Fast 9 Comp

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S: Heartsteel Ezreal, Katarina Reroll, Lulu Reroll, Seraphine Reroll, Kayle Reroll, Riven Reroll, Senna Reroll,
A: Pentakill, Executioner Reroll, Annie Reroll, Twin Terror, Ahri Warriors, Punk Reroll, Miss Fortune Reroll, Yasuo Reroll, True Damage, Twisted Fate Disco, Country Reroll, Yone Reroll,
B: Ahri Sentinel, Olaf Reroll, Rapidfire Caitlyn Bruisers,
C: Corki Reroll, Jax Reroll, Heartsteel Reroll,


Fast 9 Comp

Leveling Pattern: level to 5 at 2-5, level to 6 at 3-2, level to 7 at 4-1, level to 8 at 4-2/4-5, level to 9 at 5-1/5-2/5-5


  • Ideally you want econ/exp augments

Headliner: Ziggs, Illaoi, Yorick, Qiyana, Lucian, Jhin
Item Holder: Ziggs, Illaoi, Yorick, Qiyana, Lucian, Jhin
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder:

How to Play: Gameplay

Fast 9 is one of the best playstyles right now if your understanding of econ management and Headliner is good. You really want one of the econ augments shown, as they help you access level 9 much faster. It is often ideal to trade Headliners at key intervals of the game. For example, if you’re lose streaking early game, you can just greed for a 2 cost Headliner later on for Stage 3. The best late game items are Spear of Shojin + Guinsoo’s Rageblade, as those items are both good on Sona and Ziggs and Jhin can use Shojin well. You might as have to trade at 3-2 if you feel your current Headliner isn’t working, or if you econ is high, at 3-5 for a 3 cost. Many times you will roll a few times for a good 4-2 4 cost Headliner, but if your econ and HP is ok, you can skip 8 entirely and go lvl 9 at 5-1.


  • Ziggs items: Spear of Shojin, Archangel Staff, Red Buff, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Nashor’s Tooth, Jeweled Gauntlet, Guardbreaker, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Blue Buff, Giant Slayer
  • Sona items: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Spear of Shojin
  • Illaoi items: Tank items
  • Yorick items: Tank items,Titan’s Resolve, Bloodthirster,Hand of Justice
  • Qiyana items: Edge of Night, Titan’s Resolve, Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice
  • Jhin items: Spear of Shojin, Giant Slayer, Last Whisper, Deathblade, Infinity Edge, Gunblade, Guardbreaker, Blue Buff
  • Lucian items, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, AD items


  • 5 costs, Jazz


Patient Study, Rich get Richer, Level Up, Shopping Spree, Clear Mind, Cluttered mind, Spoils of War, Hedge Fund, Good For Something