Force Blademasters with Sivir and Azir


I introduced the Azir Blademaster build in the 10.1 Korea Meta TFT Comps Report, and with no surprise, it has become the strongest comp. Sivir comps are currently the best comp in the game in terms of both reliability and strength. Since the team revolves around Azir and Sivir, both of which only cost 3 gold, it is a low econ composition and really just needs half decent items to succeed.

Another reason why it is so reliable is because you can place top 4 even with only level 1 Sivir if you have the proper items. When the patch came out, players were prioritizing items such as Hush and Red Buff on Sivir, but as the patch matured, the unstoppable Infinity Edge build was discovered, and it has made this composition easily forcible for top 4–in fact, the rank 1 player in NA C9k3sojuu has forced it in every game he has played. In those 8 games, he got 1st x4, 2nd x2, 3rd, and 4th.

Prefer watching? Check the video guide here: . If not, continue reading!

Early Game (Stage 1 and 2)

On the first carousel, you will want to grab a BF sword. This allows you to build Infinity Edge or Deathblade for Sivir–two great items for snowballing. At worst case, you can turn it into a Spear of Shojin for Azir.

Early game is similar to most as you will want to look for as many 2 star units as possible. The best units are Renekton, Leona, and other wardens. Renekton is a very strong 1 cost unit and he is also a desert. He is a great item holder for both Azir and Sivir items since he can use any item effectively. Leona is the core warden you will want since she can transition into Lunar synergy with Karma in the mid game.

For items, you wilI want to save (2) bows, (1) spatula, (2+) swords, (1+) gloves, and (1) magic resist cloak. The item you will ALWAYS make is Infinity Edge (sword + glove) and Blademaster (spatula + bow) whenever possible. If you get items that are not the ones listed above, feel free to combine them to get an early game powerspike. Some examples of these items are Red Buff, Locket of the Iron Solari, Warmogs, and Bramblevest. The reason why you are allowed to build these items is because these items are not useful for the core composition, so it is better to just use these items instead of having them sit on your bench all game.

Force Blademasters with Sivir and Azir
Sample early game build. Having random 2 stars is sufficient to replace some units.

Units during stage 2: You will want to pick up any Azirs or Sivirs you can find–even if you end up losing an interest gold due to buying them. It is viable to level up early to level 4 on 2-2 and to level 5 on 2-5 since it will greatly increase your chance of hitting Azir or Sivir. Playing Desert early is really strong (Azir or Sivir + Renekton) along with 2 Wardens. Item priority on carousel is finishing Infinity Edge. If you already have an Infinity Edge, build a Runaan’s Hurricane (Bow + Magic Resist) and Blademaster item. If you do not have the items to build those, go for a second Infinity Edge or Deathblade if you already have the pieces for it.

Mid Game (Stage 3 and 4)

After Krugs, you will want to decide how quickly you want to hit level 7.

  • If you are low health (less than 70 health), you should go to level 6 at stage 3-2 and roll to around 30 or 40, depending on how quickly you hit your upgrades. When you are less than 70 health at stage 3-5, you should level up to level 7 and roll all the way to 0 or until you upgrade all but 1 of your units.
  • If you are high health (above 70), you should go to 6 at stage 3-2 and roll until you can stabilize (only 1 or 2 un-upgraded unit) or until you reach 20 gold, whichever comes first. Then you will save your gold until 4-1 or 4-2 to level up to 7 gold and then roll to 0.
Force Blademasters with Sivir and Azir
Sample Mid-Game build. Take out Janna at 6, add her at level 7 in this particular scenario

Units you are looking for are finishing Sivir/Azir, mid game wardens such as Nautilus, Thresh, or Malphite to pair with Leona, Karma for Lunar, and Yasuo for Blademaster. Qiyana is a pretty good transition unit if you are on Mountain map with Malphite or Cloud map with Yasuo. If you end up finding Yasuo, Janna is useful as well. If you have the Blademaster item, feel free to add in 4 Blademasters with Aatrox and take out Wardens.

For Items, you will want to continue on the path of perfecting Sivir and getting Blademaster for Azir. If you have those completed already, look for 1 or 2 tank items (any will do, use your leftover items. It also depends how strong/weak your frontline is), and then you will want to build items for Azir.

Let’s say perfect items are not happening this game, what should you do? Swap to the old on-hit Sivir build with Red Buff, Hush. Throw some AP items on Azir and call it a day. You will still be strong.

Late Game (Stage 5+)

The composition should be fully rounded out by this point. If you aren’t already level 8, go for it at 5-1. You have around 2 ‘flex’ spots either through going to level 9 or finding the Blademaster item. You will need to scout your lobby and predict who will be in the Top 4.

Force Blademasters with Sivir and Azir
Sample late game build with Summoners, 4BM and Mystic
  • Do they have AP? You can use this to add 4 Mystics (Master Yi is a good character to go for)
  • Do they have AD? You will want to add in 2 late game wardens such as Taric/Amumu/Malphite
  • Do they have high priority spells? Add Soraka
  • Are they running 6 Lights? Get a Red Buff for Sivir
  • Did you high-roll a Yorick 2 star? Think about going into 3 Summoners. This works well if you have Azir with 3 items.
  • Did you high-roll Lux or have Neeko’s Help? Go for it! 2 star Lux with items is almost unstoppable, just make sure that you have a front line since you now have 3 heavy damage dealing threats!
Force Blademasters with Sivir and Azir
Sample Ultra late game composition with 4 Mystic, 4 BM, 2 Warden. Sivir has perfect items here

As usual, you will need to start relying on universal late game skills/mechanics to win the game from here. Think about whether you can reach level 9 or if you can find a 3 star unit. Scout constantly to predict spell projectiles such as Nami or Amumu ult from yourself or the enemy, check for Zephyrs, split up Azir and Sivir against Singed, etc.