preview from Riot Mort

All changes are tentative and subject to change. Source:,

New patch, lots of changes.  Keep in mind, this is just a preview.  Official patch notes comes out on Tuesday.  Goes to Live servers on Wednesday March 3

System Changes

  • TFT Debuff Overhaul
    • Most debuffs in TFT are now part of a shared system, similar to how Grievous Wounds and Attack Speed slows have worked. If an effect applies a common debuff, it will not stack multiplicatively with weaker, stronger, or the same effect.
    • For example: If two 1-Star Vi apply a 40% Armor Shred on a single target, only 40% Armor will be shred. However, if a 1-Star Vi applies a 40% Armor Shred, and a 3-Star Vi applies an 80% Armor Shred, the strongest version of this effect will take priority, with the weaker version running in the background silently.
    • This includes the Armor Shreds from multiple sources. For example, 60% from Vi and 80% from Last Whisper.

Champ Changes – 2 Cost

  • Janna
    • 250/300/400 -> 250/275/350 Shield
  • Lulu
    • 80/150 -> 75/140 Mana

Champ Changes – 3 Cost

  • Veigar
    • 450/600/900 -> 500/650/1000 Spell Damage

Champ Changes – 4 Cost

  • Aurelion Sol
    • Aurelion Sol with Mage trait now casts his second cast .1 seconds later. This is related to the Trap Claw interaction
  • Morgana
    • Removed the Magic Shred from her tooltip. This hasn’t worked all of Festival of Beasts

Champ Changes – 5 Cost

  • Samira
    • 50/60/80% -> 30/40/60% Spell AD%
    • 0/0/0 -> 15/25/40 Spell Damage Inferno Trigger now deals base physical damage in addition to a % of her AD
  • Yone
    • 0/20 -> 0/10 Unforgotten Mana
  • Swain
    • 25% -> 30% Burn Damage over 10 seconds

Item Changes

  • Deathblade
    • 4 -> 3 Starting Stacks
  • Statikk Shiv
    • 60 -> 65 Damage
  • Trap Claw
    • Trap Claw’s missle now travels significantly faster
  • Morellonomicon
    • 25% -> 30% Burn Damage over 10 seconds
  • Sunfire Cape
    • 2.5 -> 2 second Burn Cadence
    • 25% -> 20% Burn Damage over 10 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Jarvan IV now correctly casts his spell when re-casting on the same target with Mage Cap
  • When multiple copies of Kalista are on the board, they will no longer fail to execute a target if the Kalista that landed the first spear dies
  • Fixed a bug where Galio would sometimes not land on the largest cluster. This most commonly happened when a target was pulled by Aatrox — he would determine that the target would be pulled into a large cluster and choose to land on that target, but if Aatrox’s animation wasn’t finished he would pick the target’s starting position as his landing spot and not land on the large cluster
  • Fixed a bug where Tryndamere’s Spinning Slash damage could benefit from the basic attack damage bonus
  • Fixed a bug where Runaan’s Hurricane was consuming a stack of Tryndamere’s Spinning Slash attack damage bonus to deal bonus damage
  • Fixed Choncc’s Audio