7 Tips for Hyper Roll

Hey all, today we will cover 7 tips I have for the Hyper Roll game mode. Ever since the new TFT Labs came out with Hyper Roll, I’ve been completely hooked. I’ve played a ton of games on it, and I think it is the best way to learn the game for two types of people: completely new players, and returning players who need to learn the new champions and traits of the new Set 5. With that in mind, I have 7 tips for you guys, and I bet Tip #3 will make you laugh.

Stages and Rounds in Hyper Roll

The first difference you will notice about Hyper Roll is the rounds and stages. You will also notice that you cannot level up, BUT your level is the same as the Stage. For example, if you are in Stage 5, you will be Level 5. Here is a rundown on all the different rounds in Hyper Roll

Stage 1: The beginning Carousel is the same as normal TFT, but you may notice that there is only one Neutral round
Stage 2: Stage 2 consists of only 1 Neutral Round
Stage 3: PvP starts in Stage 3, where you will face two opponents
Stage 4: Armory (with Shadow) and 2 PvP Rounds
Stage 5: Krugs and 1 PvP Round
Stage 6: Wolves, 2 Armories (with Shadow), 2 PvP Rounds
Stage 7: Raptors, Armory (with Shadow), 2 PvP Rounds
Stage 8: Dragon, 2 PvP Rounds
Stage 9: Rift Herald, 5 PvP Rounds

Tip #1 – You can only lose a set amount of HP each round

So again, contrary to the regular game mode, you cannot lose more than a certain amount of health each round. The way to see how much health you will lose is by looking at the red number at the top of your screen. The damage you take in each round is as follows:

  1. 2 life
  2. 2 life
  3. 2 life
  4. 2 life
  5. 4 life
  6. 4 life
  7. 4 life
  8. 6 life
  9. 6 life

Tip #2 – Count the number of lives you have

Since Player Damage is flat, you can ‘count’ the amount of lives you have left in the late game where you lose 6 life for every round you lose. If you have 6 or less HP, you have one life. If you have 7-12 HP, you have two lives. How do we use this knowledge? Let’s assume you are on Level 8 and there are 2 PvP rounds left and you are at 14 Health. You can consider not rolling at all and lose the next two rounds and instead roll on Level 9 to get a higher chance of getting Legendaries for your team. On the contrary, if you were in the same spot but only had 12 or less life, you can potentially lose both rounds and get knocked out of the game before ever reaching Level 9, which means you should probably roll if you have a weak team.

Tip #3 Buy and Sell Teemo for Extra Gold

Buy and sell Teemo if you have 2 to 6 life to get 5 free gold. Following up on the last tip, since round damage is flat, you can abuse a gold trick where you buy Teemo who costs 1 health in this game mode and sell him for 5 gold. There is no difference in having 6 or 5 HP, so if you utilize this trick, you will be effectively trading health for gold but won’t lose any additional lives if you counted correctly.

Tip #4 – Roll Often

Right off the bat, as the name implies, you will want to roll often and in large amounts. This is in contrast to the regular TFT game mode where we save our gold and roll at specific points depending on our composition. Throw everything you knew about rolling out the window. Well, not everything, but all those leveling and rolling templates we used to use do not apply to Hyper Roll.

Instead, when playing Hyper Roll, you need to roll whenever you have pairs on your bench OR if you are missing a particular trait for your board. You only have 20 life in this mode, and while player damage is reduced, games usually end in 15 to 20 minutes. This means you will need to be strong at most stages if not all parts of the game.

Tip #5 – Roll during Neutral Rounds

One tactic that has been gaining popularity in ranked TFT is rolling during Neutral rounds. In ranked TFT, this is considered a theoretically suboptimal tactic. However, it is often still used because it is practical and useful if you are slow at rolling. The reason why it is suboptimal is because you lose interest gold if you roll during the Neutral rounds. However, in a game mode where there is no interest such as Hyper Roll, it is in fact optimal to roll during the Neutral rounds.

Tip #6 – There is no reward for losing

So contrary to regular TFT where you can win streak or lose streak, there is no streak gold in Hyper Roll. There is also only one Carousel at the beginning of the game. Typically, Carousels help players who were losing and have lower life totals. Since this mechanic does not exist in Hyper Roll after the start of the game, it means that there is no reward for losing, and only rewards for winning by having more health. This means you shouldn’t ever purposely lose unless they drastically change the ruleset of the game.

Tip #7 – Always have a full bench

My last tip is to always have a full bench and buy as many champions as you can from your shop. There is no interest gold in Hyper Roll, so it is almost always optimal to fill your bench with as many units as possible. This is especially important in the early game because upgraded 2 star units in the Stage 2 and 3 fights are so crucial to winning and are often stronger than 1 star units with synergies.

Hyper Roll is Fun

There you have it, these were my 7 tips for Hyper Roll. Whenever a new game mode comes out, you will need to adjust your play for the new ruleset. The major ones in Hyper Roll is no leveling, no streaking, and set amounts of health lost per round. Hopefully these tips help you in your gameplay and let me know if you have any tips you’ve found helpful that wasn’t mentioned here as this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Nisheet Dabadge