Crowd Divers Zed & Yone

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S: Heartsteel Ezreal, Katarina Reroll, Lulu Reroll, Seraphine Reroll, Kayle Reroll, Riven Reroll, Senna Reroll,
A: Pentakill, Executioner Reroll, Annie Reroll, Twin Terror, Ahri Warriors, Punk Reroll, Miss Fortune Reroll, Yasuo Reroll, True Damage, Twisted Fate Disco, Country Reroll, Yone Reroll,
B: Ahri Sentinel, Olaf Reroll, Rapidfire Caitlyn Bruisers,
C: Corki Reroll, Jax Reroll, Heartsteel Reroll,

Crowd Divers Zed & Yone

Crowd Divers Zed & Yone

Leveling Pattern: Level to 5 at 2-5, level to 6 at 3-2 level to 7 at 4-1 and level to 8 at 4-5. There you can roll for the board


  • Edge of Night
  • Armor shred (Last Whisper, Evenshroud, etc.)

Headliner: Yone, Zed, Qiyana
Item Holder: Olaf, frontline carries, Gnar
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder: Viego

How to Play:
This is a 4 cost fast 8 board. You want to play your strongest board early game and level to 3-5 on 7 to keep tempo. Try to win streak and maintain hp while getting over 50 gold. Around 4-1 or 4-5 level your board to level 8 and sell your Headliner for a Zed Headliner (1st prior) then Yone or worse case Katarina Headliner as long as its Crowd Diver.


  • Zed: Edge of night, BT, Evenshroud (or LW)
  • Yone: Edge of night, BT, IE
  • Tank items on Ekko or Morde


  • 4 (or 6) Crowd Diver, 3 Edgelord, 3 Pentakill, 2 Sentinel


  • Healing augments – harmonist, idealism, vampirism
  • Combat augments – good for fights

Tip: Don’t frontline your crowd divers, they increase damage for each second they are alive.