Guide to Your First Time Playing Team Fight Tactics

Team Fight Tactics Galaxies
Beginner Guide

This guide is for you if you maybe stumbled across team fight tactics or your friends will not stop pestering you about playing them. For your very first time this guide will walk you from first installing the game to playing your first one. This is the first entry of a series to get you from beginner to being able to look at the weekly Meta Snapshot and competing for 1st place.

Lets get started!

Team fight tactics is a strategy game where you place champions in a battlefield and face off in a free for all.

The goal is to be the last player standing of the 8 who enter the arena. Recruit, Deploy, and battle.

To play you must download it first for Android, IOS, PC, or MAC. Just click this link.

Then Launch the league of legends client or TFT App

Create a sign on here


Use your log in if you already have one.

After clicking Play

Look for TFT and click it

A message may appear telling you if anything is new

Click play

Make sure normal is selected and then click confirm. This just means you are playing for fun before you try Ranked which we will talk about later.

If a message appears read it it will introduce you to the game.

After you close the message click find match

After a few seconds a pop up appears that the other combatants have been found.

Select ACCEPT! when a match is found.

You will be taken to a loading screen. You may see interesting avatars. Once you play a few games you will be able to get one of your own.

When loaded you will see a carousel of items on champions. Select one and it will be added to your team.

Now you are taken to a screen where you can place the champion you just got onto the field of battle

Place it anywhere to start

After the champion defeats the two minions

You can pick up items if any were dropped. They can contain champions, items, or gold.

After the minions are defeated. You will see 5 cards appear these are the champions you can pick from.

By left clicking them you can add them to your bench. Pick two and add them to the field of battle.

They will fight to defeat the minions. Once again collect the blue gold or grey bubbles that are dropped.

Continue to add champions up to the level you are on the bottom right. At level 3 you can have 3 champions up to the maximum level 9. There is one item (Force of Nature made by two Spatulas) that allows you to add an extra champion but it is very very rare.

Try to collect 3 of a kind to level up the champion.

You can also see to the left of the champions buttons to Buy XP or Refresh to roll and see new champions. In the start lets not use these until we get more gold. We will talk more about that soon.

As you put more into the field of battle you will see that on the left side the Classes and Origins are being populated and adding bonuses to the champions in the battle field.

Each class and origin grants very important bonuses. Duplicate champions will not count towards bonuses. We won’t get into each of them here but when it comes to adding a champion see which you can complete.

So now you have finished the three minion rounds and are ready to face off. Try to equip items you have collected on to the champions. Some items are better than others for certain teams but let’s not over complicate it have fun its just your first few games.

So you bought some champions but shifted what you want to do with your team. What do you do? Well if you click on the champion and drag them down you can sell it and receive some gold back.

Did you win did you lose? Doesn’t matter too much now keep gathering champions and 3 of a kind so that your team gets stronger and stronger.

But hey there are so many champions how do I know which to pick. Well once you get some games in and get more and more familiar you will pick and choose your teams that best suit your style and give the best chance to win.

As you keep playing and facing off against other players you collect gold. Spend this gold to buy champions to fit and make your team better and better. If you need to add champions to the field of play you can level up by clicking Buy XP on the bottom right.

Do not worry you get some gold back in the form of Passive Income by round (starting at round 1-2): 2 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 5 until the game ends or you are knocked out.

At the top of the screen you can see whether you have won or lost rounds and what is coming up next. There is a circular carousel in the middle where you can select from items and champions to pick from in reverse order of health.

Select an item that you are in need of or a champion that you could use on your team. Try to get the champion that is worth the highest gold if the item is the same. Yellow 5 gold, Purple 4 gold, Blue 3 gold, Green 2 gold, Grey 1 gold. These are the same color as the cards appear in-between rounds.

As you progress you see that you are gaining gold but but need to collect more copies of champions. You can use there roll feature to refresh the page of champions. Be careful do not use this too much as you want enough gold to level up.

So you fight and fight and both are lucky enough and have the skill to be the last two remaining teams facing off to come out victorious.

Now both teams are level 9 and have put all they have to try to come out on top.

Combat is hectic but through it all we were able to come out victorious here you knock out the last person and are the winner!

After the game you will be taken to the post game screen where you can see how all the players did and what champions they used.

Now take this learning and play a few games.

Go have fun and good luck not every game will come out a win but with every game you will get better so you can sharpen your skills in Team Fight Tactics. Until next time good luck and may you conquer the galaxies!