How to Play Cybernetics in 5 Minutes

Introduce Comp

If you ever wanted to play a consistent composition and learn how to pivot and adapt to different items and champions, Cybernetics is the comp you are looking for.

The Core Build

How to Play Cybernetics in 5 Minutes

The core build is reached at 8 units. 6 Cybernetics with an additional Blademaster and Blaster. Two popular combinations are either Shen + Ezreal or Miss Fortune + Kayle. Shen and Ezreal are cheaper and more early game focused while Kayle and Miss Fortune are better late game. Lastly, you can add in a Thresh at level 9 to give Mana Reaver and some late game monsters to pull in from your bench such as Lulu.

Core items are Infinity Edge on Irelia, you want to build as many of those as you can for her. She can also use Last Whisper, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Infiltrator Spatula, and Thieve’s Gloves.

The rest of your team can use any assortment of items, or even uncompleted item components. For Vi, Fiora, and Leona, my favorite support items to put on them are Redemption and Zzrot for early game while using Zephyr and Shroud of Stillness for for late game.
Red buff and Luden’s is great for Lucian to strengthen your early and mid game.

Leftover items can be used on Ekko, Missfortune, and Kayle.


You generally want to spread out your units and have Irelia in the 2nd row if she does not have Infiltrator Spatula

Ekko can be put on the front line in order to get his ultimate off faster. I generally do this if he is 2 star.

What galaxies it is good in

This composition is best in the Lilac Nebula, Neekoverse, and Superdense galaxy. It is also good in the Medium Legends, but outshined in the Trade Sector Galaxy.

When you want to try to go this comp

Cybernetics are a composition that is often good at getting 2nd or 3rd place. With that in mind, you will want to win streak early game because this composition falls off late game without getting lucky.

It is key to hit early Cybernetic Units or have very strong random upgraded units in order to preserve your health total. This way you can try to hit level 9 in the late game and compete for the high placements.

The most important item is Red Buff for Lucian. Getting a lot of BF Swords is also a sign for going this composition, but you need to prioritize making playable items instead of focusing on making perfect items. The great part about Cybernetics is that Perfect items are not a requirement.

Spatula Choices

If you get a spatula, you can always just throw one onto Fiora or Leona as their item for the Cybernetic Synergy. The only useful spatula items are Infiltrator spatua on Irelia followed by Celestial Spatula if you are able to run Lulu on level 9 instead of Thresh.

Early Game

In the first stage of the game, hold on to as many cybernetic units as you can while also collecting blasters, vanguards, and pirates. This will allow you to get decent synergies early game.

if you manage to hit 3 cybernetics, put low priority items on Fiora and Leona while building luden’s echo or red buff on Lucian. To make things simple, I would use a random 4th unit to hold items for Irelia.

Mid Game

In Stage 3, we want to stock up on gold while maintaining a win streak if we have it. Refer to the leveling guide if you have questions on that.

Save 50 gold and put your extra gold into leveling.
In most games, level up to level 8 at Stage 4-3 and roll your gold. You should have around 30-50 gold AFTER leveling. Roll until you stabilize, which generally means getting Irelia 2 star or finding both Irelia and Ekko. If this happens, you can stop rolling and decide if you want to push for level 9.

End Game

If you found an early Ekko, you can stay Level 8 to finish up Irelia to 2 star. If you have that already along with 6 Cybernetic synergy, go ahead and go to Level 9, find Thresh and put him in. After getting Thresh, you will want to Add units for him to pull in. The best one is Lulu, but other options are additional Threshes, Wukong, and Cho’Gath. If you are on your last life or if it is super late game, make sure that your bench is clear so that Thresh will only pull in the strongest unit.

Alternative Champions

If you cannot find Ekko or hit different units in the mid game, you can easily transition into Blasters or Kayle comps. This is because Kayle can use many different items and you already have several blademasters, while Blasters make great use of Red Buff. I’ll be covering these two compositions in a future video, so stay tuned for that!


That is the brief primer for Cybernetics. If you want to watch more in depth gameplay, be sure to head over to my stream at for direct feedback and full gameplay. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to hit the like button and let me know what comp you want to see next.