Meta Snapshot 10.2 MID PATCH UPDATE


Carousel Item Priority

Higher Priority Items

Lower Priority Items


best carousel items TFT Teamfight tactics
Rod is incredible for snowballing early game. Bow/Sword/Gloves are very close to equal. Armor is by far the best defensive item due to building Locket and GA.

Item Quadrant

Strength is based on how effective they are in the situations where they are most used.  Items that are strong at all stages of the game are listed higher.

Versatility is based on both Compositions they fit in and Champions.  Can also be considered how often you would build them.

TFT Items Tier List Quadrant Rank
HoJ, RFC, Bramble Vest, Locket are stronger than I thought. Red Buff, Giant Slayer, BM Spat are weaker than I thought.


Tiers are determined by what I think will get you the highest average rank.  This means that while one composition might be super strong late game, it may be difficult to acquire, so it may not be S-Tier.  For example, it is difficult to win with Berserkers, but extremely easy to Top 4, which makes them S-Tier.  Rankings within a tier are very close together.  Always try to play with what makes sense for every game, and adapt to your lobbies with proper tech choices.

Difficulty and Item Dependency are listed.  Difficulty is how hard the composition is to play.  Difficulty does not factor into the strength or viability of the composition but serves as a factor for new players.  Tiers are created assuming strong play.

S-Tier: Highly Flexible or Very Strong

Inferno Shadow – Difficulty: High. Item Dependency: Low.​

Teamfight Tactics Tier List Inferno Shadow
S rank due to flexibility. 6 Inferno build is looking like the strongest variant. Kindred can use any items, so just slap them on her early/mid game. If you have Yi 2*, add BM.
Can add Summoners earlier as well via Yorick/Malzahar. Highly Flexible. Kindred 3* is preferred. This composition is really difficult to get 1st place with if you keep Kindred as your carry, but 3rd and 2nd is quite manageable.
Sion likes mana for CC.

Ranger Warden – Difficulty: Medium. Item Dependency: High.​

Teamfight Tactics Tier List 10.2 Ranger Warden
Use Ashe or Twitch carry, or both! Random defensive items go on Wardens, and QSS is nice for Twitch or Ashe. If you cannot go Poison, do 4 Wardens instead. Ashe just needs two tear items so that she can use her ability right away, so just 2 statik shivs are enough. After that, itemize Twitch and your tanks. Bramble Vest counters Crit teams.

Berserker Poison Desert – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: Medium.

TFT Tier List 10.2 Berserker Poison Desert
Use Lockets and Zekes to carry the early game and transition with Olaf Items for strong late game. If you do not get proper Olaf items, make more Locket and Zeke’s to win the mid game. They are still S-Tier because the Locket build is not reliant on a big Olaf and you get average to high placements with it.

A-Tier: Solid Team Comps. Weaker, less flexible, requires more luck than S-Tier. Any Lux 2* Comp is at least A-Tier

Ocean Mages with Wardens – Difficulty: High. Item Dependency: Low.​

TFT Tier List 10.2 Ocean Mages
Brand can be replaced with Lux if you hit her and you can put Mage Cap on her. Brand needs GA or a different defensive item such as Trap Claw to protect against Assassins.

Lights – Difficulty: Medium. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List 10.2 Standard Lights
This is the best Light build.
No need for hyper roll. Just get GA on Yorick + 2 random items. I like hat or defensive items. Make sure Vayne has at least 1 item, preferably Rageblade. You can transition to Lucian if you get Lucian items.

Hyper Roll Predators – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List 10.2 Hyper Roll Predators
3 Star Priority is for Kog’Maw. Do not stress about Warwick since he can be replaced by Skarner.

B-Tier: Playable, but not Preferred. Comps could also be untested.

Husband and Wife – 6 Light + Senna – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Meta Tier List 10.3 Lights Husband Wife
While a strong composition, this is highly item dependent. You NEED Guardian Angel on Senna. Morello is great to have on her as well. Lucian NEEDS some sort of damage item, but many work. The best are either Jeweled Gauntlet or Giantslayer as the primary item. The secondary item must complement the first carry item for Lucian. Hush is useful as well, and in the worst case scenario, build Titanic Hydra on him.

Hyper Roll Lights – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List 10.2 Hyper Roll Lights
Highly dependent on Vayne items. Get Leona, Nasus, Vayne to 3*. Yorick/Aatrox secondary carries. If you do not hit Vayne 3*, swap into a Lucian/Senna build with Lights.

C-Tier: These are compositions that are weak, but if they are given to you, you might be forced to play them.

Blademaster Mystic – Difficulty: Medium. Item Dependency: High​.

Blademaster Mystic Sivir Azir Tier List Best Comp
Blademaster Spatula is very strong for Azir since it will give you an extra slot for Mystics. Against Physical damage teams, replace Mystics with Wardens. Master Yi can carry if 2*, but make sure he has a QSS if you do.

6 Assassin 4 Desert – Difficulty: Low. Item Dependency: High.​

TFT Tier List Meta Comps 10.2 6 Assassin Desert
New composition from 10.2 buffs to Desert and Assassins. Reliant on Khazix items. QSS is very important. Use Diana as an item holder.

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