How to Play Star Guardians in 5 Minutes

I am starting a new series to give a quick 5 minute guide on the strongest meta compositions as found in my snapshot (link to snapshot If you see a certain S or A tier composition on my site, you will now be able to learn how to play it at a high level in 5 minutes, without further ado, let’s get into it

Introduce Comp

First we are going to be going over Star Guardians Sorcerer composition–also known as the E-Girl comp by other players. It revolves around getting many casts off with Syndra in order to enable your entire team. Neeko is your main tank who stuns multiple enemies, so be sure to itemize and protect her as well. Combine the Star Guardian passive with Syndra casting, Neeko stuns, and Soraka healing, it slowly whittles down enemy teams.

The Core Build

The core build is reached at 7 units. 6 Star Guardians and 4 Sorcerers from neeko, Poppy, Lux, Ahri, Syndra, Soraka, and Zoe. The two main champions you want to Itemize are Syndra and Neeko. Neeko’s best items are Guardian Angel and Quicksilver Sash, but you can get away with many random item combinations such as bramble vest, Zzrot Portal, Deathcap, Morello, and Ionic Spark. The reason why GA and QSS are veryr strong is because she is your only tank, therefore protecting her from Zephyr and making sure she survives as long as possible is a top priority!

Syndra loves all mana items, and having 1 defensive items is strong as well. The best items are Seraph’s Embrace ( include a graphic of 2 tears = Seraphs), and Chalice of Harmony (tear and negatron cloak). Her best defensive item is Trap Claw followed by Guardian Angel and Quicksilver. She can also make use of Protector Spatula if you are unable to complete the other defensive item choices.

What galaxies it is good in

This composition is best in the Trade Sector Galaxy followed by Medium Legends and Neekoverse. It is decent in Superdense galaxy but weak in Lilac Nebula.

When you want to try to go this comp

You want to go for this composition when you have a lot of tear items early because these are the most important pieces of the composition. Since star guardian gives mana to your whole team for every cast, it is crucial to have at least one Seraph or Chalice, and preferabley 2 or more.
You also only want to pursue this composition if no one else is playing it, so be sure to scout!

Early Game

In the early game we want to focus on preserving our health, that means running any type of upgraded units with early game synergies, while keeping Star Guardians on the bench. My favorite is pirates or cybernetics (include pic of darius + graves and fiora, leona, lucian). Use untis that can hold Neeko and Syndrra items. Any tank can hold Neeko items whille Lucian or twisted fate is great for holding Syndra items. Funny enough, star guardians are pretty weak early game, so you generally want to just hold them on your bench instead of playing them. If you are win streaking, be sure to level up at 2-1 or 2-2 to level 4 and then level 5 at 2-5 after carousel
If you are lose streaking, do not fret because you will want to hold onto as much gold as possible for the mid game

Mid Game

In Stage 3, we want to stock up on gold and use excess gold to level up. This means we always want to stay at 50 gold so that we collect the maximum amount of interest gold. If we have 70 gold, we would want to spend 20 gold on leveling. Repeat this until you hit level 7.

At level 7, we will want to use a technique called “slow rolling” this means we roll down to 50 gold every turn to try to buy 3 star units such as Neeko, Syndrra, and Ahri.

End Game

During stage 5, we will need to identify a time to roll down to 0 gold to try to complete our 3* units. This generrally occurs when I am 2 off getting a 3* unit OR if I am low health. Low health is subjective, but I generally use the rule “2 losses away from death,” which is typically around 30 health OR if I am 7th or 8th place and I have lost the past few rounds. Be sure to finish itemizing Syndra and Neeko, and if you have already done that, you can put items on Ahri if she is 3* or use Soraka.

Alternative Champions

From the core 7, tehre are no replacements you can really make, this is an unflexible composition. Let’s say you hit your composition really early and are able to reach level 8, here are some choices to put in: You can add in an Additional Soraka 2* or a Mystic such as Lulu or Sona.

Alternatively, you can go to Level 9 to add in 2 additional sorcerers to reach 6 Sorcerer synergy.

Spatula Choices

If you have spatula, you can use the Starr Guardian Spatula and use it on Velkoz, Lux, or Xerath and removing Poppy. Doing so will allow you to add in the extra champions as mentioned above one level earlier. For example you can do Star Guardian Velkoz and an additional sorcerer at level 8 to have 6 Star Guardians and 6 sorcs.


That is it for Star Guardians, make sure to like this video if you want good RNG in the next game. Let me know what other compositions you would like guides on in the comments below forr future videos. I will see you all next time!