Level and Econ Guide for Set 5

Level1 Cost (3 Star Reroll)2 Cost (3 Star Reroll)
53-2 and Slow Roll.  All in at 4-12-5, 2-7, 3-1, 3-2
64-1, 4-2, or whenever you hit 3*s3-2, 3-5.  If low HP,  roll until 2* then Slow Roll for 3*.  If not, just slow roll
74-5 or 5-1If you have a unit to put in OR
After you hit 3*s OR
If you are low HP and gave up on 3*s
8Whenever you can put a unit inWhenever you can put a unit in
9Whenever you can put a unit inWhenever you can put a unit in
LevelStandard3 Cost (2 or 3 Star)4 Cost (2 Star)5 Cost (2 Star)
42-1, 2-3
52-5, 3-1
63-2Roll 10-40g to stabilize OR
Slow roll until 2*
Roll 0-20g
73-5, 4-1Roll 10-40g depending on what you did at 6. 
Then slow roll for 3* or Level to 8
Roll 0-30g
84-5, 5-1Slow Roll at 8 if you are high HPRoll to 0Roll to 0
95-5, 6-1

Nisheet Dabadge

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  1. Hey Bunnymuffins, have you considered putting a link to your YT video on these guides? Was showing some friends and had to link it separately. Just thought it might be helpful for some ppl to have a video along with it 🙂

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