Force Talon Morgana Enlightened – TFT Teamfight Tactics Composition Guide

Riot games did an oopsie. They accidentally buffed Morgana without mentioning it in the patch notes.  The patch has already given huge buffs to Dazzlers, but this hidden unreported buff puts Morgana over the top. Whether you like it or not, Set 4 has been defined by a singular overpowered composition each patch. Most recently, we’ve had Ahri dominating the meta. Before that, Warwick Divines. However, one composition that always had a solid place was the Talon Enlightened Comp with Morgana as the secondary carry.

With all the buffs to Morgana and Dazzlers, it’s no surprise that Enlightens are taking over the meta. Let’s learn how to play it.

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I could link you every complain tweet or DM from all the pro players complaining about Morgana so far, but that would take way too long. I’m just going to go into how to play the comp.

Normally in a guide I explain why we should play a certain composition. I do not need to do that today because Enlightens are just broken strong, there’s no need to go into in depth detail of why. The comp was good before and they got buffed in multiple ways… Let’s just leave it at that. Instead let’s focus on the itemization, champion choices, and how to play the early, mid, and late game.


The two champions you itemize are Talon and Morgana. For Talon, you want as many damage items on him as possible from BF Sword. His best item by far is Infinity Edge. After that, it is up for debate, but I actually prefer Last Whisper and Giantslayer on him over things like Guardian Angel. Let me explain–The reason why I like these 3 items is because Talon always targets the unit that does the most damage. At the start of the fight, Talon attacks whoever he is closest to, which could be a tank. If you do not have either Giant Slayer or Last Whisper, he could be stuck attacking their tank forever. If he kills the tank, he moves onto their highest damage champion which is typically a squishy champion, so he will kill that unit regardless of what his items are. Now the reason why I don’t like Guardian Angel is for the same reason–I’d rather him kill a tank as quickly as possible. Also, I generally try to run Zilean, so I’ll have a built in Guardian Angel anyways. Just note, Guardian Angel is still VERY good on Talon, I just don’t think it’s the best item.

Also keep in mind, we do not need perfect items for Talon. here are some other good items on him. Hand of Justice, Deathblade, Bloodthirster, Runaan’s Hurricane, and defensive items such as Trap Claw or Quicksilver.

Now for Morgana, we will need a Morellonomicon. This is by far the best item because she hits so many units and does so much damage with this item. After that, Spear of Shojin is really strong on her if you want her in the back line. However, you can spam Locket of the Iron Solaris on her if you want to front line her and if you built that item to save health from the early game. Chalice of Power is also very strong on her, and then any type of Ability power item. Shoutout to Luden’s Echo because she will deal bonus damage with her Dazzler effect. Guardian Angel is also decent on her if you want to front line her.

For tank items, just throw anything on Shen. I personally like Gargoyle Stoneplate and Zz’Rot Portal.


Champion Choices

Here is a sample composition without any Chosen unit

Force Talon Morgana Enlightened - TFT Teamfight Tactics Composition Guide

So this composition is VERY flexible.  You can make use of any Chosen trait and you can use many transitions and have room for many Legendaries in the late game.  

Here are some sample replacements you can make:

Adept: No replacements

Enlightened: Drop Janna for a stronger Mystic such as Zilean, or drop Morgana for Ezreal

Assassin (from Talon): Drop Pyke for a random 2* Legendary

Dazzler: Drop Lux or add in Ezreal for 4 Dazzlers (either go level 9 or drop Yone for 4 Dazzler)

Divine (Irelia): Drop Lux for Ezreal

Mystic: Can consider going 4 Mystic by swapping Yone or Pyke for a Mystic

Another advantage of this composition is that you can take any Chosen from these champions.  The reason behind that is that they are all strong units, as the only 2 cost is Janna.  Sometimes when you play other compositions, you might have a 1 cost Chosen, but in this composition, you do not need those.

Of course what I have here is an 8 person composition.  You can easily go level 9 and add in a random legendary or replace Yone for a different legendary.  

If you are facing ONLY Magic Damage, you can drop Lux since you don’t need Dazzler.

If you are facing ONLY Physical Damage, you can drop 2 of Shen/Yone/Pyke for 2 Vanguards such as Sejuani and Aatrox.  Just note that the current composition plays Adept, so you are generally fine against Physical Damage, so this substitution is only performed if you have trouble finding Shen 2 and found Sej 2 very easily.

Early Game

Now for the Early Game.  You can literally play anything early because you can transition into Enlightens from any composition.  This means you will want to play your strongest board while building flexible items or ones that we talked about before.  

I know that saying strongest board is very vague, but honestly that is the truth about this game. To simplify this, build the items in the top right corner of the Item Quadrant that belong in this composition or is playable. For example, Hand of Justice is playable as noted before, and it is on the top right quadrant on the item list right now.  You should also take whatever strong Chosen unit you receive in the early game and just play it because we will sell that unit later on.  

Next, you need to play a mix of damage and tank units.  Generally this means playing 2 tank units and 2 damage units of whatever you get at 2 star.  At level 5 and 6, you either add utility/support units or more tanks or damage.  Let’s say you are level 6 and are wondering what to add.  You have 2 tanks and 2 damage dealers and 1 utility unit.  If you have 2 damage items, consider adding a 3rd tank.  If you have more tank items than damage, consider adding another damage dealer.  Or you could just add in a random 2 star unit.   If you have additional questions on this, I hope to make an early game guide soon which will cover this in more detail, so make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on for when I post the early game guide.

Mid Game

Do not roll any gold until stage 4-1.  At 4-1, sell your previous Chosen unit (unless it is one that belongs in the composition), level up to level 7 and roll down until you reach a stable board state.  Sometimes this means roll until 40, 30, 20, or 10 gold.  In Teamfight Tactics, “stable” means something different every game because some games our opponents are super lucky and strong, but other times they are extremely weak.  You will need to make a judgement call every game on this.  

Also keep in mind that the composition is really flexible and you can make a ton of substitutions by playing random 2* units.  You just need to reach a state of “won’t lose too much health until you can reach level 8.”  For example, if you have an Akali that is making very good use of Talon’s Infinity Edge and winning you games, you do not need to roll until you hit Talon 2 star.  You can instead save your gold, go Level 8 and roll more gold there.  Check out the Leveling Guide for more info.

Late Game and Positioning

Late game is pretty simple.  On the Item Carousels, pick up items for Champions that do not have full items yet.  Prioritize finishing Talon Items before putting items on Morgana.  If they both have full items, go ahead and itemize Shen or a random Legendary unit.  

This is the point where positioning gets important.  Try to aim Talon to jump at an easily killed target.  This does not necessarily have to be the enemy carry.  Sometimes you can just kill his ‘bait’ unit and then he quickly moves onto a higher priority target afterwards.  

For Irelia, she disarms enemy teams, so make sure she is on the top right or top left based on where the enemies are.  If you are facing assassins, you can backline her to disarm assassins.

Keep Pyke on one side or the other.  He needs to be on the edge of the map to make the most use of his stun.

If you are using Yone, make sure he is at a good angle to crowd control as many enemies as possible.  

Closing Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of this composition because I love Dazzler and Mystics.  I’m going to leave a caveat that you need to play this composition as soon as possible because I’ve noticed that lower ranked players are not playing Talon/Morg yet, so you need to abuse this before they catch on or it gets nerfed.

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