Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

Player Introduction

Hi, I’m DQA_TFT, a 17 year old TFT Player who has been Challenger every Set. In Set 4, I peaked Rank 1 and ended Rank 7.
Additionally, you may recognize me as the winner of one of the Team Liquid Qualifier tournaments and currently Rank 22 in snapshot points for competitive TFT. I also stream daily at twitch.tv/dqa_tft. Here is my lolchess.

Divine Kayle Comp

Kayle returned from Set 3 as a strong consistent carry. In the current meta if you hit Kayle early enough, it is
a free Top 4. However, she is extremely squishy and can be easily countered by Aurelion Sol (another strong comp) if positioned incorrectly.


Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

The baseline of your level 8 comp will usually be a mix of Divines, Adepts, Executioners, and Mystics.
The 5 core units are Kayle, Irelia, Shen, Yuumi, and Kindred. In the other 3 slots I often like to run Jax
and Lee Sin; a mix of Syphoners (Morgana, Swain); or a Xayah if you hit her. 4 Executioner is broken, but we can’t get that every game. In those cases, I only run 2 Executioner. I think that running 3 Executioner is not correct.

Leveling Pattern

Level 4: 2-1
Level 5: 2-5 if you can keep at least 10g
Level 6: 3-2 if you can keep at least 30g
Level 7: 3-5 if you stay above 30g. If not, level to 7 on 4-1 – roll down for upgraded units on 4-1, if you are too low/weak to fast 8.
Level 8: 4-5 if you stay above 30g. If not, level to 8 on 5-1 – roll down for full comp on 5-1. If you are stabilized, go 9.


Carousel Item Priority

Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

Early game I like to slam aura items (Zekes, Locket, Chalice), and later in the game, I use AP items for Kayle. My preferred starting item is Rod due to the fact that the comp can use multiple and it is stronger for win streaking. Ideally, Kayle items want to be a mix of attack speed, AP/Damage, and defense. Examples of usable items include: RFC, Guinsoo, HOJ, Rabadons, GA, QSS, JG, Trap Claw, GS, and Duelist Spat.


  1. Consistent
  2. Relatively straightforward board on 8
  3. Flexible items, strong burst damage


  1. Squishy
  2. Hard to position correctly in some cases

Early Game

Here are two sample starts with for Stage 2.

Enlightened, Duelists, and Sharpshooters

Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

Vanguard, Warlord, and Sharpshooter

Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

Middle Game

Kayle is a comp that only requires two 4 cost units to work, Kayle and Shen. As such, in the early game, the goal is to preserve as much HP as possible, even if it means sacrificing some Econ. Pushing levels and collecting Divines while playing strongest board is key. From a high gold opener, it becomes significantly easier to push levels while maintaining good Econ. However, from a low gold opener, if you feel weak, do not be afraid to level and roll on 3-2 for upgraded units as you will be unable to fast 8 anyways.

Here I am using Fiora and Kindred as my item holders for Stage 3.

Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5

Late Game

Here are two sample late game compositions:

Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5
4 Executioner
Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5
Left Side Positioning
Divine Kayle Guide for Set 4.5
Standard 2 Executioner with Syphoner

Positioning Considerations

Make sure Kayle is safe in a cubby or the corner depending on matchup.

Against Aurelion Sol, I like to put Kayle more towards the middle, having bait units in each corner. Generally with an RFC however, against most matchups Kayle in the bottom right corner works well. Your core frontline should always be Shen and Irelia, but Jax and Lee Sin can also be thrown in.


  • Assassins do well against Kayle if you let them jump on her
  • Aurelion Sol also does extremely well into Kayle because most people hard corner Kayle and this causes her to get one shot.

Random Tips

  • Duelist Kayle is super strong
  • Jeweled Gauntlet increases critical strike damage, so it synergizes well with Executioners
  • Positioning Kayle in the ‘Back Middle’ is often use to counter Aurelion Sol
  • 4 Executioner > 2 Executioner > 3 Executioner

Thanks so much for checking out the guide on Kayle.

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