Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Forcing Fortune Every Game to Challenger

Fortune has always been regarded as a 4fun trait, but with this guide, I will teach you how I hit Challenger, forcing Fortune almost every game!

There are 2 main comps you play after cashing out with Fortune:

  • Asol Mage+DSoul
  • Slayer Samira/Tryndamere/Olaf

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Aurelion Sol is a Dragonsoul Mage; therefore, you need at least 3 mages to make him work because his second cast will deal 50% bonus damage if his targets were already hit by his first cast.
Depending on Chosen and Spatulas, you can play this comp with 3-9 Dragonsoul and 3-7 Mages.

Item Guide

Carousel Priority

  • First Carousel
    • Sword > Glove > Chain > Rod > everything else
  • Fortune into Asol
    • Sword > Rod > Glove > Chain > Tear > Cloak > Belt > Bow
  • Fortune into Slayer
    • Sword > Glove > Bow > Chain > Cloak > Rod > Belt > Tear

Note: The reason for Sword being our first priority is due to needing GA as a core item for both comps, thus being able to flex between them depending on PVE item drops!

Asol Items

Asol: GA + JG + Gunblade/Hoj/other DMG items

Swain: Mage Spat + Warmogs/Titans/Dclaw/Bramble/Ornn tank items

For more detailed information take a look out my Asol Guide!

Slayer Items

Samira/Tryndamere/Olaf: GA + LW + IE/DB/Hoj/Runaans/RFC/other DMG items

For more detailed information, take a look out my Olaf Guide!

Stage Pattern:

1-4: Pre-level to lvl 4 for better odds if you have some Fortune units already (e.g. Annie, Darius, Kata or Chosen Fortune Tahm), unless you didn’t drop much gold (2g start)

2-1 to  2-3: If you are 2 out of 3 Fortune with a Darius or Katarina, you can decide to start rolling to hit the early Fortune (the earlier you manage to get Fortune in, the better it is for the cash out!).

Note: This is a risky move; can go 8th if you are stuck lvl 4 with 0 gold!

2-4 (Carousel): Take a missing Fortune unit if there is one in the carousel!
Else, just go for your items but avoid 1 cost unit!

2-5: Level to 5 and roll it down for 3 Fortune; you can sell every non-Fortune unit to keep rolling.
Once you hit 3 Fortune, be sure to lose streak! Scout Lobby!

Note: If you didn’t manage to get Fortune online at 2-5, try to get it at 2-6 and the rounds after because you are already doomed. Try to play for 7th place!

I had games where I went 1st by having Fortune at 3-1 lvl 5 0 gold! Always believe!

3-1 and after: Scout Lobby every round to make sure you don’t win against someone weaker.
Level to 6 if you can stay above 30 gold if you don’t win the next rounds with it.

Slam GA and Asol or Slayer Items according to Lobby Strength!
Don’t accidently cash out before 6 loses if possible!
Your goal is to kill some units every round, so position accordingly

(e.g., Playing Akali/Diana and letting her jump to some unprotected backline unit.)

When to cash out?

Fortune loot table by leduck:

By looking at this Fortune Loot Table, we can conclude that you want to get a cash out with at least 6+ losses!

Note: There is a possibility of TG drops instead of items, Neekos and Spats at 8 and 9 losses!

If you get that cash out, you are most likely going 8th!

Loot Table Breakdown

Good 6 Loss drops:

  • 2-3 x T5 units (Samira, Swain, and so on) + 12-18g + 2 items or 1 Neeko’s Help
  • 28g + 2 Neeko’s Help → 2* Asol/Trynda or lucky Samira/Swain from shop or carousel

Good 7 Loss drops:

  • 3 x T5 units + 20g + 2 Neeko’s Help → 2* Samira/Swain
  • 5x T4 units + 15g + 2 Neeko’s Help → 2* Asol/Tryndamere/Olaf or lucky T5

Good 8 Loss drops:

  • 5 x T5 units + 14g + 2 items → pray it’s Samira/Swain or you get a 2* T5
  • 19g + 2 items + 1 Spat + 2 Neeko’s Help → 2* Carry unit + Mage/DSoul Spat

Good 9 loss drops:

  • 20g + 5 Spats → FoNs (Force of Nature) and Mage/DSoul Spats
  • 16g + 4 Neeko’s Help + 4 items → 2* Carry and Legendary units
  • 8 x T5 units + 4 items → good odds of hitting 2* Legendary units

Note: 10 loss + drops are all very good!
If you get the other drops, you can still top 4 and win the game but it’s going to be harder!

How to cash out

Level to 7 and roll for a stronger board and try to win next rounds!

Most 3 cost 2* units—such as Shyvanna, Darius, Kennen, Kindred paired with a good frontline—can win rounds unless the opponent is super strong.

So, look out for 2* your units by rolling down and for 4 cost carry units such as Tryndamere, Asol and Olaf, as they can also cash you out if you have the traits and items for them even at 1*.

(e.g., Slayer, Mage, DSoul, Duelist, etc.)

Example Boards (LvL 7)

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Post Cash Out

After cashing out—and depending on what loot you got—try to stabilize from it (winning next rounds), look to 2* your Asol/Swain and Samira/Tryndamere or Olaf (worst one) and go level 8 if you have a Carry unit and a decent team around him/her.

Note: 1* Samira with good items (e.g. GA+LW+IE/RFC) can carry Stage 4 with Sharp+Slayer+Frontline

Use your Neekos to get your Samira / Swain / Asol 2* if possible.

If you are playing Asol, always try to make a Mage spat for Swain!

DSoul Spat with DSoul Chosen into 9 DSoul 3 Mage at lvl 8 is also possible and strong!

Example Boards (LvL 8)

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5

Fortune Guide for Set 4.5


  • People who openfort (not playing units)
  • Other Fortune Players cashing you out too early
  • Getting dizzy from the cash out

When to pivot / give up on Fortune

  • If you get a good opener for another comp such as Cultist Chosen Elise, which is a free top 4 in most cases, don’t force Fortune unless you want to have fun!
  • If you don’t have any Fortune units at all at 2-5 and have a good board with direction by hitting a good Chosen.
  • If the whole lobby is playing Fortune and openforting, contesting might result in 8ths if you cash out too early!

About the Author

Hey, I’m ZL, a TFT Player from Austria mainly playing on the EUW Server.
I’ve always been one of the first players to reach Challenger on a new set because I’m quick to learn and adapt to new metas.

Because I’m also a Software Engineering Student, I’m mostly playing decay games after 2 weeks into a set and doing TFT Coaching in my free time.

On rare occasions, you can also catch me streaming at