Annie Reroll

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S: Heartsteel Ezreal, Katarina Reroll, Lulu Reroll, Seraphine Reroll, Kayle Reroll, Riven Reroll, Senna Reroll,
A: Pentakill, Executioner Reroll, Annie Reroll, Twin Terror, Ahri Warriors, Punk Reroll, Miss Fortune Reroll, Yasuo Reroll, True Damage, Twisted Fate Disco, Country Reroll, Yone Reroll,
B: Ahri Sentinel, Olaf Reroll, Rapidfire Caitlyn Bruisers,
C: Corki Reroll, Jax Reroll, Heartsteel Reroll,

Annie Reroll

Annie Reroll

Leveling Pattern: Roll to 30g at lvl 4 at 3-1. Slow Roll at level 5 for 1 costs.


  • Tears + a lot of early annies

Headliner: Emo Annie
Item Holder: Annie
Best Emblem/Spatula Holder: Emo Spat -> Sona or Ahri

How to Play:
This is a 1 cost reroll. It focuses on strength in the early game to tempo into fast leveling. Follow the leveling pattern and then once you hit Annie 3 star, proceed to level to 8 where you can roll again if you aren’t on a streak, if you are, focus on going 9 and capping with Sona. Anti heal and Shred can go on whichever (Neeko/Amumu/Ekko) Secondary tank you hit first.


  • Annie items: Spear of Shojin, Nashor’s Tooth, Bluebuff
  • Amumu items: Tank items + Spark
  • Neeko items: Anti Heal


  • 4 Emo, 3 KDA


Cybernetic Bulk, Three’s a Crowd, Trade Sector, Learning to Spell, Stationary Support, Pumping Up 1/2/3