Meta Snapshot 10.5 – The Last Push

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Meta Snapshot Summary

This is the final patch for Set 2, so be sure to get your Set Pass completed along with getting to the rank you were aiming for!  Main change is the rise of Zed.  Shadows are not performing so well.


Carousel Item Priority

Higher Priority Items

Lower Priority Items


best carousel items TFT Teamfight tactics
Rod makes all the good early game items. Armor is essential for tank items. Just avoid Belt/Negatron

Item Quadrant

The closer to the Top Right, the better and more versatile the item is. Avoid items on Bottom Left if possible.

Strength (y-axis) is based on how effective an item is in the situations where it is most used.  Items that are strong at all stages of the game are listed higher.

Versatility (x-axis) is based on both the number of Compositions an item fits in and Champions an item is used on.  Versatility is also how often you could build an item.

TFT Items Tier List Quadrant Rank 10.3 best items
Changes: Redemption is very good due to popularity of Zed. Bramblevest is the best item since it is the best tank item for every composition. Shojin, IE, RFC are all lower in popularity.

TFT Compositions Tier List


I scout the Top 10 players in all major regions and analyze what they play and how they play each composition.  Tiers are determined by what I think will get you the highest average rank.  This means that while one composition might be super strong late game, it may be difficult to acquire, so it may not be S-Tier.  For example, it is difficult to win with Berserkers, but extremely easy to Top 4, which makes them S-Tier.  Rankings within a tier are very close together.  Always try to play with what makes sense for every game, and adapt to your lobbies with proper tech choices.

Lux is not included in any of the comps due to rarity and power differences between each Lux for each comp.

DifficultyItem Dependency, and Variance are listed.  Difficulty is how hard the composition is to play.  Difficulty does not factor into the strength or viability of the composition but serves as a factor for new players.  Item dependency is how important specific items are to the composition.  Variance is the approximate placement range of the composition.  For example, a consistent Top 4 composition has low variance.  A composition that either places 1st or 8th has a high variance. If I mention that a composition is Forcible, it means that you can play this comp every game.

Tier placement assumes strong play.  Refer to Difficulty metric before attempting to play.

S-Tier: Highly Flexible or Very Strong

Summoner Assassins

Teamfight Tactics Tier List 10.3 Summoner Assassin Sum Sin
Khazix stacking is looking better since the Azir nerfs. Janna is the best Mystic to pair with Karma because she can heal the Zed clones.

Difficulty: High
Item Dependency: High
Variance: Medium

This is the base build with 3 Summoners and 3 Assassins. Difficult composition to play due to champion flexibility. Add in defensive/support champions to fill out remaining champion slots such as Mystic, Warden, Electric, or whatever Qiyana is. Sometimes you don’t run 3 Assassins, sometimes you don’t run 3 Summoners. Sometimes you just play Zed 2 + 7 support units.  Sometimes you have Khazix carry, sometimes you have Azir carry.  If you are lucky, you can get a Zed 2* carry. 

Annie is useful early game if you want 3 Summoners, but keep her at level 1 and replace with Yorick or transition out of Summoners.

Berserker – FORCIBLE

TFT Tier List 10.5 Berserker Poison Desert
The best build is just going for 2nd Olaf. Zeke’s and Locket is still necessary early game. Adding in Karma is nice as well for one of your Olafs. If you do not run Desert, Last Whisper is mandatory. You can transition with 4 Glacial such as Braum, Ezreal, Volibear, Warwick, and use Warwick as an Item Holder for Olaf. This comp would be better if it wasn’t so contested.

Difficulty: Low
Item Dependency: Medium
Variance: High

Use Lockets and Zekes to carry the early game and transition with Olaf Items for strong late game. If you do not get proper Olaf items, make more Locket and Zeke’s to win the mid game. Locket build is not reliant on a big Olaf and you can get average to high placements with it.

Many items work on Olaf in many different combinations.  If you do not have Desert, you will want Last Whisper (Bow + Glove) on Olaf.  Here are some decent items:
S: Last Whisper, RFC, GA
A: Infinity Edge, Hand of Justice, Dragon Claw, Yoummu’s Ghostblade
B: Hush, Bramble Vest, Deathblade, Rageblade, Statikk Shiv, Bloodthirster

Electric Wardens

TFT Tier List Meta Snapshot Electric Wardens Patch 10.4B
New composition. Unsure of how strong this actually is since you NEED Zed. I like running 2 Mystics after I complete 4 Wardens + 3 Electrics. Karma is the best since she buffs Zed, the other Mystic can be anyone.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High

The core of this composition is Zed, Volibear, and Ornn.  Life is tough if you do not hit Zed.  You can run random Wardens as your other Wardens, so just play whoever you can upgrade and is strong.  You can also play some Mystics

Kindred + Variants (Shadow, Inferno, Summoners, others) – FORCIBLE

Teamfight Tactics Tier List 6 Shadow 10.4 Kindred
6 Shadows got nerfed. Good thing there are many different Kindred builds. Now you don’t go too hard for 6 Shadow and play the 3 Inferno or 6 Inferno variants a little more than last patch. I still think 6 Shadow is the strongest variant.

Difficulty: High
Item Dependency: Low
Variance: Low

Base composition is 3 Shadow + 3 Inferno.  Kindred can use any items, so just slap them on her early/mid game.  This base can transition into any variant.

If you get Yi, go 6 Shadow.
Can add Summoners earlier as well via Yorick/Malzahar. Highly Flexible. Kindred 3* is nice for winning.  This composition is difficult to win with, but easy to get 2nd or 3rd.

You do not need optimal items.  Just build anything half decent for Kindred/Sion.  For Kindred, pick either an AD or AP based build, but try not to combine the two.  Don’t be afraid to build B tier items on her if it is early game, but obviously S tier is preferred.

S: Seraphs, Hat, Rageblade, Rapidfire Cannon
A: IE, HoJ, Thieve’s Gloves, Jeweled Gauntlet
B: Statikk Shiv, Locket, Dragon Claw, Trap Claw, Deathblade

A-Tier: Solid Team Comps. Weaker, less flexible, requires more luck than S-Tier

Ranger Warden

Teamfight Tactics Tier List 10.3 Ranger Warden
Tank items are more important than Ranger Items. Stack Singed and Taric. You will need a high health total early game before committing to Rangers. Statikk Shivs are great early.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High

“If you ain’t first, you’re last” -Ricky Bobby.

If you cannot go Poison, do 4 Wardens instead. Ashe just needs two tear items so that she can use her ability right away, so 2 Statik Shivs are enough. After that, itemize a second ranger or your tanks.

Ocean Mages with Wardens

Difficulty: High
Item Dependency: High
Variance: Low

TFT Tier List 10.5 Ocean Mages
Mage Spatula is very nice. If you can’t get that, you need to drop down to 3 Mages and go 6 Ocean with Lux or on Ocean Map with QIyana. Alternatively, you can just run Mystics or Wardens with 3 Mages

Predators with or without Hyper Roll

TFT Tier List 10.2 Hyper Roll Predators
3 Star Priority is for Kog’Maw. If he isn’t showing up, don’t hyper roll for him. Use 3 Predators, not 4. You only really need Kogmaw, the other 2 Predators can be any of them (Warwick, Skarner, Rek’sai). Complement with Poison and either Crystal, Glacial, or Steel.

Difficulty: Low
Item Dependency: High
Variance: High

B-Tier: Playable, but not Preferred. Comps could also be untested.

Blademaster Mystic

Teamfight Tactics Tier List 10.4 Blademaster yasuo
You really only want to use this composition if you have BM Spatula for Azir. You can choose to stack Azir or stack Yasuo. If you want to try to win, stack Azir. If you are only trying to Top 4, stack Yasuo.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: Medium

This composition is really strong with Blademaster Spatula because of how strong Azir is.  Yasuo stacking is a cheesy strategy, but works really well if you are below Master tier.  It doesn’t work well if you are above Master tier because it is easily countered.  Here is how to Counter Yasuo


TFT Tier List 10.4b Standard Lights
Lucian is the main carry again. You do not need to have Senna in this composition, but she is still strong if you have room.

Difficulty: Medium
Item Dependency: High
Variance: Medium

This composition is only dependent on Yorick 2* with Guardian Angel + 2 random items.  Lucian or Vayne carry work depending on the patch.  Aatrox isn’t terrible as a 3rd item holder after Lucian/Vayne and Yorick.  Works really well with Light Spatula item (Spatula + Cloak).

C-Tier and Below: These are compositions that are weak, but if they are given to you, you might be forced to play them. I may also use this section as an archive of out of meta compositions for reference.

Husband and Wife – 6 Light + Senna – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Meta Tier List 10.3 Lights Husband Wife
While a strong composition, this is highly item dependent. You NEED Guardian Angel on Senna. Morello is great to have on her as well. Lucian NEEDS some sort of damage item, but many work. The best are either Jeweled Gauntlet or Giantslayer as the primary item. The secondary item must complement the first carry item for Lucian. Hush is useful as well, and in the worst case scenario, build Titanic Hydra on him.

Hyper Roll Lights – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List 10.2 Hyper Roll Lights
Highly dependent on Vayne items. Get Leona, Nasus, Vayne to 3*. Yorick/Aatrox secondary carries. If you do not hit Vayne 3*, swap into a Lucian/Senna build with Lights.

6 Assassin 4 Desert – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List Meta Comps 10.2 6 Assassin Desert
New composition from 10.2 buffs to Desert and Assassins. Reliant on Khazix items. QSS is very important. Use Diana as an item holder.

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