TFT Set 6.5 Tier List – Patch 12.6 Meta Snapshot

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Meta Snapshot Summary

Updated 4/1 – NO ONE is playing these broken comps

I’m back from vacation. I’ve realized I’ve been lying about what the best comps are, so today we will go over all 6 of them. Do not read this if you don’t want to win.

(will update again on 4/2)

Best TFT Comps for Set 6.5 Patch 12.6

S: 28 Veigar 3*, Legendary Comp
A: America School System, America #2 (NYC Edition)
B: Coomer Comp, Oscars Bow Gnar

TFT Comps Tier List Set 6.5

S Tier: Best TFT Comps – No one is playing these

Veigar 3*

Difficulty: Low
Item/Augment Dependency: Low
Variance: Low

How to Play:

Yordle high econ start. Reroll at level 5 for all 1 cost 3 star Yordles (Poppy, Ziggs), then level 6 for Corki and Lulu, then Level 7 for Vex and Gnar.

IMPORTANT: you will need to collect 3* Veigars on your bench BEFORE putting them in because you will need Yordle trait active to get Veigar.

Make sure to itemize to have one tank, one damage, and one sustain Veigar


  • Round Damage (for your opponents, not for you)
  • Winning too early

Legendary Comp

Difficulty: Low
Item/Augment Dependency: Low
Variance: Low

How to Play:

Fast 9 (reach 9 by 5-1) and then get all the Legendary units. Make sure to have the two girls, Jinx and Kaisa, alone with the Cup because this maximizes the value of the chalice.

Put Belts on Tahm Kench because he ate too much, so he needs it to support himself.


  • Other players will report you after the game if you run this comp.

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A Tier: A for America


America School System Comp

Item Holder: Jinx needs Collector. If not, Hextech Gunblade or Rapidfire Cannon will do. Any hoodie is good, I prefer Edge of Night. Quicksilver is fine

How to Play:

Silco has Blitz hook because he’s a little handsy. Keep him at least 4 squares away from the nearest school and playground.


  • Mental health awareness in schools
  • Not bullying people for petty reasons
  • Not being a teenager

America Comp #2 (NYC Edition)


  • Inside Job


  • Restricting liquids to a 3.4oz container
  • TSA
  • Declaring a War on Terror

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B Tier

Coomer Comp


  • Sexualizing characters in a kid’s video game
  • Do NOT play Seraphine

How to Play:

Be lonely


Get some tissues (not for crying)

Load up your favorite website. Hook up a second monitor and load up your second favorite

Throw out old setup. Get a VR headset



  • Having someone walk in on you playing ‘TFT’ (work around this by having them join you)

Oscar Comp


  • Having your wife sleeping with your son’s friend
  • Making a joke about a health condition

How to Play:

Laugh at joke first, then go up and smack the person who made the joke


  • Faking it?