Jax Reroll

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S: Heartsteel Ezreal, Katarina Reroll, Lulu Reroll, Seraphine Reroll, Kayle Reroll, Riven Reroll, Senna Reroll,
A: Pentakill, Executioner Reroll, Annie Reroll, Twin Terror, Ahri Warriors, Punk Reroll, Miss Fortune Reroll, Yasuo Reroll, True Damage, Twisted Fate Disco, Country Reroll, Yone Reroll,
B: Ahri Sentinel, Olaf Reroll, Rapidfire Caitlyn Bruisers,
C: Corki Reroll, Jax Reroll, Heartsteel Reroll,

Jax Reroll

Jax Reroll

Leveling Pattern: 2-Cost Reroll


  • Put EDM buff on Jax

Headliner: EDM Jax preferred, but honestly take any Jax
Item Holder: Jax
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder:

How to Play: This is a 2 cost reroll, which means most of the time you want to econ early and then go level 6 at 3-2 to stabilize a bit/find Headliner Jax. Sometimes you can temporarily take other Headliners like Gnar or Senna to econ up and find Jax later. You should slowroll above 50g at level 6 to find Jax 3*, but if you’re close (7 or 8 Jaxes), you can go below the econ threshold to find the remaining Jaxes. Once you finish finding Jax, level up to duo carry Zed, and if you randomly find a Lux 3*, you can trio carry Lux.


  • Jax items: Jeweled Guantlet, Hand of Justice, Quicksilver, Titan’s Resolve, Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Giant Slayer
  • Zed items: Bloodthirster, Edge of Night, Titan’s Resolve, Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice
  • Lux items: AP items
  • Zac/Sett items: Tank

Core: 4/5 EDM, 4/6 Mosher


Submit to the Pit, Idealism, Harmacist, Jeweled Lotus, Stationary Support, Crash Test Dummies, Indomitable Will