Early Game Augment Guide for Patch 13.8 (Stage 2-1)

This is an Augment Guide for the early game. The early game is the most important part of TFT because it sets up your entire game. This does not judge the strength of augments in later stages, only when taken as the first augment choice at Stage 2-1.

General tip: Augments are usually trait related, economy related, or combat related.

You generally take

  • Giga broken augments almost all the time (Denoted by S tier)
  • Economy augments with big gold starts or if you have no upgrades and try to Lose Streak
  • Combat augments if you have upgrades to Win Streak
  • Trait augments if you have a lot of units for that trait (specified in the sheet below)

Reroll your augment if all your choices are marked as “C” or “F”. Hero Augments generally call for more rerolls especially if it is all the same tier such as “1,1,1” or “2,2,2” because there are fewer choices.

Keep in mind some of these rankings are subjective because this is for how I approach augments. Other playstyles may vary, though I’ll try to mark down which ones other people may like.

S: Giga broken augments
A: Almost always take
B: Situational, see notes
C: Take in a worst case scenario or reroll
F: Never take

Silver Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
Gadgeteen HeartSSilver
InfiniTeam HeartASilver
Exiles IASilver
Defender HeartAIf 3+ AD opponents or 2* Defender (Very good now due to AD Meta)Silver
Anima Squad HeartAOnly with 4+ copies of Anima UnitsSilver
Band of Thieves IBSilver
Star Guardian HeartBOnly take with at least 4 copies of Star Guardians or NilahSilver
Second Wind IBSilver
Item Grab Bag IBSilver
Makeshift Armor IBOnly take with all offensive itemsSilver
Preparation IBFlex and hold your benchSilver
Duelist HeartBOnly if Locket or 4 Duelist on 2-1Silver
Future Sight IBSilver
Cybernetic Uplink IBSilver
Spellslinger HeartBOnly take with at least 4 copies of SpellslingersSilver
Thrill of the Hunt IBOnly if you have 2*s that do damageSilver
Luden’s Echo IBOnly with Blue BuffSilver
Sureshot HeartBOnly if at least 1 LW component, but pref LWSilver
Tri Force IBOnly if using 3 costs on 2-1 or forcing Kai’SaSilver
Mascot HeartBIf you have early Vex with at least 1 tear or 4 Mascot 2-1, thenSilver
Tiny TitansBBest with econ openerSilver
Electrocharge IBOnly take with 2* tank. Even better with Shiv/IonicSilver
Celestial Blessing IBTreat this like a late game augmentSilver
Hacker HeartBOnly if you are forcing Hacker with good componentsSilver
Knife’s Edge ICOkay for streakingSilver
ConsistencyCOnly with econ opener or 0 upgradesSilver
Pandora’s ItemsCSilver
Cybernetic Shell ICSilver
Ox Force HeartCOnly take if you can force Ox Force comp (2 bows or good AP opener)Silver
Pandora’s BenchCSilver
Brawler HeartCIf you have 2* brawler and an item for them or if you have 2 Bows for JaxSilver
Battlemage ICSilver
A.D.M.I.N. HeartCMaybe if you can get to 4 Admin on 2-1, but i rather passSilver
First Aid Kit ICProbably not, only with like 2 Sonas with Blue Buff or somethingSilver
Cybernetic Implants ICSilver
Renegade HeartFSilver
Featherweights IFCan winstreak or 1/2 cost rerollSilver
Heart HeartFSilver
Stand United IN/AN/ASilver
Big Friend IN/AN/ASilver
Lategame SpecialistN/AN/ASilver

Gold Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
Gadgeteen CrestS+Gold
Star Guardian CrestSHave some way to play AP champs such as MF to hold EmblemGold
LaserCorps HeartSWith at least 3 copies of LasercorpsGold
Prankster CrestAGold
Anima Squad CrestAIf 4+ Anima unitsGold
Mascot CrestAIf Vex or 4 Mascot or 2* MascotGold
Portable ForgeAGet Zhonya>Blitz Hook>Manazane=Randuins>Collector>RestGold
InfiniTeam CrestAIf 5+ Infiniteam unitsGold
Preparation IIAFlex and hold your benchGold
Salvage BinBRemember to slam all your itemsGold
Scoped Weapons IBIf forcing brawlersGold
Cybernetic Uplink IIBGold
Cybernetic Implants IIBIf no buildable items and have LW componentGold
Second Wind IIBGold
Ancient Archives IBGold
Spellslinger CrestBIf spellslinger items or 3+ unitsGold
Phony FrontlineBIf winstreakingGold
Exiles IIBGold
Cluttered MindBGold
Ox Force CrestBIf 1+ Ox Force unit and you have TF items.Pref Annie 2 from the orbGold
Jeweled LotusBGold
Built Different IIBIf at least one 2*Gold
Metabolic AcceleratorBBest if no upgrades or econ openerGold
Three’s CompanyBGold
Underground HeartBGold
HustlerBIf you have at least one upgradeGold
Sunfire BoardBGold
Makeshift Armor IIBOnly with only offensive itemsGold
Supers HeartBGold
Battlemage IIBGold
Clear MindBGold
Tri Force IICIf you can play a 3 cost unit on 2-1 or force 3 cost rerollGold
Knife’s Edge IICGold
Riftwalker CrestCGold
Rich Get RicherCOnly with Econ openerGold
Thrill of the Hunt IICOnly if you have 2*sGold
Trade SectorCPlay for delayed winstreak. Good if you have pairsGold
Defender CrestCIf 3+ AD opponentsGold
True TwosCOnly if you have good items but no upgraded unitsGold
Calculated LossCIf econ opener or no upgradesGold
Sureshot CrestCGold
Celestial Blessing IICGold
Duelist CrestCOnly with 4 duelist and locketGold
Combat TrainingCOnly with forcing Draven or Gnar with a copy of them alreadyGold
Brawler CrestCIf 4+ units or 2* brawlerGold
Double Trouble IICGold
Luden’s Echo IICOnly with blue buff but even then probably notGold
Electrocharge IICOnly with 2* tanks and/or ionic/shivGold
First Aid Kit IICGold
Quickdraw HeartCGold
Cybernetic Shell IICIf no buildable itemsGold
Featherweights IICIf reroll or winstreakGold
Heart CrestCGold
Axiom Arc IICGold
Aegis CrestFGold
Hacker CrestFGold
A.D.M.I.N. CrestFGold
Mecha: PRIME CrestFGold
Renegade CrestFGold
Component Grab BagN/AN/AGold
Stand United IIN/AN/AGold
Rich Get Richer+N/AN/AGold
Trade Sector+N/AN/AGold
Big Friend IIN/AN/AGold
Last StandN/AN/AGold
Ace CrestN/AN/AGold
Threat Level: MaximumN/AN/AGold
Salvage Bin+N/AN/AGold

Prismatic Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
Star Guardian CrownSIf 2+ unitsPrismatic
LaserCorps SoulSIf 4+ unitsPrismatic
Gadgeteen CrownSPrismatic
Built Different IIIAIf LW component and at least 1 2*Prismatic
Ace in the HoleAPrismatic
Mascot CrownAIf you have vex and vex items OR vex items + it gives you malph 2*Prismatic
Anima Squad CrownA5+ unitsPrismatic
InfiniTeam CrownAPrismatic
Future Sight IIAPrismatic
Ancient Archives IIARemember to tailor traitsPrismatic
Duelist CrownAPrismatic
Radiant RelicsAZeke’s, Locket, Gloves, Shiv, Blue Buff, Archangel, Chalice, Spark, Zzrot but tailor your items to your teamPrismatic
Woodland CharmBIf you have a 2*Prismatic
Electrocharge IIIBIf 2* tank and pref shiv/sparkPrismatic
Living ForgeBPrismatic
Cruel PactBPrismatic
Underground SoulBPrismatic
Golden TicketBAim for 2 cost reroll, but 3 or 1 is finePrismatic
Spellslinger CrownBOnly with 4+ spellslinger units or 1 tear to make Blue Buff SonaPrismatic
Tri Force IIIBPrismatic
Defender CrownBif 3+ AD opponentsPrismatic
March of ProgressBPrismatic
Cursed CrownBPrismatic
WindfallBTake if no upgradesPrismatic
Ox Force CrownBPref 1 bow or tearPrismatic
Preparation IIIBPrismatic
Birthday PresentBPrismatic
Heart CrownBIf tearPrismatic
Level Up!CPrismatic
Hacker CrownCPrismatic
Urf’s Grab Bag IICTake if your items are bad and want to make items b/c you have 2*sPrismatic
Featherweights IIICPrismatic
Brawler CrownCPrismatic
Item Grab Bag IICOnly if you have 2*sPrismatic
Prankster CrownCPrismatic
New RecruitCPrismatic
Lucky GlovesCIf you have a glove to make 2nd thievesPrismatic
Cybernetic Uplink IIICPrismatic
Binary AirdropCPrismatic
Luden’s Echo IIIFPrismatic
Band of Thieves IIFPrismatic
Sureshot CrownFOnly if you have LW or Sivir 2Prismatic
Aegis CrownFI guess if it’s a 1/100 game and you can get Ali 2* from itPrismatic
Riftwalker CrownFPrismatic
Knife’s Edge IIIFPrismatic
Quickdraw SoulFIf you have lucian 2Prismatic
Wise SpendingFPrismatic
Celestial Blessing IIIFPrismatic
Double Trouble IIIFPrismatic
A.D.M.I.N. CrownFOnly if you have camille 2 + good admin for streakingPrismatic
Supers SoulFPrismatic
Battlemage IIIFPrismatic
Mecha: PRIME CrownFPrismatic
Renegade CrownFPrismatic
Cybernetic Implants IIIFPrismatic
Cybernetic Shell IIIFPrismatic
Stand United IIIN/AN/APrismatic
High End ShoppingN/AN/APrismatic
The Golden EggN/AN/APrismatic
Verdant VeilN/AN/APrismatic
Think FastN/AN/APrismatic

1 Cost Hero Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
[Ashe] Laser FocusA2 copies of ashe1
[Lucian] Hyperbolic Time ChamberA1
[Nasus] Soul EaterA1
[Pantheon] Chronic HallucinationsA1
[Lux] Lucent BarrierA1
[Lulu] Growth SpurtB1
[Pantheon] The Best OffenseB1
[Poppy] Bigger, Better BucklerA1
[Blitzcrank] Rocket GrabB1
[Sylas] Petricite ChainsB1
[Poppy] Steadfast PresenceB1
[Lucian] Enchanted AmmunitionB1
[Sylas] KingslayerB1
[Wukong] Re-EnergizeC1
[Blitzcrank] Dynamic DefensesC1
[Kayle] Righteous RangeC1
[Kayle] Divine AscentC3 copies of kayle1
[Nasus] Stacks on StacksC1
[Gangplank] Get PaidC1
[Ashe] Corps FocusC1
[Renekton] Cull the MeekC1
[Lulu] Foster GrowthC1
[Renekton] Reign of AngerF5 copies1
[Gangplank] Flaming RicochetF1
[Lux] Illuminating SingularityF1
[Wukong] CycloneF1

2 Cost Hero Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
[Rell] Hold the LineS2
[Rell] Channeled FerromancyS2
[Yasuo] Winds of the WandererS2
[Jinx] Get Excited!A2
[Sivir] Time and a HalfA2
[Annie] Burning SpiritA2
[Jinx] Everyone Goes BOOM!B2
[Sivir] Mana TemperingB2
[Pyke] Small Game HunterB2
[Yasuo] Spirit of the ExileC2
[Vi] Boxing LessonsC2
[Ezreal] Raider’s SpoilsC2
[Malphite] Guardian SpiritC2
[Fiora] Grand ChallengeC2
[Fiora] Vitality of the OxC2
[Camille] Hextech RetributionC2
[Vi] Unrelenting ForceC2
[Draven] Ruthless BladesC2
[Annie] PyromaniaC2
[Lee Sin] InvigorateC2
[Ezreal] Rising Spell ForceC2
[Malphite] Rock SolidC2
[Draven] League of DravenC2
[Pyke] Your CutF2
[Camille] Adaptive DefensivesF2
[Lee Sin] Cleansing SafeguardF2

3 Cost Hero Augments

NAMETier2-1 NotesType
[Rammus] Spiked ShellS3
[Kai’Sa] Multi-ShotS3
[Morgana] Fear is FreedomA3
[Sona] Power GridABlue buff or shojin3
[Shen] Time KnifeAIf Shen items are good3
[Rammus] Armored-dilloA3
[Vayne] Spread ShotAIf you have at least 1 sword3
[Gnar] Temper TantrumA3
[Riven] ReverberationB3
[Kai’Sa] Reconnaissance TeamB3
[Alistar] The BehemothB3
[Vayne] Into The NightB3
[LeBlanc] Mirror ImageB3
[Jax] Grandmaster’s TrainingB3
[Vex] Endless DarknessB3
[Shen] Recursion MatrixB3
[Sona] UndercurrentBIf you have 2* damage dealers3
[Riven] Triumphant ReturnB3
[Nilah] GiftedB3
[Nilah] Jubilant VeilC3
[Vex] Joy SiphonC3
[Morgana] Gas Giant SlayerC3
[Alistar] StubbornF3
[LeBlanc] Aim AssistF3
[Jax] Relentless AssaultF3
[Gnar] Synchronous PlatingF3