9 Augments You Are Underestimating

Here are 9 augments with their Average Placement and Play Rate in Gold and Master+. There are some augments that perform really well in Master+ but really poorly in Gold and vice versa, but these examples are NOT the case. These Augments perform well in both Master+ and Gold, BUT they are severely underpicked in Gold, so if you are below masters you should probably look into these augments more.

AugmentGold AVPGold Play RateMaster+ Play RateMaster+ AVPDelta Play Rate (M-G)Delta Placement (M-G)
Binary Airdrop4.310.36%1.08%4.260.72%-0.05
Stationary Support I4.320.14%0.26%4.350.13%0.03
Last Stand4.20.51%0.96%4.390.44%0.19
Vampirism I4.320.52%1.71%4.331.20%0.01
Vampirism II4.250.45%1.44%4.270.99%0.02
Jeweled Lotus III4.31.08%1.59%4.390.52%0.09
Phreaky Friday4.270.13%0.25%4.210.12%-0.06
Lucky Gloves+4.240.69%0.93%4.340.24%0.1
Patient Study4.220.55%0.66%4.330.11%0.11
Shopping Spree4.250.10%0.24%4.140.14%-0.11