How to Hyper Roll Woodlands ??? (or Anything Else)

In preparation for the NEW 6 Woodland trait in patch 10.2 on January 24 in Teamfight Tactics, I will demonstrate the best way to hyper roll to get the most 3 star units for your team. To get 3 star units, you will need to find the same unit 9 times, which is a difficult feat. Luckily, hyperrolling is a technique that maximizes your gold and re-rolls (hotkey is ‘d’) to get the same units so that you can increase the chances of completing your 3 star units, typically done right after Krugs. I’m going to go over what to do first and then cover why this works after that. Let’s roll right into this!

If you prefer watching, here it is below. Readers, skip ahead!

The Hyper Roll Woodlands Composition

Woodlands, specifically, need Maokai, Ivern, Neeko, and Leblanc. All of these are 1 or 2 cost units, so they are easily accessible in the early game, and it would make complete sense to get them to 3 star units.

Core of Hyper Roll Woodland Composition
Core Units

Stage 1 – Neutral Minions and Carousel

At the start of the game, you will want to grab a Tear of the Goddess on the first Carousel. If you cannot get Tear, go for Needlessly Large Rod. This is because Neeko, your primary carry makes such a strong use of Seraph’s Embrace, Luden’s Echo, and Morellonomicon. During all of the minion rounds, you will want to buy all units that are woodlands, and sell the rest so that you are making interest every round–just make sure you are strong enough to defeat all of the neutral camps. If you do not hit any woodlands during this time, be sure to field the strongest team possible without compromising your economy.

Stage 2 – PvP Rounds and Carousel


During stage 2-1, DO NOT LEVEL UP. However, you will want to make a decision.

  1. If you already have one 2 star Woodlands or if you already have 3 Woodlands to activate their Synergy, save your gold and do not do anything this turn. Simply buy all the woodlands you see, field the strongest team, and earn the most interest gold that you can.
  2. If you do not have 2 star Woodlands or 3 of them at 1 star, re-roll your gold until you are at a multiple of 10 so that you can hit at least one 2 star woodland OR 3 different Woodland units to activate their Trait. Rolling earlier = less chance they are taken from the pool.


On 2-2, you will re-roll to 0 gold (donkey rolling) and buy as many woodland units as possible. DO NOT LEVEL UP.

2-3 to 2-7 and Carousel

At 2-3, you will hit level 4 naturally. From 2-3 to 2-7, you will want to save all of your gold and ONLY buy Woodland units in the shop. Do not re-roll or level at this time. Essentially, do nothing until Krugs.

On the Carousel, grab another Tear of the Goddess or Needlessly Large Rod to complete Seraph’s Embrace or Luden’s Echo. If you cannot grab either, go for a Giant’s Belt if you have Rod to complete Morellonomicon. Put these items on Neeko if you have her. If you do not have Neeko, use a placeholder unit (non Woodland unit) to hold her items.

At Krugs, you will want to be sure that you can actually defeat Krugs. This usually involves having at least one upgraded unit, but this is entirely dependent on your composition. If you are too weak and cannot defeat Krugs, re-roll some of your gold until you can defeat Krugs. Again, this typically involves having one upgraded unit

Step by step guide for Hyper Rolling
What to do at every stage

It’s Time to HYPER ROLL – Stage 3-1 and Beyond

Now it is time to roll. If you have done things correctly, you should be 8/10 XP at Level 4 with at least 30 gold, but hopefully you have more. This all depends on how much gold dropped during the Neutral Camps and how well you have been able to econ/streak.

Do not waste any time during the beginning of this stage. Re-roll (press ‘d’) all of your gold and buy every Woodland unit until you have 0 gold and field the strongest team. Hopefully, you should have 4 Woodlands out there and have at least one 3 star unit.

Mid-Late Game

Hyper Roll Woodlands sample composition with Lux
This is what a sample Hyper Roll Woodland team could look like. Replace Thresh/Nautilus with whatever counters your lobby, whether it be Mystics or Wardens.

If things went well…

If you were able to complete 3 stars during your Hyper Roll, you should be at least Top 5 in your lobby. With Maokai and Ivern at 3 stars, you should be Top 4. The way to go beyond that is to find Neeko 3 star some time during Stage 4. This will likely get you Top 3. If you want to get 1st Place, you will need to find Woodland Lux, which is an extreme high-roll (you will need to get lucky). The chance for getting 2 star units remains the same at 35% from levels 4 to 6, and only drops to 30% at level 7, so be sure to get up to level 7 and 8 in order to start finding Lux if you were lucky with your early game units.

During this time, complement your Woodlands with Wardens or Mystics to round out your team. Lunar synergy is quite useful as well since your units live quite a long time due to the Druid buff.

If you had an unlucky game…

If you did not complete any 3 star units after your Hyper Roll at 3-1, you will just have to pray and try to finish at least Top 6. Save your gold until Wolf or Raptor camp and try again. Stay level 5 during this time to maximize your chance of getting both Maokai and Ivern to 3 star. If you have good Neeko items, you might be saved even though you did not hit your 3 star units. You will likely never go past level 6, so try to round out your team with any sort of tanks or support units and pray for a Top 6. Since you will be spending a lot of gold on upgrades instead of leveling, you should be able to beat the greedier players who have weak teams and die before Raptor camp.

Why This is the Best Way to Hyper Roll

Chance to get certain units.  Hyper Roll is useful at levels 3 and 4
Chance to get units by Level and Tier

Game Mechanics

Let’s get into some game mechanics to paint a better picture. As you can see above, you have a 100% chance to get Tier 1 units in your shop at level 1 and 2. That rate goes down to 70% at level 3, and to 50% at level 4. At the same time, you access Tier 2 units at level 3 at 25%, increasing to 35% at level 4. After that, the probabilities go down for these units, so you must maximize your re-rolls during level 3 and 4.

If you have checked out my Leveling Guide, you will know that if you do not spend any money on buying experience, you will naturally hit level 4 at Stage 2 Round 3. This means that it is optimal to actually spend gold on re-rolls to buy 1 cost units from rounds 2-1 and 2-2 INSTEAD of building a larger economy to roll with after Krugs.

Why Should I Use Woodlands

As stated above already, if you hit your units, you pretty much guaranteed at least top 5. The requirements (also known as ‘outs’) for going beyond top 5 are pretty easy to acquire. Great Neeko items or both Ivern and Maokai upgraded gets you to top 4. 3 star Neeko gets you beyond that. If you get really lucky, you can still get 1st place with 6 Woodland Lux.

All of the Woodland units are 1 or 2 cost units, making it a no-brainer to utilize the Hyper Roll strategy when playing Woodlands.

Best Practices and Tips for Hyper Roll

  • In order to maximize your chances of hitting your units, buy every unit in the shop OF THE SAME COST while hyper rolling and then sell them when you need more gold to continue rolling. For example, if there is a Nasus (1 cost) in the shop, buy him. When you are at 0 gold, sell Nasus + any other 1 or 2 cost units you may have bought that are NOT Woodlands, and continue rolling.
  • Put Maokai in the front lines. Place Neeko in the back and Ivern in front or to the side of her to protect her from Assassins.
  • Never Level up during Stage 1 and 2.
  • Utilize this strategy with other compositions revolving around 1 and 2 cost units. For example, Predators or Lights in Set 2.
  • If you are slow at rolling during the Hyper Roll at stage 3-1, keep rolling while your team is fighting, as this is still your best chance to get the 1 cost units. Take your time, practice is key.